Pestilence Bug

Item #: SCP-603-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-603-J Must be kept in a small cell with one window and a door on the right. Never open the door if SCP-603-J is near it. If in containment cell with SCP-603-J, wear gloves. If SCP-603-J bites you, you will be infected with pestilence. "SCP-603-J is important to me. The more it bites. the more i cure." SCP-049 states so thats why SCP-603-J must be handled with care. If SCP-603-J breaches, it's easy to get him back into his cell. Use a plastic cup and paper to get him back in his cell.

Description: SCP-603-J has a segmented body used for getting around in many places, thats why SCP-603-J has breached about ███ times in 20██. SCP-603-J has strong clingers at the end of it's feet so you cannot shake/take it off of your body very quickly. SCP-603-J was able to use it's wings to fly until 9-29-2018. It uses it's wings to glide across rooms now.


SCP-603-J isn't allowed to come in contact with SCP-0002-J, SCP-0002-2-J, SCP-999, or SCP-049. SCP-603-J will most likely be able to come in contact with SCP-049 soon because its like the SCP-999 dedicated to SCP-049. SCP-049 says that he uses SCP-603-J to practice making a cure

SCP-603-J is extremely dangerous unless you have a suit covering your whole body. If you get bit, you will have pestilence until you get cured, so you basically will have pestilence until you ███. SCP-603-J's type of pestilence takes 50 years to ████ you so if you are infected by SCP-603's pestilence at a young age, you'll be very unlucky. There are no other way to cure SCP-603-J's pestilence at the moment. (besides SCP-049's cure) SCP-603-J is getting less deadly and might become Euclid.