Item #: SCP-3216
Object Class: Safe/Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3216 is to be contained inside a lead-lined titanium box, 5 ft. by 5 ft. SCP-3216 is harmless so long as it is not in use. Use of SCP-3216 requires submission of pre-formatted questions to Site ████'s Head Researcher, Dr, R█████. Failure to comply will result in █████.
Description: SCP-3216 is composed of two parts. The first, SCP-3216-1 is a 3.33 ft. tall beryllium bronze triangular pyramid. Odd motifs carved into the surface defy current explanation. It is unknown if they are runes of some sort, pictographs, or a form of Hieroglyphics. Dr. ████ hypotheses these symbols are an instruction guide.

The second part of SCP-3216 is revealed when the top of the pyramid coming into contact with a fingertip or palm. The beryllium bronze unfolds like a mechanical flower to reveal SCP-3216-2, a 33 cm orb composed entirely of countless tiny beryllium bronze gears that hovers in the exact center of the now open SCP-3216-1. How the metal unfolds so smoothly without any noticeable seams is intriguing, and may have to do with the symbols on its surface. The method of SCP-3216-2's flotation is also unknown, and remains a subject of much study.

Once SCP-3216-2 is revealed, if it is touched by a fingertip or palm, said digit or appendage will become stuck to the surface of the gear-orb. Any and all attempts to remove the digit or appendage fail. Not even cutting off the afflicted part of the body will work, as the damage does not seem to appear on the body of the subject. SCP-3216 will also not be able to be moved once it is being used. SCP-3216-1 appears to bond on a quantum level with whatever surface it is touching when it opens up, and SCP-3216-2 will not budge from its position inside SCP-3216-1. Attempts by ████ to move it have all failed.

The only way to remove the affected part is for the subject touching SCP-3216-2 to be asked a question. the subject will immediately answer the question truthfully, and be allowed to remove the finger or palm from the surface of SCP-3216-2. (Please note that any attempts to remove the subject from SCP-3216-2 by force will then appear on the subject's body. In the case of D-12334's arm, which had been hacked at with a handheld buzzsaw, the wounds suddenly manifested, causing D-12334's arm to suddenly become severed and sprayed the testing room with blood. Oddly, SCP-3216 remained free of any such bodily fluids, despite being in the line of fire, as it were.)

What truly makes SCP-3216 fascinating to some of the researchers at Site █████ is that the questions asked are not only told truthfully, but that the subject is compelled to answer truthfully. Any subject in direct contact with SCP-3216-2 must answer any inquiry posed to them, and it will always be the truth, even if the subject did not wish to talk or tried to lie.

Further testing revealed that if a subject is asked a question they do not know the answer to, they will remain silent. If the subject is asked a question they do not know the answer to three times, however, the subject's eyes take on a bronze tint and they will answer the question they were asked. Subjects will have no knowledge of answering the question afterwards, and depending on the question answered, may suffer from headaches, nosebleeds, and even death.
Questions relating to mundane matters or trivia that the subject did not know, such as "What is the color of ████'s underwear today?" will be answered truthfully and result in a minor headache. Questions related to SCP matters, such as, where is SCP-████ right now?" result in a severe migraine and a nosebleed.

However, care must be taken not to ask certain questions that the subject or questioner does not know. At one point, Dr. ████ asked "How can SCP-███ be destroyed without ill side effects?" D-34211, who was in contact with SCP-3216-2 at the time, answered "To render SCP-████ harmless, ████ ████ ███████ ██ █ ████ ███, with a spork ███ ██ ████. And don't forget the rubber gloves!" Immediately after answering, D-34211 died of internal hemorrhaging of the brain, while Dr. █████ suffered what appeared to be a concussion and passed out. Upon waking up, Dr. █████ did not recall the answer D-34211 had given him. The only reason the answer was retained is that the recording devices picked it up. Tests to see if the method of disposal given for SCP-████ would work have proven ███████.

Addendum: SCP-3216 was first discovered in ████, Egypt, in 19██ when a tourist bought it from a shop. Investigations reveal that the store owner obtained it from ████, a man well known for tomb robbing and theft. When questioning him, ████ claimed he had discovered SCP-3216 just lying half buried in the remains of a landslide near the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. SCP-3216 was later acquired by the Foundation when SCP Media Sifters discovered a 911 call stating that a man was "magically stuck to his souvenir." SCP-3216 was then retrieved from the home of █████ and ████ in ████, Arkansas.

In some ways, the ability to answer any question brings to mind SCP-2412, although SCP-3216's ability to answer questions relating to anomalies makes it popular among those who wish to locate and/or destroy certain SCP's.

Questions related to Euclid-Class SCP's must be approved by Level 3 or higher authorities. Questions regarding Keter or higher class SCP's require Level 4 authority or higher.
Questions related to saving the Earth from destruction require Level 5 authority.

Question Log Sample:

> Test 12:
> Subject: D-6612
> Question from Dr. ████: "What was the capitol of Somalia?"
> Answer: "Mogadishu."
> Result: No headaches. Subject D-6612 was a professor of African-American History at ██████ University.

Test 3:
Subject: D-5513
Question from Dr. L███: "What is the color of underwear Dr. S████ is wearing to today?"
Answer: "Her ███ is creme colored, but her ████ are ████."
Result: Slight headache for Subject D-5513 that faded after fifteen minutes, and a slap to the face for Dr. L███ from Dr. S███.

Test 49:
Subject: D-875
Question from Dr. ████: "How can SCP-███ be contained with minimal effort?"
Answer: Immerse SCP-███ in a saline solution made of ████, ███, and ███ of ████, which mimics the properties of blood without becoming said substance."
Result: Major migraine in D-875 that lasted for 24 hours, and SCP-███ is not safely stored without having to resort to ████.

Test 110:
Subject: D-9651
Question from Dr. █████: "How can we stop SCP-████ from █████?"
Answer: "███████ █████████ █████ ██████████ ███████ ███████."
Result: D-9651 died from internal brain hemorrhaging. Dr. ████ passed out and lost three years worth of his memory. Recording device slightly damaged.

Test 111:
Subject: D-6172
Question from █████: "██████████████████████?"
Answer: Unknown. D-6172 perished due to their brain exploding after answering. ████ also perished, their brain shutting down after hearing the answer. Recording device completely destroyed. Cameras observing the testing room destroyed and all footage of the answer shows bronze colored static. Interior of the room riddled with cracks. Later, several spying and data hacking devices linked to Anderson Robotics were discovered in Site ████ completely melted and destroyed. The fate of those who were listening in is unknown.