Pandasaurus Rex
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A specimen of SCP-3844-1

Item#: SCP-3844

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3844 is to be held in a 6 m x 6 m x 12 m containment cell at all times. Walls are to be checked daily for damage such as cracks or holes. Air should only be let in by vents covered in a Manganese mesh. SCP-3844 is to be fed two (2) live sheep every other day. No personnel should enter the containment cell except on the basis of testing and/or feeding. All personnel entering the containment cell should wear beekeeping suits with 5 cm3 cubes of Osmium located on the elbows of both arms, knees of both arms, beekeeping hat, and centre of the torso. Persons entering the cell should have no other items on them. All those who enter the cell must be Class-D and be terminated no less than two (2) weeks after initial exposure. Infrared systems are to be used to scan for SCP-3488-1 specimens across the site every 3 hours. In the event that a specimen is found out of the containment cell, no less than (2) Class-D personnel are to then check the cell for any way said specimen could escape and no less than five (5) Class-D personnel are to find the breached specimen and place it in a 15 cm3 Osmium box for termination via Hydrogen Cyanide.
Note: Check for damage in the event of a small containment breach should not excuse routine checking damage to cell.
In the event of a full-scale containment breach, the site is to be flooded with Hydrogen Cyanide and all personnel are to put on standard issue gas masks until gas is removed.

Description: SCP-3844 is a large wasp nest approximately 2 m x 2 m x 4 m made of wood pulp from the wood pulp of Pinus Sylvestris (Pine Tree). The nest consists of 4 large openings on opposite sides of the nest. The nest is home to approximately 6-9000 wasps (hereafter referred to as SCP-3844-1) appearing in shape and colour to be a example of Chrysis ignita (Ruby Tailed Wasp). However, the wasps are over five (5) times the length of one of these wasps, being measured at roughly 6 cm long. Only 1-2000 wasps have sting (hereafter referred to as SCP-3844-2)

SCP-3844-1, peculiarly, has a severe dislike to the chemical element Manganese. If a specimen is within 2 m of the element, it will rapidly fly in the opposite direction at speeds of up to 26.82 m/s. If it cannot leave the vicinity of the 2 m radius it will lose its ability to fly and fall into severe convulsions for 2-5 minutes before expiring. This effect will not take place if the wasps have been sedated with the smoke of the pine tree

SCP-3844-1's anomalous properties begin in the event of a sting. SCP-3844-2 will instantly sting any warm blooded creature within a 1 m radius of it. Note: The effect of Manganese counteracts this instinct. When a creature has been stung, it will enter a coma. In said coma the creature will respond only to what seem to be the wishes of SCP-3844 itself. This usually consists of moving towards it in a manner that is slow and meandering. The stung creature will then jump partially into one of the openings on the side of SCP-3844. At this point the specimens of SCP-3844-1 will begin to [REDACTED] the creature until the creature expires. The corpse of the creature will then begin to [REDACTED] until it becomes an extra part of the nest. Tests on this phenomenon have determined that there is no tissue of this creature present in SCP-3844 after this.

Aquisition Report: SCP-3844 was discovered in █████████, Germany after reports of disappearances of many people around a particular section of woodland. Further examination of this woodland revealed the discovery of SCP-3844. The aversion to Osmium was discovered when Doctor ███████ had only his fountain pen on him when he walked into a room when Researcher ██████ was running a test on a specimen of SCP-3844-2. The specimen behaved as described above. A breakdown of the chemical elements in the fountain pen revealed that specimens of SCP-3844-1 and SCP-3844-2 have an aversion to Osmium and a lesser so aversion to pen ink.