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SCP-4XXX before incident ██.██.20██.

Selected Item #: SCP-4917

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green Blue White o

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4917 is to be contained in security locker P-D-17 at Site-17, and should only be removed or handled by personnel of Level 2 clearance or higher for testing purposes. All personnel noted to have the “Darkness” are to be labeled immediately after discovery, and are not to make contact with anyone unless advised to in testing.

Temporary Containment Procedure Update: After conducting multiple tests, it has been concluded that SCP-4917 itself is considered harmless, and is deemed to be beneficial to the Foundation’s operations should any anomalous properties relating to the "Darkness" begin to manifest physically in infected individuals. The “Darkness is to be deemed an IP-class Event threat if anomalous properties begin to physically manifest.

As of 7/10/17, a select few medical personnel of Clearance Level 3 or above, who are not infected with the "Darkness" and have no history of grudges or phobias relating to the "Darkness", are to use SCP-4917 to identify those who are infected with the "Darkness". Addendum 4917.2 is to be updated if more details about it are provided, common symptoms are detected, or progress on its cure is made should its properties physically manifest at all.

This order will persist until an anomalous event neutralizes the "Darkness" in all affected entities, or, in the possible event that it does show physical anomalous properties, a cure is discovered to either neutralize or contain the “Darkness” for further research.

Description: SCP-4917 is a medieval leather plague doctor mask from the 17th century, and its appearance has no other significant features aside from its poor condition and its aging quality. When a subject wears SCP-4917, the subject’s vision is altered within their cerebral cortex. Neuroimaging indicates that the subject undergoes an alteration within the parietal and occipital lobes1.

When any entity is within the subject’s vision, the subject will either see said entities with nothing physically surrounding their body, or see said entities surrounded by a black mist that varies in size depending on the proportions of the entities themselves. These mists are described by subjects who wore SCP-4917 as the “Darkness”, which was formally labeled as SCP-4917-2 until Test 13. The discovery of the “Darkness” within an entity will usually trigger a fear reflex within the subject, but may progress to advanced stages of anxiety if the subject made physical contact with an infected entity. Is has been noted that the subject will progress into advanced stages of anxiety if they have been diagnosed with melanophobia, nyctophobia, or both.

The anomaly dissipates when the subject removes SCP-4917, but has been known to permanently affect the brain and vision of medical personnel.

Test Logs:

TEST 4917.01 – DEC.20.2014

Subject: D-12191
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 with two other D-class personnel in the test room while being accompanied by one guard.
Results: Subject identifies D-11179 and the guard with SCP-4917-2 instances surrounding their entire body. Taking SCP-4917 off and putting it on again results in the same outcome.

TEST 4917.02 – DEC.20.2014

Subject: D-13854
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 with the same personnel from the previous test.
Results: Subject sees the same thing D-12191 saw, but detects D-12191 becoming “infected” when D-11179 slaps 12191’s hand away from hers, causing D-12191 to progress into advanced stages of anxiety and shouting the words, “the Darkness has taken over me!”. Taking SCP-4917 off and putting it on again results in the recent outcome.

Researcher’s Notes: So it appears that SCP-4917-2 appears in the same people that were infected, and it’s becoming apparent that SCP-4917-2 might not be dependent on the vision of one wearer. If more signs of its independence from SCP-4917 exist, we’re going to have to relabel it. D-17871 has never given SCP-4917-2 a name, but if its descriptions match what D-12191 was saying, we might relabel SCP-4917-2 as the “Darkness”.

D-12191 is currently being evaluated by Dr. Ariclades as of this moment, and on another note, Dr. Whurr doesn’t seem to be impressed with the results. We still can’t risk prolonged exposure when wearing SCP-4917, but we’ll do that for another time. I pray to god that D-12191 doesn’t have to go through one of Ariclades’s “surgical procedures” in order to know what we’re dealing with.

TEST 4917.08 – FEB.26.2015

Subject: D-10183
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 with fifty domesticated animals2 of various species in the test room while being accompanied by one guard.
Results: All animals have instances of SCP-4917-2 surrounding their bodies.

Researcher’s Notes: This is… astonishing at best. Despite having to rely on the words from D-class personnel, it’s a little concerning. Throughout the previous SCP-4917 tests we’ve done with animals, all of them were said to be infected, including the animals that were once human. We're still not entirely sure if SCP-4917 is merely "marking" people for the fun of it, but if SCP-4917-2 is actually independent in nature, I have a theory on why it exists.

