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Item #: SCP-3265 (subject to change)

This, as the first SCP I ever wrote, was an experiment. It will not be published, as I do not believe it to be salvageable so that it could meet the standards of this community. It will be kept archived here for historical reference until I have too many tabs and eventually have to remove it.

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No image, video, audio recording, or other potentially sensitive data of SCP-3265 is to be stored for more than 24 hours; a set of special-made SSD drives with an auto-formatting firmware are provided for the purpose of surveillance. All human subjects affected by SCP-3265 are to be monitored for abnormal behaviour. In the case of a total containment breach, protocol Zeta-8829 is to be enacted immediately.

SCP-3265 is to be kept in a comfortable humanoid containment cell at Site-█. None of the furniture in SCP-3265's cell may possess pointed corners that may prove threatening to the subject's well-being. All air and water pumped into SCP-3265's cell is to be filtered for any mild pathogens, toxic substances, dust, or otherwise potentially dangerous particles.

SCP-3265 is to be fed a healthy and constant diet of food determined by an on-site nutritionist. All food given to SCP-3265 is to be chemically tested for any dangerous substances beforehand. A Foundation psychiatrist is to be assigned to SCP-3265 for weekly meetings.

No deliberate harm is to be done to SCP-3265 under any circumstances, and, should a threat arise, all means deemed necessary are to be utilized to their fullest potential to prevent the death of SCP-3265.

Description: SCP-3265 is currently an 11 year old male child weighing 34.4kg at a height of 151cm. SCP-3265 appears to be aware of his anomalous properties, though he has not proven to be have any control over them. No physical anomalous properties are evident.

Any individual observing SCP-3265, whether directly or through indirect means such as video, photograph, or audio, will become affected by SCP-3265. Affected subjects, (hereby referred to as SCP-3265-A), will begin to feel a sense of deep parental affection directed towards SCP 3265. SCP-3265-A subjects possess a high likelihood of becoming obsessive and paranoid over SCP-3265's well-being, seeking to protect SCP-3265 from perceived threats.

Often, such threats perceived by SCP-3265-A subjects are either grossly exaggerated (such as concerns that SCP-3265 may trip and die from hitting his head against the corner of a table), or completely nonsensical (such as concerns about the air being poisoned or the concrete floor caving in). It is currently unknown whether this effect is inherent to SCP-3265 itself as some sort of defense mechanism, or if it is the result of subconscious associations made by affected subjects in order to defend themselves.

If any kind of harm is done to SCP-3265, it is instantaneously "reflected" onto all SCP-3265-A. For example, any lesion, laceration, or fracture suffered by SCP-3265 will also manifest itself among all SCP-3265-A subjects.

No limit to this effect is currently known. No maximum range or maximum number of possible SCP-3265-A subjects has been determined, and there appears to be no upper threshold to the damage that can be transmitted through SCP-3265. It is presumed that if SCP-3265 were to expire, all SCP-3265-A subjects would expire as well.