Cloak of hell

SCP 4756 Was a Large crimson red cloak with Jewels embedded in the finest silk's ever made.4756 was found in the West Indies,it's class has been labeled Keter. The tribe that had possession of the cloak believed it was a gift from God. Upon arrival MTF Commander * recounted the story.

"We arrived at roughly : in the morning. My squad was prepped for the mission but we never imagined the scene. Hundreds of villagers mindlessly serving this cloak and treating it like a God children forced to carry heavy loads for a Cloaks and broke their backs but the cloak had some sort of hold over them, when we actually tried to get the cloak. The villagers became rabid, rushing biting scratching the villagers lost all their humanity their eyes lulled back into their heads and to save ourselves we took the cloak, then bombarded the village to prevent further rabidness from other areas."

SCP 4756 Is to be contained in a Jewelry stall, which is to polished everyday this makes the thing happy as it loves being cared for and by some odd reason loves being at the forefront of fashion. Doctor discovered that subjects have to be careful when they enter as if the sneeze, cough or even get a tiny speck of dust on the cloak. It will glow red and will turn the person rabid as a punishment for getting him dirty. SCP 4756 Is to be held in high containment and should have two guards outside at all times.

Doctor * filmed SCP-049 and SCP 4756 interact with each other.

049- "What's this then a cloak, are you simple science imbeciles want me to be fashionable, i'm a doctor not a fashionista".
Doctor *- "Put the cloak on 049"
At this point 049 inserts the cloak onto his head which begins talking to him.
4756- "Hello there 049"
049-"Who are you?!"
4756-"i'm 4756 your new mind…"
049-"Get out of my head…"
4756-"I need a favor of you"
049-"What's that?"
4756- "I need you to show me to SCP-035 me and him would be be almighty together…"
049- "No, Agh! Get out of me.."
4756- "Okay then that's how you'll play it…"
049- "AGGGHHHH!"

The test was ended as 4756 had begun to dig into 049's mind trying to bond with him, in this process he would most likely have killed 049. 4756's relation to 035 is unknown. This test was the test that upped it up to Keter, it was a SCP that was feared by other SCP's.