Oscar Innes.



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a small cage at Site-██, the room is to be completely sealed and is to have absolutely no windows. The whole room is to be soundproofed with the best equipment possible. There is to be only one entrance and one exit to SCP-XXXX. All areas around SCP-XXXX are to be completely colourless, only painted colours such black, grey and white. 1 MTF Personel and 1 member of the Technical Division must be on site at all times. The SCP is to be plugged into a wall, like a basic TV Set, when testing is to occur.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a 1970's TV made from a unknown material. Its chemical substance appears to be similar to wood but it also appears to be slightly radioactive. Tests into its slight radioactivity are still ongoing. All dials on SCP-XXXX are useless except the power on button. It was recovered by MTF Personnel at [DATA EXPUNGED],England. SCP-XXXX comes with a remote controller which is useless. If must be manually turned on via a button on the right side of the set. Upon turning the TV on it will show a completely blue screen with the message,


There are two channels to chose between, one appears to be called "PerfectPast Networks".
The other being "The complex."

Upon selecting 'PerfectPast Networks', a video will begin to show of what appears to be several humanoid entites, but with blood and a unknown substance under their eyes and no muscle tissue. They are screaming their heads off and rambling about what is heard to be the colour wheel, but the reason for this is unknown. About 3 minutes into the video, a normal Human who refers to himself as 'Cust' comes into view. 'Cust' appears to be a male approximately 6ft 2 with bushy hair and black eyes. Cust also has noticeable tattoos all over his face which speak in ancient runes. Nobody knows at present what they are meant to symbolise or say.. At this point, the unknown humandoids appear to stand up and walk away. Cust then precedes to talk about the [REDACTED] that is coming as well as talking about the humanoids, explaining that they have found the answer to "the complex". He then proceeds to tell the viewer that they should see what he means for themselves. At this point, all light and cameras stop working in a 50 metre radius. The viewer is ██████ , █████ and pulled into SCP-XXXX. What goes on in there is unknown and is still being investigated by Doctor Arnold, Doctor Karl.

Upon selecting "The complex", the subject will begin to see a flash of colours on the screen in order of, green, red, blue, red, yellow. These are reportedly meant to cause mental paralysis and begin to override the persons brain patterns. Reasons for this are unknown. Upon seeing these particular colours, the subject, for unknown reasons, will begin shrieking loudly and will show signs of extreme pain and agitation. After 5 minutes, the subject's body tissue begins to degrade. After 7 minutes, it has lost all muscle tissue and will start to attack any living organisms in a 5 meter radius. This creature is now hereby referred to as SCP-XXXX-1. If an organism comes in contact with SCP-XXXX-1, SCP-XXXX-1 will begin to consume the person. Autopsies from the Medical Department show that when SCP-XXXX-1 consumes a human it will take on a few physical traits of that person such as eye colors and hairs.

Addendum: 5111-1
During testing on ██/██/████ A Class D, D-5736 brought a cup of water into the cell of SCP-5111. Against the wishes of Foundation staff, D-5736 poured the water on the plug. The explosion that followed resulted in the death of D-5736, █ MTF Personell and Dr.Bone. The people left alive were immediately exposed to the lights of SCP-XXXX and were transformed into SCP-XXXX-1. Eventually MTF-Kappa-10 halted the breach, but not before █ extra casualties. SCP-XXXX was not damaged by the water and continued to operate as normal.

[Interview with Dr.[Arnold], Lead scientist on research for SCP-XXXX.]

05- █ : [Interviewer]

Dr.[Arnold] Was brought to 05-█ after the breach caused by SCP-XXXX in which █ Personell died. SCP-XXXX-1 was involved in the breach.

<Begin Log, [14:00PM ]>

05- █: ["So, where were you during the breach?"]

Dr.[Arnold]: ["At the Command room, talking to Site Director [REDACTED]".]

Doctor [Arnold] Pauses for a moment
Dr.[Arnold]:["Upon hearing the breach alarm I headed straight to the containment cell.
Well, it wasn't pretty."]
05- █: gives Dr.Arnold a stare.
Dr.[Arnold]:["There were these lanky Humanoids! They were running around and[████] the living shit out of their brains, making more of them. Then they started to open up holes in SCP-XXXX's containment. Trying to 'let in the light' I suppose. They had chips that they put in peoples' heads. And you could hear the consciousness of the people raging inside, trying to resist. But it was hopeless."]

Dr.[Arnold]:["Luckily MTF-Lima arrived to impede them, but not before █ personell had
been transformed into those things!"]

05- █:["What happened next?"]
Dr.[Arnold]:["Well, MTF Shot dead all of the creatures. Stopping the breach. Then we had to do a.. daunting task."
Dr.[Arnold]:["We started identifying the dead and the creatures that were there…."]
Dr.[Arnold] Begins to sob uncontrollably.
**Dr.[Arnold] lunges at the guards who subdue him with a hit of a security baton.

<End Log, [14:11PM]>

Closing Statement: Dr.Arnold was later found to have commited suicide by hanging. On his bed appeared to be a hand of SCP-XXXX-1 and what appears to be a crinkled note to Dr.Bone, a casualty of the Breakout. In the note he expresses his feelings for her, and saying that he's going to be with her soon. And in the envelope is a small, golden engagement ring. ]