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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently kept in the Low-Danger-Items-Storehouse, within Site-██. Removal of the object requires Level 2 Clearance and completion of a psychological stability test. Breach of procedure is grounds for demotion.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a typical household mirror, one (1) meter in both width and height, composed of normal glass and with a wooden frame, however the artefact has a large crack in the top-left corner of the mirror following an incident during testing. It has withstood forces up to ██ newtons.

When a living being is viewed through the mirror, any action the being performs will be reflected with the sequence of time reversed. An example would be placing some paper on a table, writing on the paper, then leaving. The mirror would show the paper on the table, then the person erasing the writing on the paper with their pencil, then taking it and walking out of the room. Once the outcome of an event has been observed through SCP-XXXX, that event is 'locked in', and XXXX will act through various unknown mechanisms to prevent any interference. It is unknown if XXXX is doing this consciously.

Incident Log-01: 8/9/██, Dr. K█████ placed SCP-XXXX against a wall in the designated testing area. Researchers B███████ and Y██ were to observe the following experiment through the adjoined viewing room. Both Dr. B███████ and Dr. Y██ reported seeing Dr. K█████ in a pool of his own blood through SCP-XXXX, apparently having been terminated from [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon seeing his future self in the object, Dr. K█████ immediately erupted into a state of extreme anger, attacking the mirror, and causing a crack in the top-left corner, before collapsing to the floor in front of XXXX, clutching his wounded hand. Dr. K█████ then proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED], ultimately causing the wounds seen earlier in XXXX by Researchers B███████ and Y██, ending his life. This incident caused the test, with one (1) D-Class personnel, to be postponed until further notice.

Later examination of Dr. K█████'s recent personal life and questioning of those close to him found that the Researcher was mentally unstable and had been close to a mental breakdown. Following this, it was determined that all personnel wishing to view SCP-XXXX were to undergo mandatory psychoanalysis to ensure mental stability and prevent further incidents.

It seems that the images shown in SCP-XXXX of Dr K█████ seemingly caused the scene to occur in the first place. It is a topic of fierce debate between those assigned to XXXX whether this is a violation of causality or even a paradox.

Incident-Log 02: 23/9/██, Drs. C█████ and Y██, accompanied by assistant L████████, conducted an experiment to test the possibility of bypassing time-consuming calculations using SCP-XXXX. Dr. C█████ was to enter the testing area containing SCP-XXXX, a desk and a chair, solve a complex and long-winded mathematics problem and hold the completed solution up to the mirror. Dr. Y██ and assistant L████████ occupied the adjoining viewing room, situated so that they could clearly see Dr. C█████ through the mirror.
At the commencement of the experiment, Dr. Y██ and assistant L████████ observed Dr. C█████ walk backwards from the door to the desk, sit, wave in the direction of the viewing room and hold his solution up to the mirror. Dr. Y██ verified Dr. C█████'s answer and called an end to the experiment. Assistant L████████ reports that as soon as Dr. Y██'s finger touched the intercom button, her body fell limp, apparently paralysed. Assistant L████████ rushed to the testing room entrance but was similarly afflicted when he attempted to open the door. Several minutes later, Dr. C██████ completed and presented his solution, signalled to the viewing window and exited the testing room, finding Assistant L████████ still paralysed behind the door.

Neither Dr. Y██ nor assistant L████████ later recovered and medical examination showed them both to have suffered cerebral death following severe brain and nerve damage. It was theorised, and later proven by experiments with D-Class personnel, that these incidents were coordinated by SCP-XXXX to prevent tampering with completion of events observed through it and thereby avoid a possible time paradox. Potential sentience is theorised, though un-proven.