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The following file contains images and text that are censored, cropped, and digitally edited to negate cognitohazardous effects from the uncensored viewing of said media.

SENIOR RESEARCHER CRUSOE - Please hold your right index fingertip to the print scanner


Item #: SCP-XXXX
Oh! oh! My feet of fire! My burning feet of fire!
Object Class: Safe
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SCP XXXX, image cropped to be non-anomalous.

Special Containment Procedures:
winter will be here soon
SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a hermetically sealed, 35cm x 35cm x 15cm Foundation standard storage case. SCP-XXXX is to be periodically inspected for fingerprints, evidence of tampering or damage, and removal by a trained Class-D personnel, appointed by a staff member with Level-4 security clearance. Unless given written authorization from a staff member with Level-3 security clearance, the storage chamber where SCP-XXXX lies is to be armed with motion sensors and is considered a high-level priority in the event of the alarms being activated.


You will be guided.

SCP-XXXX is a Native American dream catcher of unknown origin. It matches no known tribes' designs, or construction materials. SCP-XXXX was recovered on 11/3/19██, in the town of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. SCP-XXXX was brought to the attention of Foundation agents after being discovered in the personal storage locker of convicted serial killer [REDACTED]. It's anomalous properties were discovered after the deputy who had handled SCP-XXXX reported experiences, consisting of dreams and urges to commit acts of rape, murder, and ███████████. After agents had administered class-A amnestics to those who had been affected, and terminated Deputy ████, SCP-XXXX was transferred to Site-118.
if you hear me you have a chance
SCP-XXXX has pieces of bone, teeth, and [REDACTED] interwoven inside the main spoke. DNA sampling has not revealed the origins of these materials. The outer spoke is composed of honey-locust wood, with the tree's native thorns wrapped around the main wheel with horsehair and elk sinew. A portion of semi-modern materials have been used in the construction process, such as industrial cord, superglue, and metal screws. It has these were to mend damages that had occured to SCP-XXXX during it's lifetime.
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The effects of SCP-XXXX are mind altering, and subtle. While indirect exposure, such as cropped or partial images, viewing from a distance, handling with physical safeguards, and the mention of SCP-XXXX and it's effects aren't enough to enable SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects, the following have been proven to begin the process.

  • Direct skin contact.
  • Viewing SCP-XXXX in it's whole.
  • Sleeping underneath SCP-XXXX as a dream catcher.

the others must live through you as you

the feet, you see, for the lust of wandering, and the eyes for the lust of beauty
The following is an interview conducted between Dr. Kilpatrick and D-91243, who began to suffer from SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects after directly handling SCP-XXXX without any form of contact protection.

Interviewed: [D-91243]

Interviewer: [Dr. Kilpatrick]

Foreword: [Resident Site 118 psychiatrist Dr. Kilpatrick was alerted to D-91243's affliction of SCP-XXXX's symptoms after confessing to Dr. Kilpatrick during a mandatory evaluation after directly handling SCP-XXXX. During this evaluation, several abnormalities consistent with exposure to SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects appeared. This is a recorded transcript of the post-evaluation interview.]

<Begin Log>
Dr. Kilpatrick: Can you tell me about these, odd dreams you've been having?
D-91234: Oh god, they're the fucking worst. Every night I go to bed and I'm just so █████, not because of [REDACTED], but it goes deeper. I want to [REDACTED] them. It's worse when other people are around.
Dr. Kilpatrick: And what happens when other people are around?
D-91243: The feelings get worse. I was in the women's restroom with D-█████, and I just was overcome with this need. I needed to grab her hair, and drive her skull into the fucking sink. Over and over. Until it cracked like an egg. Just so I can [REDACTED].
Dr. Kilpatrick: And this was… after your contact with SCP-XXXX?
D-91243: After. That's when I started to see it in my dreams. Not the dream catcher, the pale demon. He tells me that winter approaches, and I must be ready for the snowfall.
Researcher: D-91243, describe the pale demon.
D-91243: It wears an animal skull, and some old parka thing. Fur everywhere. Matted and stained. It has hate in it's eyes… Hey, Dr. Kilpatrick?
Dr. Kilpatrick: Yes, D-91243?
D-91243: It's not me. I don't want this. Any of this. It's the fucking beast. He's making me do this. Help me, please.
Dr. Kilpatrick: We're trying, D-91243.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: D-91243 was held in protective quarantine in Site-118 due to concerns raised after the interview. D-91243 was later ruled mentally unfit after attempting to chew off her own fingers.


Oh! oh! My feet of fire! My burning feet of fire! Oh! oh! This height and fiery speed!