SCP-000 Rough Draft
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Item #: SCP-000

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due the complexity of SCP-XXX, it is to be contained on the island of XXX, with all incoming ships or airplanes to be rerouted away from the location. Any subjects attempting to land must be detained, questioned and subjected to tests to determine physical or psychological abnormalities.

Description: SCP-XXX covers the length of island XXX, with the isle being dominated by different constructions of it in forms of houses, roads and vegetation. These instances of SCP-XXX, will morph and change to accommodate any local fauna or people who become stranded on the island, with the only constant structure being a lighthouse. This form of SCP-XXX has been shown to attract passing ships and planes, with a radius of up to 50000 meters with everything within this range becoming stranded or crashing into the island. Subjects that become stranded on the island have taken shelter in SCP-XXX as well as collecting and eating fruit from the vegetation SCP-XXX produces. Samples of the fruit show excessive quantities of an unknown substance along with various vitamins and supplements. Tests with these fruits show to affect mental stability, with subjects displaying signs of euphoria or manic mood swings.