Animals never evolved like we did, and they were always trapped within their primordial state, so SCP-4917-2 might have been created from those who cannot evolve into an enlightened state. The only reason why it still persists is that we were struggling to evolve to that state, and so we’ve made contact with those who were infected in the past. If this is true, we are currently the only ones who cannot create SCP-4917-2 from within at our current state, but we can still be infected by the touch of an infected entity. That being said, I believe that this might explain the behavior of D-class personnel.

On a different note, Dr. Whurr is calling me crazy for thinking about the origin of SCP-4917-2. It’s not my fault that we have to depend on the word of mouth from D-class, but it’s currently the only way that we can get results. Dr. Ariclades has told him about this before, but it looks like Dr. Whurr is still not getting it through his head.

TEST 4917.11 – JAN.1.2016

Subject: D-11839
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 and watch the interaction between D-10094 and a domesticated vulpes zerda with SCP-4917-2 while being accompanied by one guard.
Results: D-10094 was observed to not contract SCP-4917-2 from the infected animal after petting it and playing with it for five minutes. D-11839 noticed that she herself has SCP-4917-2 after lifting her hand up to wave at D-10094 during his interaction with the animal.

Researcher’s Notes: Now this is interesting. It appears that we cannot contract SCP-4917-2 from animals. I believe this supports my theory on why SCP-4917-2 exists, though Dr. Whurr considers otherwise, and regards my theory as pure rubbish. So, after consideration, I’ve decided to make a decision on the matter.

When we get all the results we need from SCP-4917, we’ll have to use it on one member of Foundation personnel. I will announce this as soon as we have more critical information.

TEST 4917.12 – JAN.2.2016

Subject: D-12367
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 with five other D-class personnel in the test room while being accompanied by two guards, and is to identify the individuals who have SCP-4917-2. Subject will then take off SCP-4917, and personnel with SCP-4917-2 are to touch those who do not have instances of SCP-4917-2.
Results: D-13183 is the only individual identified with SCP-4917-2, and has proceeded to touch other D-class personnel when D-12367 removed SCP-4917 from her head. D-11715 and D-11190 were infected by contact with skin, but D-11714 and D-11181 were not infected when D-13183 touched them in areas protected by their uniforms. SCP-4917-2 can only infect individuals if the infected individual makes skin contact with unaffected individuals.

TEST 4917.13 – JAN.2.2016

Subject: D-14735
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 with a group of ten other D-class personnel in the test room while being accompanied by three guards, and are to be advised beforehand to not make physical skin contact with each other. When the subject has identified those who have SCP-4917-2, the group is to leave the room while being escorted by a guard to a nearby containment room. When all D-class personnel are inside the containment room, D-class personnel are to hold hands with each other for ten seconds to ensure that SCP-4917-2 has infected all individuals. The group is to report back into the test room, and the subject is to wear SCP-4917 again.
Results: Only D-10005 and D-10371 were identified to have SCP-4917-2, and both have attempted to attack the guards overseeing them after infecting the rest of their group. Both were apprehended by the guards they were attacking, and were brought back to the test room with the others. Everyone appears to be infected according to D-14735 without seeing the infection happening in person. SCP-4917-2 is to be relabeled as the “Darkness” due to the discovery of its independent nature.

Researcher’s Notes: We’ve found a critical piece of evidence proving that SCP-4917-2 acts on its own accord without the use of SCP-4917. From now on, it’s officially relabeled as the “Darkness”, and research on this infection must be done as soon as we understand how SCP-4917 works.

After the attempted escape by D-class personnel, Dr. Whurr’s behavior is more than distasteful, and is beginning to claim that SCP-4917 is not anomalous and that it was a set-up by D-17871 and other D-class personnel to make it appear to be anomalous. While his reasoning is justified, as we could only rely on the word of mouth from D-class, we have yet to know if SCP-4917 will trigger any anomalous effects if it is worn for an extended period of time. Though I personally despise Dr. Whurr's current behavior, his words have made me thought of a theory about SCP-4917 that I've been working on.

I think SCP-4917 has some sort of sapience. I'm not saying that it can hear everything we say or see everything we do, but I believe that it can tap into the minds of everyone that wears it, and keeps this information until someone else wears it. As to why it would identify people with the "Darkness", there are only a few possibilities to this that I know of. Excluding animals, SCP-4917 is either marking people that have made contact with those who were originally marked by the creator of SCP-4917 for some personal purpose of their own, marking people just for the sake of marking people unless an unmarked person is touched by those who were marked by SCP-4917, or actually identifying people who have a real anomalous disease that cannot be identified with the equipment we currently have.

