Item #: SCP-3189

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3189 should be kept in a steel-lined 5x7 humanoid containment chamber at Area-02. SCP-3189's container should be accessible via a seal-proof blast door and heated to 36.7° Celsius (96° Fahrenheit). No personnel are allowed access to testing on SCP-3189 except for by O5 approval. SCP-3189's container should be in a remote part of the facility, and only Level-4+ personnel are allowed information about SCP-3189.

Description: SCP-3189 is 2.3 m tall and is mostly humanoid except for a couple extra features. SCP-3189 has horn-like growths on it's head, back, and "tail". SCP-3189's skin is a deep shade of gray and the tissues are much like human skin. SCP-3189's legs seem to "melt" into each other and progressively turn red as they go down. SCP-3189 has a tail-like growth at the back of the "melted" legs. SCP-3189 moves much like a snail or slug and leaves behind a trail of neon-blue mucus that does not seem to affect much besides draining any color in the object under it. SCP-3189's behavior consists of pacing in front of the blast door and mumbling. Note that SCP-3196 has not shown speech but seems to be trying to learn english. Viewing of SCP-3189's eyes is detrimental to human mental health. Symptoms occur 4-5 hours after viewing. Symptoms include: Depression, Active attempts at self harm, the occurrence of unintelligible whispering, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-3189 was found in a burning school in ██████ County, Virginia, U.S.A. A witness who was later administered Class-B amnesiacs told foundation personnel the subject had tried to [DATA EXPUNGED] two female classmates. They also told personnel a male classmate had been kidnapped and nearly eaten by subject.

Class-D personnel exposed to SCP-3189. Subject later started to complain of whispering and was found dead in their cell by cause of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Another Class-D personnel exposed to SCP-3189 mucus. Subject began to drain color and complained of pain inside of their body. Subject proceeded to scream in agony for two minutes and then collapse. Cause of death was failure of multiple major organ systems.

+Addendum -3189-D: interview log

Interviewed: SCP-3189
Interviewer: Dr. ████
Dr. ████: Can you talk?
SCP-3189: Hu..Hoo..Humm.. Human…
Dr. ████: Oh my god…
SCP-3189: F…Free..Fry…Freedom..I..Want…Freedom…FREEDOM!
End Log

SCP-3189 was found with the colorless corpse of Dr. ████ two minutes after the interview. Note: Not much is currently known about 3189 and there definitely wasn't then. From now on SCP-3189 is not to be interacted with.