SCP-000 Rough Draft
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Item #: SCP-000

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-000 is to be contained in a decommissioned underground silo of approximately 2000 feet in depth and 100 feet in diameter at site -123. The silo is constructed with standard steel and reinforced concrete with soundproof vinyl rubber extending the entire interior. Cameras are installed to have SCP-000 in sight at all times with any changes to sounds or light signals to be reported immediately to site administrator. Within the chamber calming music shall be played at all times,which include certain classical, instrumental of various instruments and childrens music. Under no circumstances shall exciting or extreme music be played in the immediate vicinity of SCP -000. This includes rock, metal, rap, “Dubstep”, dance and pop, with all other categories still pending testing and approval from Class 4 personnel. Due to the differences in the effects of the music and lights from SCP-000, containment procedures may vary from one individual to the next.

Description: SCP- 000 is a sentient object with certain attributes of lighthouses and skyscrapers, in suspension above the ground ranging from approximately 20ft to 150 ft. Each instance of SCP-000 ranges in size, number of “windows”, sounds and light displays with the main characteristic being the beam of light from the top of the structure. This main light is used as an eye and for illumination during the night when searching for other SCP-000s.. When another individual is found, SCP-000 will begin flashing lights and producing sounds in order to communicate with the other being. If it has made successful contact with another instance of SCP-000, both will make a display of lights and sounds with some instances of communication creating music. This can cause both SCP-000-01 and SCP-000-02 to synchronize in order to learn new sounds or light configurations. The music produced by one or more individuals can cause different effects on the environment ranging from sterilization of an 20 mile area to changing the composition of surrounding materials. However if one SCP-000 does not reply the other may become hostile producing fast or erratic lights and loud noises. If the subject does not retreat, SCP-000 will shoot projectiles from its “windows” using weapons such as cannons to advance beams.

Each SCP-000 is designated by size which range from 500 ft to 3000 ft in height with some resembling buildings and others being more ethereal. Several SCP-000s have been recorded in North Americe, Asia and Antartica with only twelve instances attributes successfully documented and only one being contained. These instances are as followed:


Designation: Spire

Description: SCP-000-01 is on the smaller spectrum of SCP-000 but produces a wide variety of sounds which makes it capable of producing music on its own. Effects of SCP-000-01 were seen in the affected area as music and lights which could be seen as far as 20 miles away. Within this area, viewers reported seeing a large object “floating” across the landscape, seemingly searching for something. Within 3 days of initial sighting, most microscopic organisms in the area have died with more advanced animals quickly falling ill. Blood tests show a drop in blood cells and platelets causing victims to become more susceptible to infection when removed from SCP-000-01’s affected area. As of 15-April-2020 the “sterilization” has been documented in spreading to visitors from other areas, resulting in immediate containment of subjects and giving designations of SCP-000-01-02. After initial investigation it was discovered that people in the town had tried to replicate the music describing it as purifying and holy.

More to come!