There could be other reasons to this, but I am praying that it's just marking people just for the sake of marking them.

TEST 4917.14 – MAR.24.2017

Subject: D-14809
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 for twelve hours while being monitored by a guard. Guards are to rotate from their shift to watch the subject once every four hours.
Results: SCP-4917 hasn’t shown any anomalies when it has been worn for an extended period of time.

TEST 4917.15 – MAR.25.2017

Subject: D-16787
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 for twenty-four hours while being monitored by a guard. Guards are to follow the same procedure from Test 14.
Results: SCP-4917 hasn’t shown any anomalies when it has been worn for an entire day. One guard has been noted to have the “Darkness”.

TEST 4917.16 – MAR.27.2017

Subject: D-16248
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 for forty-eight hours while being monitored by a guard. Guards are to follow the same procedure from Test 14.
Results: SCP-4917 hasn’t shown any anomalies when it has been worn for two days straight. Three guards have been noted to have the “Darkness”.

Researcher’s Notes: It has become apparent that SCP-4917 poses no current threat to anyone who wears it for an extended period of time. This could be because of my Sapience theory, or in Dr. Whurr’s case, is non-anomalous.

On a different note, Dr. Whurr requests to be interviewed, and to be the first of Foundation personnel to wear SCP-4917 in order to disprove its anomalous properties. The request has been granted, and I will be there to interview him after finishing some important work. There is one question that has been on the back of my mind though… will SCP-4917 react differently when one of us wears it?

TEST 4917.17 – APR.5.2017

Subject: Dr. Demaslar Terip Whurr
Procedure: Subject is to wear SCP-4917 in a test room of ten D-class personnel with two guards while being interviewed by a researcher.
Results: See Interview 4917: APR.5.17.

Date: APR.5.2017

Interviewer: Dr. Kellan, Site-17

Interviewee: Dr. Whurr, Site-17

Foreword: Dr. Whurr had previously requested to set the interview in his office to “just to get it over with quickly”. The request was denied, and Dr. Whurr had reluctantly agreed to do the interview in SCP-4917’s test room with ten D-class personnel and two guards.



Dr. Kellan: Alright. Everything’s set. Any last remarks before heading in Dr. Whurr?

Dr. Whurr: Yes. Only one my dear friend. I can’t wait to see the look on all of your faces when I prove to you that I am right. Now open up the door and give me the mask, we know we can’t keep them waiting for long.

Dr. Whurr is given SCP-4917 and the door opens up. Dr. Whurr proceeds inside the test room, and the door closes behind him.

Dr. Whurr: Listen up you fuckers, you screwheads, you psychos and rejects! I know for certain that you’ve been talking behind our backs, planning this bullshit from the day D-17871 came in! Well no more! I am here to burn that shitty little plan you’ve all made to ashes, as I unveil the truth!

Dr. Kellan: (Growls during Dr. Whurr’s speech) Son of a bitch. (Turns on the test room mic) Dr. Whurr, will you please put on the mask.

Dr. Whurr: (Sighs) Alright Marcus, you fluffy bastard.

Dr. Whurr wears SCP-4917

Dr. Whurr: Huh. Thought this would be irritating to wear.

Dr. Kellan: (Through test room mic) Do you feel anything anomalous happening to you?

Dr. Whurr: No Marc. Nothing’s affecting me. Not my body or my mind.

Dr. Kellan: (Through test room mic) You were scratching your head when you replied. Are you entirely sure that you feel exactly nothing changing?

Dr. Whurr: … Well, not entirely. It’s just a little itching sensation within my skull.

Dr. Kellan: (Mutters) Thank christ. (Through test room mic) Alright then. Proceed by looking at all personnel within the room, and report on what you see.

Dr. Whurr proceeds as ordered, and when he looks at the group, he does not respond for ten seconds.

Dr. Kellan: (Through test room mic) Dr. Whurr? Is something wrong.

Dr. Whurr: Y-yes. Something’s… very wrong.

Dr. Kellan: (Through test room mic) What’s… wrong?

Dr. Whurr: It’s… it’s… it’s YOUR CONCERN! (Laughs at a high volume)

Dr. Kellan: (Growls) Dammit Whurr.

Dr. Whurr: No one in this room is infected by that “Darkness” bullshit! It’s like I’ve told you before, this mask is not an SCP! Guards, get them outta here! We’re done.

Dr. Kellan: (Through test room mic) Not quite Dr. Whurr. Everyone else can go as ordered.

