The Albino

Item #: SCP-3364

Object class: Keter

Special containment procedures: SCP-3364 is to be contained in a single room cell with a transparent wall on one side. The cell is to be capable of being hermetically sealed and should lie at the centre of a building 600m below the ground, also capable of being hermetically sealed. Entry into SCP-3364’s cell is forbidden except with approval by the O5 council.

All on site staff members are to wear hazmat suits at all times.

High intensity ultraviolet lamps are to be set up all around the building and in SCP-3364’s cell. They are to be switched off, except in the case of Event 3364-α, and maintenance of these lamps should be carried out one at a time.

In an occurrence of Event 3364-alpha, the ultraviolet lamps are to be activated immediately and all hermetic seals are to be activated.

All lamps are to remain on until 10 minutes after Event 3364-α has ceased. After this time, SCP-3364 is to be supplied with self-administered treatment for radiation burns.

Any staff testing positive for SCP-3364-1 (see description) are to be placed in quarantine and any dead are to be incinerated.

Attempts by staff to leave the premises:
• During Event 3364-alpha;
• After Event 3364-alpha without clearance by leading official on site; or
• While testing positive for SCP-3364-1.
will be met with immediate termination.

Following the incident described in Addendum 3364b, no physical harm is to be inflicted upon SCP-3364 under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-3364 is an albino Caucasian male of ██ years of age. The subject is compliant with all containment procedures and has shown no hostility towards researchers. The majority of the time, SCP-3364 is harmless.

However, on occasion, SCP-3364 will undergo a process referred to as “Event 3364-alpha”, which proceeds as follows:
1. SCP-3364 will experience a seizure.
2. At this time, clear liquid will leak out of its mouth, nose and ears which has been revealed to be
a suspension of a previously undiscovered bacterium (hereafter referred to as SCP 3364-1).
Testing has shown it to break down when exposed to intense ultraviolet radiation.
3. The air surrounding SCP-3364 rapidly becomes contaminated with SCP-3364-1.
4. Event 3364-alpha will last for approximately 30 minutes, after which seizures will cease. At this
time, SCP-3364 will show signs of distress at what happened but will otherwise be unharmed.

Event 3364-alpha is estimated to occur an average of once every 24 days, though attempts to predict the onset of Event 3364-alpha has proven unsuccessful even by SCP-3364 itself.

Mandating hazmat suits, as well as activating ultraviolet lights and hermetically sealing SCP-3364’s cell during Event 3364-alpha, are believed to reduce infection rates significantly. What few infections occur under these circumstances are often a combination of defective hazmat suits and late application of hermetic seals and ultraviolet lights. Permission to test the infection rates without these protocols in a controlled environment has been denied.

Infected subjects (hereafter referred to as SCP-3364-2) will experience hallucinations which have been described by every infected subject to involve SCP-3364 begging them to "save him". As the hallucinations become more vivid, the begging reportedly becomes increasingly desperate. After approximately five days, subjects still capable of coherent speech will claim that a deformed, mutilated version of SCP-3364 is attacking them while still begging for help, and the actions of all infected subjects at this time are consistent with such a hallucination. All instances of SCP-3364-2 have self-terminated within 23 days of infection or made a request to be terminated by Foundation staff, presumably out of extreme psychological distress.

Addendum 3364a: Recovery Log

SCP-3364 was discovered on 03/██/20██ in a rural home in ██████, England by local authorities investigating the disappearance of Mrs █████ ███████, a teacher at the community primary school. Foundation staff moved in to investigate possible anomalous activity when police sent to the home did not return after several days.

The bodies of five police officers and of ███████ were found in a shallow grave on the back garden, the causes of death believed to be different methods of suicide. All of these bodies tested positive for traces of SCP-3364-1 but were not contagious. Following an interview with SCP-3364, after which the subject was understood to be a biohazard, it was taken into custody and quarantined until current containment procedures could be developed and refined.

Addendum 3364b: Incident Log

12:48, 10/██/20██: At this time, SCP-3364 made a failed attempt to self-terminate by breaking one of the ultraviolet lamps in its cell and using the glass to cut its wrists. 20 seconds after this, clear liquid was observed seeping from the wounds of the now unconscious subject in addition to blood, after which special containment procedures in response to Event 3364-alpha were applied. This continued until the wound healed 10 minutes later.

An hour after this event, ██ members of personnel began showing symptoms of SCP-3364-1, all of whom died less than ten days later.

Notably, hazmat suits of the infected personnel showed signs of corrosion. Testing has confirmed that the strain of SCP-3364-1 released during this incident has the ability to pass through Foundation hazmat suit materials, damaging the material in the process. This quality has not been observed in the typical strain of SCP-3364-1. Its breakdown response to ultraviolet radiation is also slower than

Every following incident of Event 3354-alpha has caused the release of the typical strain of SCP-3364-1.

After recovering from its attempt, SCP-3364 was informed of what had transpired. The subject showed extreme distress and guilt at this, proceeding to curl up into a fetal position, stare at the floor of its cell and not move for several hours. Following this incident, SCP-3364 has made no further suicide attempts.

Researcher notes: “Though tragic in both its circumstances and its results, this incident serves to highlight a potential danger in attempting to terminate SCP-3364 or otherwise neutralising its anomalous effects. The subject could very well be more of a threat dead than alive. I would therefore recommend that all proposals for action of this nature be put on hold until the true nature of SCP-3364’s anomalous effects are better understood. I believe that, as long as we all do our jobs properly, and SCP-3364 continues to cooperate, current containment procedures will be adequate.” -Dr ███████ ████