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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Pending Classification

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to remain in its specially-designed enclosure: an avian holding cell affixed with a Scranton Reality Anchor. Regular feedings and cleanings of its cell have been authorized.

Description: SCP-4000 refers to an agendered instance of Ensifera ensifera1 with numerous physical deformities including:

  • Polycephaly, with the other head being completely functional and independent from the other. (Independent classification has been deemed unnecessary.)
  • Patches of unpigmented flesh on the rear and left sides of its body, consistent with Achromasia.
  • Severe deformation of both its rostrums characterized by extreme structure curvatures and the appearance of thorn-like appendages on its surface. Their functionality is apparently unhindered.
  • Multiple perforations surrounding their proximal rostrums that act as additional nostrils.
  • An apparatus within the flesh behind its right wing that possesses a compatibility with USB Type-C connections. Through X-Ray imaging, this apparatus is noted to be connected to every organ within SCP-4000. Attempts to exchange electronic information through this medium have proven unsuccessful as it possesses a significant degree of anomalous encryption.

In addition to its physical deformities, SCP-4000 possesses a significantly lowered Hume level compared to its surrounding reality. Analysis using a Hyperetascope2 shows that SCP-4000 holds a universal signature that differs from the one of this universe, and thus, is experiencing progressive destabilization. At the moment, this instability manifests as periodic disappearances of SCP-4000 and the spontaneous generation of pockets of non-reality in the area surrounding it.

Research Note: Research pertaining to SCP-4000's apparatus has been assigned to a joint team comprised of the Department of Thaumaturgy and the Department of Communication, hereby designated as Project Ensifera. Due to current time restrictions, it has been granted Mojave Orange priority. Relevant information will be added into this file as it becomes available.