SCP-5026 - The Lonely Planet

Item #: SCP-5026

Object Class: Unclassified

Special Containment Procedures: While there is no physical way to contain SCP-5026 due to its immense size, all documentation and evidence of its existence outside of Foundation documents is to be disposed of upon finding until further explanation of SCP-5026 is available. However, it is to be under constant surveillance by satellite imaging and by radio frequency recording. All gathered information is to be documented and filed for analysis and cataloguing by [REDACTED].

Description: SCP-5026 is an unidentified terrestrial object with a radius of 1.419 Rj (63,036.372 mi). It’s physical characteristics include a deep rust-colored surface of an unidentifiable mineral element and rings, similar to those of Saturn, that orbit the planet at a 37° angle from the object’s equator and measure up to 10 Rj (432,300mi) in diameter. The planet has been declared “lost” as it has been pulled away from its original system by the gravitational pull of another star. However, SCP-5026 has been pulled to a point where that gravity pulling on the planet by the two stars on both hemispheres of the planet are equal, causing it to become tidal locked and remain in one location.

However, that is not what makes this unregistered planet catch the eyes of the Foundation. When it’s gravitational field, radio wave, and electromagnetic output was measured, scientists were baffled as the radio wave measurements continuously fluctuated at what was an almost seamless pattern. All public record of this information was destroyed, and the Foundation assumed all responsibility of SCP-5026’s research, headed by [REDACTED].


After listening to recordings of radio frequency signals emitted by the planet, the scientists responsible for this research were later diagnosed with psychological illness and insanity for unexplainable reasons. Many of the diagnosed claim that SCP-5026 was “calling” to them, and that they could continue to hear the calls long after listening to the recordings. In desperate attempts to escape these calls, of the 13 diagnosed, 9 have attempted suicide, with 5 being successful. These recording have been dubbed SCP-5026-1 and have been locked away in the vault at [REDACTED] to prevent further casualties. (previously redacted until publication of file SCP-5026-1).


Researchers are also working to explain SCP-5026’s fluctuating gravity field. It appears as if the gravity of SCP-5026 is unaffected by the object’s physical mass and fluctuates at a randomized pattern, widely varying between gravity similar to the Moon to that of the Sun. The cause for this is unknown, and any attempts to determine a pattern from these fluctuations has failed.

Item #: SCP-5026-1

Object Class: Euclid

Specific Containment Requirements: SCP-5026-1 is to remain in a small safe of reinforced steel within the vault of [REDACTED]. Six guards are to be appointed to the vault, and the vault’s contents are to under surveillance 24/7.

Description: SCP-5026-1 is an old VHS-type cassette measuring approximately 187 mm wide, 103 mm deep, and 25 mm thick. There is a white label on the front with a title reading “SCP-5026 Calling?”. The date Oct. 13, 2015 is written beneath the title, assumed to be the date that the recording was made.

Though the object itself can be considered “safe,” the content within is anything but. Upon listening to the recording, which consists of a continuous ring that fluctuates in pitch, listeners begin to claim that SCP-5026 was calling to them.

Listeners slowly begin to go mad, claiming to hear the call constantly, even days after listening, and that they could see SCP-5026 in their dreams, whether it be the focus or somewhere in the background of said dreams. In desperation to escape the calls and visions, the majority of listeners will frantically attempt to commit suicide. As of this addition, there have been 27 diagnosed listeners, 18 of which have begun attempting suicide. As of now, all who have attempted have been successful. All other subjects are currently under careful observation.