The guards and D-class can be heard as they leave through the exit.

Dr. Whurr: W-What? WHAT!? But I’m done! We’re done!

Dr. Kellan: (Through test room mic) I only have one last order for you to do. If you do not do that, I will have to reassign you to Level 0 clearance if you do not change your behavior after it is given.

Dr. Whurr: … You got to be fucking kidding me Marcus.

Dr. Kellan: (Through test room mic) You… are not… done… yet.

Dr. Whurr: … Alright… I’ll do it. What is it?

Dr. Kellan: (Through test room mic) Look at yourself with the mask on. After that, you’re done.

Dr. Whurr: Oh… well that’s easy. I’ll just look at my hand an-(Pauses) DARKNESS!

At this point, Dr. Whurr screams as he falls to the floor. He begins to flail and continues to scream and shout the word “darkness” at the top of his lungs.

Dr. Kellan: Shit. (As the door opens and closes behind him) Whurr, everything’s going to be ok! I’m h-

Dr. Whurr: AAAHHHH!!!

Dr. Whurr begins to back up from Dr. Kellan and continues to do so until he’s cornered to a wall.

Dr. Whurr: (Heavily breathing) Stay away from me you infected fuck! You’re going to make it worse!

Dr. Kellan: Whurr! Listen to me! You have to calm down! The ma-

Dr. Whurr: (Pulls out his gun when Dr. Kellan was talking) I’m not letting this shit ruin my life Marcus! I’m not letting this FUCKING “DARKNESS” ruin EVERYTHING for me!

Dr. Kellan: WHURR LISTEN TO ME! (Pauses as Dr. Whurr is breathing lightly) As far as we know… the “Darkness” has done nothing to anyone so far. I doubt that it will even do anything to us now, but know this… you can only see it because you have the mask on, and when you take it off… it’s gone.

Dr. Whurr: But-But the “Darkness”-

Dr. Kellan: But NOTHING Whurr! It’s only there when you wear that damn mask! Your vision will return to normal once that mask is off! Ok? (Pauses) Ok?

Dr. Whurr: (Breathing slows) Y… yeah… Ok.

Dr. Whurr sets his gun down.

Dr. Kellan: Good. Now take it off Whurr… we’re done here.

Dr. Whurr takes off SCP-4917. He screams and reaches for his gun.

Dr. Kellan: NOOO!!!

Dr. Whurr and Dr. Kellan can be heard struggling with each other as gunshots can be heard. The audio begins to corrupt at this point, with the conclusion being barely audible.


Date: APR.6.2017

Interviewer: Dr. Reila, Site-17

Interviewee: Dr. Whurr, Site-17

Foreword: Dr. Whurr at this time is currently in a padded cell after the incident with SCP-4917 on the previous day, and is restrained in a straitjacket to prevent any form of harm towards himself.



Dr. Whurr mumbles about the “Darkness”.

Dr. Reila: Dr. Whurr.

Dr.Whurr looks at the source of the sound, and pauses for a brief moment before attempting to smile.

Dr. Whurr: Kathy! (Laughs) Oh it’s so good to see you again! How’s your boss doing?

Dr. Reila: You almost killed him you know.

Dr. Whurr: … Kathy I… I never meant to shoot him. You know that I would never do anything revolting like that-

Dr. Reila: He’s fine Whurr. Unlike anyone else here, he’s much more durable after what happened a few years ago. Anyways, I’ve came to inform you that you’ll be you will be reassigned to Level 2 clearance status if you answer all the questions I have for you.

Dr. Whurr: How many?

Dr. Reila: One.

Dr. Whurr: … Ok then. Shoot.

Dr. Reila: Why did you freak out at the end of testing?

Dr. Whurr makes a few grunting noises before responding with laughter.

Dr. Whurr: I can’t believe that you forgot that I’m afraid of everything that’s black! Hell, I believe that you forgot about the fact that I am afraid of places that are surrounded by darkness! I mean… WOW Kathy! Did you hit your head on a fucking rock or someth-

Dr. Reila: We’re getting off track Whurr. Get to the point.

Dr. Whurr: … I thought it was a joke. Just a fucking joke made by that son of a bitch we’ve apprehended in 20██, and that everyone else within the D-class was playing along with that thief. But no… life just had to fuck me over, and he had to get the last laugh. It’s all real… and I hate the fact that it’s real.

Dr. Reila: Does this also have to do with your attempted suicide?

Dr. Whurr:

Dr. Reila: Whurr?

