Yet Another SCP idea
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX Is to be located at SIte-88 at all times. In case of breach, do not panic, and gently remind SCP-XXXX that Dr. Clover will be displeased with It If It continues to stay outside of the containment courtyard. SCP-XXXX Is to be contained In a 10’x10’ courtyard open to the sky while being restrained to a bed at all times other then testing. It’s bed must be able to be rotated vertically for feeding. 3 times a day, SCP-XXXX Is to be moved by authorized medical facility members so ulcers do not develop on It. Access to SCP-XXXX Is to be limited to Dr. Clover and other level 4 researchers. There must be at all times no less than 4 guards In four separate observational courtyards with bullet proof glass and gun slits aimed at the containment courtyard. Access to the containment courtyard Is through a steel door In one of the observational courtyards.


SCP-XXXX Is a teenage male of Caucasian decent around the age of 18. SCP-XXXX has light blond shoulder length hair and violet eyes. SCP-XXXX Is of fit build despite a state of near constant Inactivity. CP-XXXX Is also missing Its tongue. SCP-XXXX Is able to transport itself and any non-living organic material It Is carrying at the time to any room SCP-XXXX has been In before instantaneously, as long a SCP-XXXX Is In a room beforehand. The specific definition for a room as shown by testing Is a roofed area with at least four (4) walls. Each wall may have an opening no larger than one third of the wall at any time. There must also be a physical floor to stand on. The roof and floor also follow the rule above for holes. Furthermore, SCP-XXXX has knowledge of all activities in rooms SCP-XXXX has previously been in. However, when outside of a room as defined above, SCP-XXXX functions the same as a person afflicted with tetraplegia and cannot move from room to room. SCP-XXXX can still comprehend what Is happening In each room while it is like this however. Because of this SCP-XXXX has Current Knowledge of, and access to, at least 74% of SIte-88 as well as several unknown locations.

Addendum XXXX-1: History

SCP-XXXX was found on ██/██/██ In ████, Canada after agents were alerted to a potential anomaly after several Internet videos where posted online with surveillance footage showing SCP-XXXX enter locked buildings and cover several objects In blood from an unknown source, before leaving. Agent tracked down SCP-XXXX at Its residence In the middle of the night. Upon entering the building, several agents were stabbed repeatedly. The agents not currently In the house at the time called for backup, and the surrounding neighborhood was placed In quarantine. SCP-XXXX was shot through a window with a tranquilizer and retrieved, before being moved to SIte-88 for testing. Dr. Clover entered this project after the 6th containment breach, however the near constant sedation caused SCP-XXXX to be confused, moving only to other rooms In the same building allowing for rapid re-containment. Upon seeing Dr. Clover, SCP-XXXX stated, while having no tongue, ”a devil, an elder god, and now you. What do you command?” DR. Clover, in a display of levelheadedness, stated that SCP-XXXX must stay contained at all times. SCP-XXXX proceeded go to the nearest room to an exit to the outside, and state Its weaknesses, before sitting down. Containment has been built around these weaknesses. Several Interviews where held, on the origin of SCP-XXXX, and It’s goals.

Addendum XXXX-2:Interviews

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. A████████████

Foreword: Before proper containment methods where developed, SCP-XXXX Is Interviewed on Its origins and Its actions

<Begin Log>

Dr. A████████████: SCP-XXXX, how did you gain your abilities, and why are you using them to kill others?

SCP-XXXX: I was tricked by a devil, lead astray by a false god, and am trying to find Them.

Dr. A████████████: can you explain more on this Them entity you are searching for?
SCP-XXXX: they are my king. They are my queen. They told me this. They are of 4, and of two, and they are luck and they are hardship and they are victory and they are defeat. They are old, and they are young.
Dr. A████████████: who is they?
SCP-XXXX:I just said who they are.
Dr. A████████████: do they have a name?

<End Log,>

Closing Statement: [SCP-XXXX broke containment, killing 3 scientists using a steak knife from one of the break rooms SCP-XXXX had broken Into at an earlier point In time. The blood of the corpses was used to draw a crude diamond, spade and heart.]

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. Clover

Foreword: Dr. Clover Is attempting to get further Information from SCP-XXXX, as It will no longer speak to other Researchers.

<Begin Log>
Dr. Clover: hello, SCP-XXXX, tell me about your past.
SCP-XXXX:the Important bits, or everything.
Dr. Clover: the Important bits, please.
SCP-XXXX: when I was 10, I asked for pure happiness from a man who looked like my dad. I knew it was not my dad, as he was behind me, with his hand on my shoulder, but the man In front of me looked like him. He pulled out a piece of paper from his desk, scribbled out a few words, told me what It said, and I accepted. My father instantly fell dead, along with anyone related to me by at least great grandparents. But I knew what I had to do. (SCP-XXXX looks vacantly for a while at the wall)
Dr. Clover:what did you have to do?
SCP-XXXX: I had to walk. I walked so, so far, and I came to a big house… (SCP-XXXX starts to cry.)
Dr. Clover: Its ok, do want to continue?

SCP-XXXX: It’s ok. I came up to a big house, and It had, on Its door, 3 symbols. The heart, the club, and the diamond. I entered, as I knew, that Is what I must do. Upon entering, I headed to the basement, and found a hole In an altar. I cut off my tongue, and placed It In the altar. Pain flooded me. I don’t know how long It hurt, days, weeks, I did not need to eat, or drink, but finally, It stopped. I knew I had to walk outside; I walked outside 7 years older than when I made the deal, I don’t know where the years went, but, I knew, I knew, was enlightened. I exited, and instantly collapsed. I lay there, until, at some point, I felt myself being dragged by someone. I knew It was Madame Diamond. I was placed In one of those fancy wheelchairs, and we parted ways. Then, I knew, I knew I had to come here, so I caught the attention, of this damned foundation, for you. (SCP-XXXX Is now in hysterics and must be sedated)
<End Log]>

Closing Statement: Dr. Clover has been analyzed and has had several voluntary tests run on their person. There has been no anomalous activity detected.