Parisytic 1st SCP
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Item #: SCP-3274

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3274 is to be contained in a 3m x 3m x 4m room with a keypad locked access door. SCP-3274 is not to be removed from containment apart from routine bi-anual refurbishing. No more than 1 (one) person is to sit on SCP-3274 at a time, apart from testing approved by Site Director ████.

Description: SCP-3274 is a household couch made by ████ Manufacturers. The cushions are made of a green polyester-cotton blend fabric, foam filling, and steel springs. The frame of the couch is covered with the same fabric, but has no inner frame made of wood or the like. When cut open, the inside is revealed to be hollow. The couch shows no anomalous properties if only one person is sitting on the couch. However, if two or more people sit on the couch, their physical states switch, though it is not clear wether the conscience, nerve endings, or "soul" is transferred between bodies. When sitting on the couch, noted transfers are: pain, sickness, sexual pleasure, temperature, wind, soaking, death, etc. When removed from the couch, subjects' physical state and feeling will return to the respective owner. The process of returning can take anywhere from 2 seconds to ███ hours, depending on the size and number of injuries. This process has been described as extremely painful for both parties. Subjects are often confused when first sitting on the couch, as the visual stimuli do not match the physical stimuli. The couch will not exhibit anomalous properties with two people if: one of the subjects is dead, the subjects are different sexes, or a subject is not fully sitting on SCP-3274.

Test A: 2 (two) D Class personnel were instructed to sit on SCP-3274. One D Class was given a small cut on the hand, yielding a response from the other D Class. When instructed to stand up, both D Class reeled in pain, with the pain of the cut D Class lasting 16 seconds longer than the untouched D Class.

Test B: 2 (two) D Class personnel were instructed to sit on SCP-3274. One D Class was already infected with food induced gastroenteritis (food poisoning) causing severe stomach pain. Upon sitting down, the non-infected D Class began complaining of stomach pain similar to that of the infected D Class, while the infected D Class stopped complaining of the aforementioned immediately. Standing up, again, resulted in pain, lasting longer in the originally infected.

Test C: 3 (three) D Class personnel were instructed to sit on SCP-3274, known as D-1, D-2, and D-3 for this test. D-1 was given a small cut on the hand, resulting in a reaction from D-2. A cut on the hand of D-2 resulted in a reaction from D-1. A cut on the hand of D-1 resulted in a reaction from D-3. Subjects were instructed to stand up, get their bearings, and sit back down. A cut given to D-3 resulted in a reaction from D-1. A cut given to D-1 resulted in a reaction from D-3. When D-2 was cut, he reacted normally, and did not experience any pain in standing up.

Test D: 2 (two) D Class personnel were instructed to sit on SCP-3274. Once both were seated, one of the subjects was killed by gunshot to the head, resulting in the other subject to fall limp and stop breathing. Once the corpse was removed, it began exhibiting signs of life and the shot D Class fell limp and died. The revived D Class experirenced pain, as he described, "Like a red hot knife being shoved through your head, all while conscious and aware." When questioned about the experience of death, the subject would only vocalize words from his previous statement. Subject commited suicide 2 hours after questioning. The words, "Too much pain," written at least 3 times on each wall in blood. Time from revival to death shows █ hours of pain. This likely isnt the maximum time. Further testing suspended.