Parisytic 2nd SCP
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Item #: SCP-4978

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4978 is to be kept in a 5 m/5 m/5 m room with an observation window and a 2 inch steel door, locked by a Site █ ID scanner and keypad. SCP-4978 clearance is only to be given to Class 3 or higher personnel. SCP-4978 is to be considered neutralized if within 10 m of an electric guitar, and one should be kept in the containment chamber at all time. The guitar is to be inspected monthly for problems with the tuning and string quality, and should be replaced or fixed as necessary.

Description: SCP-4978 is a speaker made to be used with an electric guitar. Upon observation, no brand is to be found anywhere on the body or parts of SCP-4978, and seens to require np external power source. Anomalous properties of SCP-4978 are observed when a guitar is not plugged into the only jack present on the body of the speaker and a living subject is within 10 m and line of sight of the speaker. When these conditions are met, said subject will begin to move closer to SCP-4978 until they are an arm's length away. Upon reching this position, the subject will begin to look around the room for an electric guitar, and will pick up and use any present electric guitar within 10 m of SCP-4978. If no guitar is present, the subject will use whatever means necessary to cut open its arm up to the shoulder, then proceed to pull out its tendons until they can be plucked like strings on an instrument. If an auxillery adapter is available, the subject will plug one end into the speaker, and the other into the palm of the arm they've opened, and proceed to play. If there is no asapter, the subject will do whatever necessary to make its finger into the shape of a jack, and insert it into the opening. Once plugged in by whatever means, the subject will begin to strum a random well known rock and roll song for as long as possible. Being under the influence of SCP-4978 has no effect on physical limits, however, and the subject will die of exanguination at a normal rate if they cut open their arm. When atempts are made to remove the subject from the vicinity of SCP-4978, the subject will react violently, using amy means, including destruction of a guitar, to neutralize threats to its "play session." These "play sessions" will last until the subject expires or is taken away from SCP-4978 by force. Once out of a 10 m range, the subject will calm down, but will have strong urges to return to the speaker. Upon re-entering the effective range of SCP-4978, the properties exerted under the first influence will come back, but Class A amnestics will remove the urges. SCP-4978 has been observed to affect multiple people at once, but only the closest person will have the aforementioned effects. Any others present will ignore what is happening until the music starts playing, at which point they will begin to damce and comment on the quality of the song until it ends. If the first affected expires, the closest subject to SCP-4978 will inherit dimilar effects to the first affected subject, but will use the deceased body as a guitar instead of themselves.

Addenda: While the song played by subjects affected by SCP-4978 is random, the songs played can be narrowed down. If using a guitar signed by a famous guitarist, the subject will only play songs played by that artist.