Perfect assassin

Class: Euclid*

Special Contain Producers
SCP 5000 is impossible to contain by the foundation. However, by using website {REDACTED} here by referred to as SCP 5000-A it is possible to contact SCP 5000. At the current moment it is believe that SCP 5000-A is the only way to come into contact with SCP 5000. In order for SCP 5000 to be never contacted by the general public a web analyze is assign to constantly hiding and deleting any link to SCP 5000-A with a success rate 73%. SCP 5000 is not to be contact without a LVL 4 Personnel approval and a signature.

SCP 5000 is a male at a height of 180cm, while no other details are known to the Foundation. Due to SCP 5000 always wearing a black coat while having its face being cover. SCP 5000 is in all respects the perfect assassin. In all instance SCP 5000 is available to terminate anyone that Client wishes when a request is enter into SCP 5000-A. Termination will occur with one month time after request is accept.

In order to make a request a name and picture of said target hereby designated as SCP 5000-1 is needed. The name can be a codename as long the client believes the name is correct. Depending on the difficulty of termination of SCP 5000-1 will effected the cost that SCP 5000 demands. It’s also believe that depending of the important of SCP 5000-1 can also effect the cost, though this is yet to be prove. The cost can range from 3000 USD to 200,000 USD. There have been several test in order to obtain said average. The payment will be remove from client’s bank account until full amount is paid. There are no trace of where the wire transfer goes besides for the decrease in the account. If full amount is not paid by a month time said Client will then turn into an instance of SCP 5000-1 or the evidence will be focus on client as the one responsible for the termination.

If the client so wishes they can give SCP 5000 extreme complicate which SCP 5000 will agree with for an increase to cost. It is to believe that several murders that occurred and are believe to be cause by SCP 5000 accepting a request. However, this can’t be proven since any termination carry out by SCP 5000 is not anomalous in nature unless was specified in requested.

SCP 5000 was discovered by the Foundation when a D-Class 79546 was terminated at Site [REDACTED]. The D Class was in their cell when he was terminated. The termination happen during a false containment breach. Security guard was wen to D Class 79546 due to no life signs being received. By the time security arrived to D Class 79546 cell, he was already dead. However, the scene was interesting to say the least. The D Class was kill by single stab to the heart and his blood was use to write “Revenge for My Daughter” on the wall. It was then discover on a security camera of a Man matching SCP 5000 appearance leave D Class 79546 cell. The footage was soon corrupt, possible by an effect caused by SCP 5000.

When it looked into the D Class past it was shown that he was convicted of rape and murder of a [REDACTED] and was sent to life in prison. We look farther into a located her Father for a possible lead. It was then discovered That *** Richard was the client to SCP 5000. He was contain by the foundation and questioned for Interview please go to interview 5000-1.

Interviewer was Dr. Zilch and Interviewed *** Richard


“Okay have a few question for you Mr.Richard”


“Don’t worry weren’t the cops, we just want to know how you hired the hitman”
“I knew I was going to be caught but … if I tell you, you need to protect me from him it was in the deal that if told everyone he would kill me.”

“We promise we are here to protect you so tell me what happen and how you hire a hitman to terminated [REDACTED]”

“As you know he killed my daughter and after I knew he wouldn’t get the death penalty I wanted him to die even more. Then about month ago, I was on Facebook and click on the link to one of those stupid quiz. Then it lead me to a website that had one a single sentence “Who do you want to kill”. I then just filled it in think I was nothing. I need to vent that sicko ….”
“I understand your rage Mr.Richard but I need you to continue. What happen next?”

“After I fill out everything it said cost would be 90000 USD. I agree and that was it didn’t notice anything different until I check my Bank account about 2 days ago and saw I was broke. I thought someone stole my money but then a letter was at my door.”

“Did you give the hitman you address?”

“No all I did was what I said. I read the letter and it said job done with a picture of that bastard. I’m not sorry for what I did that bastard deserved to die”

“… That is all guards go ahead take Mr. Richard and thank you for time”
*Security took Mr.Richard away*

“I want to state for that I want Mr. Richard to be receive B Class Amnestic and place in his local jail on the premise of public intoxication. In my opinion this choice available”

Ending statement
We need to continue research into SCP 5000 we need to obtain an interview with it. As of now we have fail in either capture SCP 5000 several times when we perform a test with 4 SCP 5000-1. At best we have one blurry image of SCP 5000 that is referred to SCP 5000-B. SCP 5000-B need to watch at all time if SCP 5000 come to destroy it.