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Page Type: SCP Article

Elevator Pitch: My article is about a tree of indeterminate species growing out of the limestone in the Burren karst region in Ireland. The tree contains the souls of those whose blood the tree has touched. Individuals who meditate on a rock next to the tree can speak with the souls contained inside. For each soul held inside the tree has a branch, and as of currrent the tree has 15 branches.

Central Narrative: The Foundation locates the tree after reports of speaking ot the dead reached critical threshold, causing the local area to be investigated. During their investigation, the Foundation finds the tree, and that the tree's contained souls were often those who mistreated the desperate, being Landlords and Rent Collecters during the Great Famine. 2 of the souls show absolute remorse for their actions, 4 show some remorse, 6 of them show indifference and 2 show no remorse. It is discovered that a local violent precursor to the Land League spread the blood of the souls over the roots of the tree in order to bind then to the tree. In a twist of fate, the leader of the Land League precursor spilt his own blood onto the tree and was bound. all of the souls can speak with eachother and they constantly argue over their imprisonment, with researchers being able to listen in while upon the rock. This covert listening allows the foundation to gain further insight into how these people lived, how they managed to draw the League's ire and how the League discovered the tree.

Hook/Attention-Grabber: Attached to the tree is an unremovable note that explains how the tree contains the souls who's blood has been spilt on it's roots and how once 16 souls are contained inside, no more shall be able to enter. Later during one of the interviews, a junior researcher (Murray) cuts themselves by on the tree, and gains abnormal green and brown scarring where the cut was. The researcher dies a few months later from a car accident. A final interview takes place with Junior Researcher Murray, and a 16th branch grows.

Additional Notes: My second attempt at a concept and by far one I put more thought into, hopefully it is worthy of being drafted. I based this off a terrible campfire story I told one night.