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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a 12 cm x 17 cm x 5 cm box composed of an antimony-lead alloy, which will be constructed on site under the supervision of research team Centauri-3 the currently assigned research team per week. The sides of the container will be lined with a tungsten hydrogenated styrene-butadiene copolymer composite to reduce the advancements of ionization and corrosion. Inside a tantalum polypropylene traction pad will surround the perimeter of the box, which is to also be checked weekly for radioactive deterioration. Failure to do so will result in research team Centauri-3 the currently assigned research team to be removed from further interaction with SCP-XXXX. A larger portable containment cell, that detaches from the lower right and left corners will hold SCP-XXXX and its lock box.

In the act of experimenting, personnel are to follow Protocol Assur-4 strictly. Failure to do so will result in a behavior referral. When moving SCP-XXXX between sites, or during interactions with ongoing experiments, all personnel should be equipped with specially designed hazmat suits issued by the Foundation. These suits are to be composed of lead free composite materials (mostly tantalum, and bismuth) to produce a cost effective, lightweight design. A custom 370E Articulated Dump Truck will carry the portable containment cell between sites should the action be permitted.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an accumulated mass of an unknown material that is yet to be identified. Anomalous properties manifest in a special ionizing radiation that is constantly emitted from SCP-XXXX. This radiation is incredibly destructive in comparison with its normal counterpart, in that it degrades materials, and organisms at a much faster rate.

Subjects that are affected by SCP-XXXX usually began to decay after 2-3 minutes of exposure, though the time is only speculated. Subjects portray 3rd degree burns in the affected area, causing the hypo dermis as well as other connective tissues of the skin to start to peel off. This process is painful, but is only proportionate for the amount of time exposed. Continued exposure to SCP-XXXX beyond the 3 minute threshold will sometimes cause sudden deflagration, and rapid decay of cellular tissue. The eyes, skin, nose, and ears are completely decayed at this point, however blood vessels and muscle tissues will not be affected by the ionization process, and continue to work as function.

Radiation begins to center around the membranes of the cerebral cortex and other lobes, therefore these parts are quickly degraded and decay rapidly, similar to the skin. Membranes are pushed out into the spinal cord, and are out from the back of the body. The atomic structure of the cells within the meninges is totally annihilated in this process, allowing them to pierce through bones and muscle. In 37% of the victims that experience this procedure die.

PETs of the brain indicate that 93% of the brain is destroyed, all except the limbic systems, causing excessive rage and anger. Subjects that do manage to survive, are severed completely from all senses.

has been known since 19██, but has finally been contained in 20██. SCP-XXXX was discovered in Chernobyl, Ukraine when the Foundation began to aid the Soviet Union with the cleanup process of the explosions of Nuclear Reactor No. 4 within the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Station.

During routine liquidation, Patrol-4 uncovered an extremely radioactive mass of melted nuclear fuel, which garnered Foundation attention. Patrol-4 was given Class-C amnesics, and the radioactive mass was recovered by personnel. A fake cover-up was introduced, see CASE-34.

Physical characteristics of SCP-XXXX are similar to the texture of granite, but accompanied with a green hue, and weighs 2 kilograms.

SCP-XXXX anomalous properties begin to manifest when halogens, especially Chlorine, is chemically infused with SCP-XXXX's mass. The products of the chemical infusion can vary, but are to be classified. Below is a list of tests that occurred with the product produced being recorded when infusion ends.

Note: These tests were performed by research team Centauri-3, see Addendum-1-A.

Reactant Product
Flourine Highly radioactive substance, upon infusion Staff where diagnosed with advanced radiation poisoning. Within 4 hours of creation the product deteriorated into the base metal iron. No anomalous properties where perceived. Substance incinerated, and D-Class will be utilized.
Chlorine Upon initial infusion electric activity was recorded, resulting in a blinding flash. Staff in Observation-3 who did not where the Foundation's recommended eye-glass prescription were permanently blinded. D-Class within a 1.5 meter radius suffered from a small thermonuclear deflagration, causing one D-Class' face being [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-Class1 will no longer be used and observation windows will be reinforced with a chromium-tint.
Bromine Bio-Synthetic Arms were used to replicate average infusion process, however during the test, personnel noted that Camera-2, and Camera-6 where nonoperational. Surveillance Light-3 and Light-4 were malfunctioning during experiment, therefore the Bromine test was halted. Currently, it is undetermined what Bromine infusion could produce.
Iodine Bio-Synthetic Arms were used to replicate average infusion process, and upon infusion, a mucous like substance was produced over a course of 3 hours. The substance was deemed acidic on the pH level of 1. Arm-2B began to deteriorate at a alarming rate, Clean-up team 3 then incinerated Bio-Synthetic Arm-2B and the mucous substance.
Astatine D-Class
Dear Junior Researcher Sanchez, 

Due to increased spending, poor-budget performances, and the undocumented Astatine test
(which is against Protocol-2), research team Centauri-3 has currently been suspended from
any new operations. Dr. Benven, Head researcher of Centauri-3 has said that he would take
the blame for the blindness of Dr. Alven, and Dr. Saturs, and the destruction of Bio-Synthetic 
Arm-2B as well as the cost of new security parameters. Personally, I respect Dr. Benven's 
attitude towards this whole "situation", and disagree with his choice, but his punishment 
still lingers. Tomorrow the Ethics Committee, will converse and I think we all know what 
is going to happen. Just get Dr. Benven a meal he'll remember.    

-Site Director Lawrence