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The file you are attempting to access is restricted to personnel with Level 4/4495 clearance only. Please do not attempt to open the following documentation without approved clearance.

Item Number : SCP-4495

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4495 is to be contained in a small airtight room made of Vanta black nano-carbon alloy inside a well-lighten Chromium-layered Iron vacuum facility with industrial x-ray light emitters.

No excess light is to enter the vacuum facility during tests. Containment room and the outer layer facility are kept below freezing point. The monitoring crew together with their security cameras must be at least 3 meters away from the containment room.

Any assigned agent must have at least level 2 clearance to be allowed to reach the 10-meter security boundary. No personnel, except the founder and his/her administrators are allowed to enter beyond that security boundary, though it is highly discouraged for them to do so. The cameras to be used is to be made with high definition CROcore with X-ray capabilities and has all the parts be the same color as the container.

If ever a containment breach occurs, inform the site secretary immediately, initiate evacuation of the non-military staffs, and commencement of recapturing process. All assigned military personnel is to recapture the anomaly by surrounding the gas with Vanta Black Peltier coolers, to slow down its expansion.


SCP-4495 is a matter made of an unknown substance in gas form that gives amounts of pain, much higher than that of an average maximum human tolerance, when physically interacted with. This anomaly makes the subject in contact invisible (Exception only exists if the subject is colored in Vanta Black), and when contacted for at least 3 minutes, the subject becomes irreversibly intangible, losing all ability to interact with anything in our own universe.

Levels of pain have been recorded to be the same for all subjects.

The anomaly radiates its own type of light spectrum, which was discovered during the test in ████. This light, if it was able to be seen by human eyes, would shine at 100 times brighter than our sun.

SCP-4495 makes the temperature of the subject into literally incalculable due to its ability to make the latter's temperature into infinitely high and infinitely low at the same time, while draining all types of energy from the subject, including magical, potential, and kinetic energy in the time period of a few seconds, and thus strengthening its sadism.

It also disables the supernatural capabilities of the subject, if there are any. The anomaly's capability of energy absorption has no observable limit. It is able to insert pain in everything that is conscious, even those astral and mental consciousness, and intangible entities.

Addendum Ka.dg - 780

Testing Date: December 12, ████
Subject: Limitation testing for SCP-4495

Procedure: SCP-4495 will be was exposed to different non-living objects to know what its limits are and other information that can be gathered.

Results: SCP-4495 was not able to make things in Vanta-Black turn invisible, rather it makes them transparent though the process of being intangible still occurs.

Analysis: From the deduction from the results of this test, Site-[Data Redacted] originally has Vanta Black color in it. This is because of its color spectrum being different is weak for things in the said color to be invisible.