Dr. Whurr: I can still see it, even without that mask.

Dr. Reila: The “Darkness”?

Dr. Whurr: Yes. I can still see it, everywhere I go, and I think… I know what the answer is. It’s because I’m a doctor. No, not one who has received that title because they’re a researcher, but because they actually work in the medical field instead of analyzing these, “Things” from the beginning. I’ve worked as a doctor here for years Kathy, and you know this even after working in there for several months right after your employment in the field. It’s Hell Kathy… just, not the Hell that I’m in currently. I don't even consider it as Hell anymore now that I think about it…

… (chuckles) You know Kathy, the funny thing about this whole thing is that I never felt anything inside of me before until I was locked up in this fucking cell. That feeling… it's as if it's talking to me constantly without saying a word. I… I can feel the words Katherine… telling me to embrace it. To finally let it all out… on Ariclades, on the D-class, on the SCPs, on the whole goddamn Foundation Kathy! (Laughs)

I haven't felt this good since I've won that bet with that clown! That son of a bitch deserved to lose after all! Then again, when have I ever felt this good? (Laughs with obsessive enthusiasm for twelve seconds)

Dr. Reila: … Well Whurr, I believe that’s all the information we need. On another note, I’m not sure if Dr. Aricla-

Dr. Whurr: Yes. I’ve heard.

Dr. Reila: … Well, I won’t be seeing you until I’m done there. Heck, you’ll probably be occupying my mind while I’m there. Anyways, I wish you good health Dr. Whurr.

Dr. Whurr: Kathy… one more thing before you go.

Dr. Reila: Yes?

Dr. Whurr: Say hi to Dr. Hamm for me.


Interviewer's Note: God, Ariclades wasn't kidding when he said that Dr. Whurr was this sick. I felt as if my body was about to break any second just from hearing his voice alone. At this point, I think Dr. Kellan was onto something with the Corruption theory, and I only hope that Dr. Whurr does not descend into his own madness. Though… I really doubt that the "Darkness" actually exists at this point.

I mean, yes, this "Darkness" does appear to act on its own will, but if I remember correctly, SCP-4917 knows who it has marked and passes on that information to another person. At this point, I believe that SCP-4917 is just playing with our minds. Dr. Whurr HAS worn SCP-4917 before he started to go into this semi-psychotic breakdown, so who really knows if SCP-4917 is the one making him psychotic rather than the "Darkness" itself? Then again… maybe it's just me rambling. Those two D-class did attack the guards on the day of Test 13.

Addendum 4917.1: Discovery

SCP-4917 was recovered from the German Historical Museum on ██/██/██ when it was raided by GoI-4517 “Australian Merchants of Ancient History”. After the confiscation and inspection of D-17871's belongings from his person, everyone near the museum at the time of the raid appeared to have been shot with Mark II Tranquilizer guns, and the AMAH escaped with a total of five objects from the museum. All missing objects excluding SCP-4917 were identified, and replicas were sent to the museum.

D-17871 was found unconscious wearing SCP-4917 next to a woman near her sixties. She was questioned about what happened to the suspect, and replied with the words, “That man was screaming at the top of his lungs after he ran into me. Thought he was infected or something and blacked out.” The woman was given Class-A amnestics after questioning, and D-17871 was taken into Foundation custody.

When SCP-4917 was recovered from the incident, a replica of SCP-4917 was sent to the museum, and all news reports on the incident had been heavily suppressed.

The following is an interview conducted a few days after the incident on ██/██/██.

Date: ███.█.20██

Interviewer: Dr. Kellan, Site-17

Interviewee: D-17871 , AMAH Member

Foreword: D-17871 was recently taken in Foundation custody after incident ██.██.20██ for questioning on D-17871’s group and the properties of SCP-4917.



Dr. Kellan: Any last remarks before we go on with the interview?

D-17871: Uh… no. Nothing really important, except that your boss is… (exhales) somewhat of a weirdo.

Dr. Kellan: A w-(chuckles) Why is that?

D-17871: Only two reasons. One, he’s always wearing that “uniform”. Two, he’s hired a talking bear to interview me.

Dr. Kellan: (Inhales through nostrils) Pretty good reasons but, one, he’s too stubborn to take it off and has modified it for the purposes of working here, and two, I was turned into a bear thanks to unfortunate circumstances involving an anomaly that I cannot divulge any information about. Anyways, I’d say that’s an understatement compared to the others on our roster.

D-17871: Well… ok but, why can't you tell me how you became a bear?

