Papa Stalin
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Subject must be contained in a tungsten, preferably titanium depleted uranium reinforced Faraday cage, (minimum measurements 2x2x4, maximum measurements 6x6x6). The containment area must be kept at 293K to prevent the SCP taking advantage of the effect temperature has on the materials the Faraday cage is made from. The cage must be constantly electrified at at least 200 volts, with the voltage being increased in the case of the cage being damaged but not requiring repair. SCP-XXXX is not allowed any kind of communication device, or any materials/components that may be used to create one. SCP-XXXX May only be granted access to a computer that meets the above requirements only with the approval of at least two (2) Level 4 personnel.

Transport Requirements
This SCP is NOT to be transported anywhere unless the suit is fully immobilised and disabled, and escorted by at least 2 level 4 personnel, and 3 neutralisation squads. This SCP must also be kept at temperatures between -293 and -333 Kelvin during transport, to force it to expend extra energy on temperature regulation, which gives the impression that it is cold-blooded. This is not relevant to it’s treatment as a threat-if the temperature is brought back to room temperature, it will instantly respond. It must also be forced to wear a high voltage electric collar that at least two of it’s Level 4 personnel escorts must each have a remote for.

SCP-XXXX is a 3.2m tall humanoid. It appears to be a kind of soldier, wearing armour that is approximately 2cm thick, and conforms to it’s body shape. The armour has no seams or moving parts, but still allows SCP-XXXX to move with ease. It was found in a 5x5x6 crater at Site-█.
It speaks with a deep, guttural voice, and claims to be male, but not human. Both shoulders of this SCP have ellipsoid ‘computers’. The upper back area of the armour appears to be reinforced, but on closer inspection contains what appears to be a computer unit. The SCP claims that the computers house it’s tactical AI, data banks, and an SI (SCP-XXXX-1). SCP-XXXX-1 does not speak, but it uses SCP-XXXX’s suit to communicate, sometimes just letting SCP-XXXX talk.
This SCP has some anomalies and several exotic materials have been found on it. It can take up to 120 000N of force and remain unharmed.

It’s armour is layered from outside to inside in the following order:
Layer 1- extremely tough alloy made from iron, carbon, and an unknown exotic material, 1cm thick.
Layer 2- an exotic liquid crystal that has incredible impact absorption and always maintains a temperature of -253°K, 6mm thick.
Layer 3- a strange 4mm thick goo with properties that point to it being first aid-excellent wound sealing abilities, aids healing and secretes a mono cellular organism remarkably similar yet different to human white blood cells, with the exception of being far more effective and actively seeking out pathogens, even if outside of the body.

It also carries a variety of devices and anomalous weapons:
-An assault rifle. Unknown make, has 6 clips of ammunition that somehow are refilled with ammunition as soon as another clip is put into the gun. The ammunition is made of an unknown element that is unaffected by gravity unless it’s velocity is under 2 m/s.
-A ‘U’ shaped device with a segment missing, and both prongs bent diagonally to join, but face forwards, both simultaneously firing a concentrated burst of pure energy. According to SCP-XXXX, the trigger is inside it’s thoughts. It also claims that the intensity varies from 1Kj to 40Tj, the intensity being selected by it using a form of telepathy-The suit is literally connected to his brain, and the weapons connect to his brain via the suit.
-A jet pack that it uses to move in any direction through the air, and to boost charges. Never runs out of fuel.
-A device that creates a 4cm thick layer of white energy around the body, which is transparent over the user but against anything else is an opaque white-blue. Can take up to 1 000 000N of impact, but lasts only 15 seconds after activation, unless deactivated by SCP-XXXX

Test 1

D-class personnel sent in to interview SCP-XXXX


Interviewee: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: D-1890

<Begin Log>

D-1890: H-hello?

SCP-XXXX: Hello.

D-1890: Uh, I come in peace.

D-1890: (Distressed) Please don’t kill me!
SCP-XXXX-1: (Communicating through suit speakers, location of speakers unknown) Relax. You’re obviously not one of those people imprisoning us in this place. Besides, he meant that he isn’t here willingly.
SCP-XXXX: Yes, but don’t let it distract you. We can focus on that afterwards. (To D-1890) What is the material that this room is made out of?
D-1890: Huh? Oh, concrete I guess. Probably reinforced.
SCP-XXXX: Huh. You reckon I could break out?
D-1890: Uhhh…Serious question? I have no idea how strong you are. Bet you could bust us out though!
Dr. ████: (Through intercom) D-1890! Do not encourage i-
(Sound of a chair scraping, and heavy-footed running. A large shattering sound and concrete shards hitting the ground is heard)
D-1890: Holy ██! It’s happening! I’m escaping!
Dr. ████: (Through intercom) Contain it! It must not escape!
(A large electric discharge can be heard)
<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-XXXX attempted to break out, but was immediately contained after accidentally encountering SCP-██. However, SCP-██ also attached a large storage device onto the computer on SCP-XXXX’s back, which seemed to already be filled with information-possibly data on the Foundation or the mind of SCP-██

‘That ████ should obviously be classed as a Euclid!’
~Dr. ███

Test 2

Testing SCP-XXXX’s combat abilities using a drone-rigged M4A2 Abrams.

SCP-XXXX took a direct hit from an AP shell, and remained unharmed. Observers saw energy engulf the shell upon impact, however the shell remained untouched. The SCP then proceeded to run directly at the tank, jump 6 metres into the air, and land on the tank’s front end. It buckled the depleted uranium armour inwards 6 centimetres, before proceeding to run to the back of the tank.
It then punched through the back of the tank, and took out two HE shells, one of which it threw at the tank from a short distance, and the other it threw at observers. The SCP then proceeded to attempt to escape, killing █ personnel. It was contained when it’s sheer weight caused the floor to cave in, into Generator-█. This temporarily paralysed SCP-XXXX, however it retained the ability to speak, and moved slightly. A quick analysis by an on-site team showed that SCP-XXXX’s suit weighs at least 2 tons, and is linked to SCP-XXXX’s brain, and that it only retained the ability to move it’s armour slightly through sheer muscular strength.

Test 3

Testing SCP-XXXX’s maximum strength and speed.

Materials provided:
-Reinforced concrete of varying thickness
-A straight 500m running track

N.B. This test was conducted in a secure underground facility with tungsten-steel reinforced concrete walls (1 metre thick)

The subject shattered reinforced concrete with one hit up to thickness of 1m It’s limit (with multiple strikes, some using the jet pack for a boost) was 5m. Beyond that, the SCP did not consider it ‘worth it’s time to keep jumping through hoops like a dog’. It then moved onto the running track. Unaided by the jet pack, it reached a top speed of 288m/s. With the jetpack’s help, it reached 432m/s. However, it continued past the track, smashing through the wall.

‘Lucky we were underground. The ███ would’ve gotten away faster than we could track it, let alone chase it. I’m just hoping that it really was going it’s fastest…’
~Dr. ███

‘All testing of SCP-XXXX will be suspended until further notice. We can not afford another containment breach. Non-compliance will result in immediate termination.’

SCP-XXXX is to be provided with the resources to play Tetris. It is also allowed to play the theme music at up to 30 decibels, but must be muted for at 6 consecutive hours or two periods of 3 consecutive hours for the sake of the mental health of all nearby personnel.

//‘That little ██ knows we hate that ███ music! How are we to play Minecr- err… do our work in peace?’
~Dr. ████