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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX should be contained in a room 5 (five) meters wide, 10 (ten) meters long and 5 (five) meters high, at all times, in this room you should always have 1 (one) notebook, 1 (one) pencil holder and 1 (one) eraser, always having to be re-placed a new one when it is finishing / at the end. You should also have 1 (one) bed and 1 (one) table with 1 (one) chair. Weekly checks for room cleaning and repair are required. Any other request other than the drawing equipment are to be denied.

Any type of security camera within the containment zone is prohibited, with only two cameras being allowed on the upper anterior sides of the containment chamber.
The containment room has a 10-centimeter thick thick armored glass for viewing the internal area of ​​the containment zone.

Any and all SCP-XXXX photos, drawings or videos are strictly prohibited, and any such object must be considered dangerous, and there should be no interaction with any such person without the permission of two (2) Doctors of Level 04 or above.

In case of Containment Break all Class D and Installation Doctors must be blindfolded immediately, procedure should be a top priority for the guards, while the containment team seeks out and destroys the drawings made by SCP-XXXX, after neutralization of all drawings SCP-XXXX and its neutralization, the installation should be stopped for a period of one (1) hour to search for more designs that might cause something like that again.


SCP-XXXX (known as Stella Lacroix) is apparently a human, measuring approximately [DATA EXPUNGED] meters and weighing approximately [DATA EXPUNGED] in kilograms. SCP-XXXX has black curly hair that hits your shoulder. Her eyes are black, but her irises are white and change color according to her feelings. The only variations we are aware of are the colors red (anger), light blue (sadness) and purple (interest). Your skin has no pigmentation due to lack of sun contact.
The arms have several bruises of unknown origins, and they are the reason to wear bandages from the palm to the elbows.

SCP-XXXX and most of the time very calm, spending the day and night in the corner of her cell, supposedly drawing. The anomalous characteristics of this SCP appear in her drawings, she has an ability to give life to her creations she designed. Tests show that it can materialize almost all sorts of things it wants, from organic and inorganic materials, and can even perform their functions (eg Stove works and comes out fire). This materialization can also be indirect, when a human being visualizes her drawings it automatically creates life, no matter if it is a photo or the drawing itself. Everything the drawings see, it also gains this information and can control its actions for up to 2 two) days, in addition to if a materialized drawing comes into contact with a human, SCP can control the human. for up to 12 (twelve) hours and get your memories. (For information on, see Addendum SCP-XXXX-B.)


SCP-XXXX was brought to the foundation soon after being the cause of the death of city ██████████, which according to her the reason for the deaths were several drawings materialized and out of control.

The reason for the anomaly of SCP-XXXX is apparently an unknown chemical whose inhaled by it and ████████. The origin of such a substance is unknown, but the place where it was found in ███████, ████████.

SCP-XXXX does not like to talk about her past, and when we mention it she is extremely annoyed/sad, which is why we do not know so much about her origin.

Ps¹: Apparently SCP-XXXX is not willing to have interviews with doctors other than Dr. ██████.

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