Dr. Kellan: It's part of the Foundation's secrecy protocol, mainly for your safety.

D-17871: Right…

Dr. Kellan: So, why were you after SCP-4917 in the first place?

D-17871: Isn’t it obvious? It’s one of the only masks remaining that was genuinely made from the medieval days. Why would we let it rot in a museum? One day, people like us are going to break in and take it, and there’s nothing the museum can do about it except to yell to themselves, “Oh god dammit not again! Oh well, back to the excavation sites we go.”

Dr. Kellan: I see. (Flips paper) Why did you think wearing SCP-4XXX was a good idea when you were escaping with your colleagues?

D-17871: I was seeing how it would feel when I wore that mask. If it was too unbearable to wear, no pun intended, we wouldn’t sell it to our clients and we would’ve sent it back to the-

Dr. Kellan: Your clients?

D-17871: Well… yeah. We’re merchants after all. Selling ancient weapons, clothing, and artifacts is what we do for a living.

Dr. Kellan: So… you’ll only sell that mask if it is comfortable to wear and can be used for something, and you don’t sell it if it’s just going to stay in a glass container for its entire life?

D-17871: Yeah. That’s pretty much how we do. We were planning on selling that mask to a client who’s into medieval festivals and plague doctors, seeing as you currently have one of those people here.

Dr. Kellan: I can assure you D-17871 that we have plenty of people who enjoy these medieval artifacts, even those who like to take that to an extreme level. Now enough beating around the bush, you have claimed to the others that you were seeing “weird shit” when you were wearing the mask. Correct?

D-17871: (Puts his hand on his forehead and begins to moan) Yeah. It was weird.

Dr. Kellan: Describe to me in detail exactly what you’ve seen.

D-17871: (Pauses to contemplate) Whenever I see certain people, they all had one thing in common… they were surrounded in this black “mist”, which I thought of at the time was the embodiment of darkness itself. I knew it was dangerous, and I had to avoid making contact with them because I thought I was going to die if I touched them. Then I ran into an old lady while I was too focused on avoiding the police.

Dr. Kellan: Was the old lady you ran into one of them?

D-17871: Yes. And that’s all I could remember until I’ve fainted. I was probably screaming at the top of my lungs thinking it was all over before I passed out. Then I woke up to see that weirdo and… uh…

Dr. Kellan: And then you saw me.

D-17871: Look, Dr. Kellan… I apologize for punching you in the face. I never realized that you were-

Dr. Kellan: A human being that’s turned into an american black bear. Yes. Being a bear has its downsides, and some perks if you want to call them that. It was in your right to punch me in the muzzle. Now if I were a dog in a lab coat, that would be a completely different story.

D-17871: (Laughs) Yeah. You would’ve been less frightening then. (Laughter dies down)

An awkward silence persists for four seconds.

D-17871: So… are we cool yet?


Interviewer's Note: Not much information has been given about this mask, and I doubt that this is actually a real SCP, but after considering D-17871's tone of voice whenever I ask him about the "mist", I didn't wear the mask to see for myself. If what he's saying is true, I believe we're dealing with another possible threat, as if we had enough already within Foundation custody.

Addendum 4917.2: The “Darkness”

The “Darkness” has been described by subjects as an infection. It is commonly seen in D-class personnel and presumingly throughout all species of the kingdom Animalia, with rare cases of Foundation staff known to have this anomalous infection themselves when identified by D-class wearing SCP-4917, or inspected by medical staff permanently affected by SCP-4917. It is only known to spread by other human beings via physical contact with human skin, and all other attempts to spread the “Darkness” through contact with animals, bodily fluids and blood transfers have resulted with no success.

A recent theory about the "Darkness" that's been accepted by many researchers assigned to SCP-4917 is Dr. Kellan's Corruption theory, where a human being infected by the "Darkness" will steadily abandon their morality in favor of more immoral behaviors. Dr. Kellan has noted a common symptom regarding a few individuals infected with the "Darkness", stating that they appear to be in a constant state of euphoria where they always "feel good" despite experiencing other emotions, and have a desire to cause harm towards entities they detest the most. Neuroimaging on these infected subjects show no signs of anomalous changes to the brain, despite their behavior. This behavior usually occurs in individuals above the age of 40, but has been known to affect individuals as young as 20 years of age.

Due to the lack of technological resources, all of the properties of the “Darkness” are yet to be understood, and due to the scarcity of information, the decision to classify the “Darkness” as an SCP, or as an effect of an existing SCP, is still pending.