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Item #: SCP-3272

Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3272 requires very little overwatch and can be stored in a regular weapon locker. It is to be kept unloaded and it is forbidden to store compatible ammunition in the same storage unit.
Description: The item resembles an FN M1903 pistol, altough there are no markings (such as a serial number, a proof mark or trademark) that would confirm the date or place of its manufacture.
The firearm is chambered in 9x20 mm Browning cartridge and can be fed with the same magazines as a regular M1903.

When the item is fired by a mechanical contraption or the shooter has no particular target in mind, SCP-3272 handles like a regular firearm, sending a bullet at a high velocity from its barrel on a straight trajectory. However, when the subject firing the weapon intends to hit a specific object, the projectile, instead of being propelled forward from the barrel, disappears through unknown means and materialises in the vicinity (from 8 to 14 centimetres) of the target and heading in its direction, causing a direct collision with same effects as a regular bullet. Additional testing has proven that the gun can "seek" its targets even without a direct line of sight or when the intended target is moving.

Additional notes: SCP-3272 was brought to the Foundation's attention in 2009 after Thomas Munroe, an amateur gunsmith and self-proclaimed paranormal investigator from Idaho posted a video on his Youtube channel ███████, describing the abnormal qualities of the weapon. The video was almost immediately taken down from the website, while Munroe himself has been interrogated by the SCP. Munroe had found the item at a yard sale along with other props from a derelict travelling circus called "Club Sabretooth's Amazing Ensemble" and further research connected the weapon with "The Colonel" - a gunslinger who performed his acts with the circus in late 1920's. The identity of this performer remains unknown, but several posters from that era depict "The Colonel" as a middle-aged Caucasian male dressed in a US Army officers uniform.
Thomas Munroe has been recruited into the Foundation as a Class C researcher
It has been suggested several times tore-classify SCP 3272 as a Thaumiel object, but the administrative decision is still pending.