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Item #: SCP-3364

Object class: Keter

Special containment procedures: SCP-3364 is to be contained in a single room cell capable of being hermetically sealed at the centre of a building 600m below the ground.

All on site staff members are to wear hazmat suits at all times.

High intensity ultraviolet lamps are to be set up all around the building and in SCP-3364’s cell. They are to be switched off, except in the case of Event 3364-α, and maintenance of these lamps should be carried out one at a time.

In an occurrence of Event 3364-α, the ultraviolet lamps are to be activated immediately and the cell is to be hermetically sealed. The lamps are to remain on until 10 minutes after Event 3364-α has ceased. After this time, SCP-3364 is to be treated for radiation burns.

Any staff testing positive for SCP-3364-1 (see description) are to be placed in quarantine and any dead are to be incinerated.

Attempts by staff to leave the premises:
• During Event 3364-α;
• After Event 3364-α without clearance by leading official on site; or
• While testing positive for SCP 3364-1.
will be met with immediate termination.

Description: SCP-3364 is an albino Caucasian male of ██ years of age and significantly above average intelligence. The object is compliant with all containment procedures and has shown no hostility towards researchers. The majority of the time, the object is harmless, often reading the books in its room or playing video games.

However, on occasion, SCP-3364 will undergo a process referred to as “Event 3364-α”, which proceeds as follows:

1. SCP-3364 will experience a seizure.

2. At this time, clear liquid will leak out of its mouth, nose and ears which has been revealed to be a suspension of a previously undiscovered bacterium (hereafter referred to as SCP-3364-1). Testing has shown it to break down when exposed to intense ultraviolet radiation.

3. The air surrounding SCP-3364 rapidly becomes contaminated with SCP-3364-1.

4. Event 3364-α will last for approximately 30 minutes, after which seizures will cease. At this time, SCP-3364 will show signs of distress at what happened but will otherwise be unharmed.

Event 3364-α is estimated to occur an average of 1 every 24 days, though attempts to predict the onset of Event 3364-α has proven unsuccessful even by SCP-3364 itself.

Infected subjects (hereafter referred to as SCP-3364-2) have been shown to be contagious, though rates of infection are closer to that of a typical pathogenic disease. SCP-3364-2 will experience chest pains, among other minor symptoms, which gradually become more severe as the infection progresses. 81% of SCP-3364-2 cases have died as a result of the infection, usually in eight days: autopsy has shown the cause of death to be [DATA EXPUNGED]. The remaining 19% were terminated at their own request. Though cases of SCP-3364-2 have survived, this is astronomically rare.

With current containment procedures, an average of █% of personnel become infected with SCP-3364-1. For reasons currently unknown, though mandating hazmat suits and hermetically sealing SCP-3364’s cell during Event 3364-α are believed to reduce infection rates significantly, they do not completely prevent infection outside the object’s cell. Permission to test the infection rates without these protocols in a controlled environment has been denied.

Addendum 3364a: Recovery Log

The following Log has been constructed following interviews with SCP-3364, Dr ████ ██████ and Foundation researchers who acquired the object. After the interview, Dr ██████ was terminated by their own request.

SCP-3364 was discovered in a farmhouse in [DATA EXPUNGED], Italy at the centre of a quarantine zone by an infectious disease team led by Dr ██████ attempting to control what was described to the public as an outbreak of MRSA. Upon further investigation, the bodies of a ██ year old woman and two children of █ and ██ years of age were found in shallow graves on the back garden. Autopsy revealed they had died of [DATA EXPUNGED], much like the disease victims in the quarantine area.

SCP-3364 was taken into custody by the infectious disease team and held at [DATA EXPUNGED] until, after 12 days, Event 3364-α occurred for a second time. Foundation researchers were called to the area 3 days later when nobody in the research team responded to messages from authorities. They found SCP 3364 surrounded by researchers under the influence of SCP-3364-1. SCP-3364 stated that it “somehow did this”, explaining how researchers started becoming very ill a while after it had the seizure and how this was the same as how its wife and children had become ill. SCP-3364 was promptly taken into custody with no resistance.

Fortunately, containment procedures were developed before Event 3364-α occurred again, which were since revised until current containment procedures were developed 5 months later.