SCP-XXXX in temporary storage.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a large temperature- and humidity-controlled room to preserve its coating. Any damage to this coating is to be repaired with an anomalous pigment capable of absorbing 99.96% of visible light at 653 nm.

Digital analysis of data from SCP-XXXX must be run in parallel on a separate, unexposed processor, and halted if excessive resource use is detected.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a complex multi-figure sculpture standing 2.1m high and roughly 5m in diameter. The sculpture contains at least three and probably not more than eight limbless humanoid figures.1 SCP-XXXX's exact appearance, age, and mineral composition are difficult to discern due to its primary anomalous effect. 70% of its surface is tightly engraved in High Daeva liturgical A.2

Any attempt to gain information by observing SCP-XXXX will produce a potentially indefinite amount of information. This includes simple comprehension: Humans who are able to perceive the complete features or contours of SCP-XXXX report perceiving an ever-increasing amount of figures and detail in the sculpture until they cease observation. This can result in severe deficits of depth perception and focal vision lasting up to 10 minutes.

Archivist's Note: Prior to recovery, SCP-XXXX had been coated in a carbon nanotube-based pigment that absorbs nearly all visible light. (See Addendum 2). This coating was separately cataloged as AO-3781018, but was reclassified as explained in 2014. This property allows humans to work in proximity to the object without perceiving visible features.

This cognitohazardous effect extends to text engraved on SCP-XXXX, but the exact effect depends on the intent and expertise of the observer. Experts in any scholarly field who attempt to interpret this text will find records of late-Daevite culture, literature, and history directly related to their field of study. (See Addendum 1).

SCP-XXXX was initially considered an important primary source for Daevite culture, but is now considered a low research priority.

Addendum 1: Summary of data recovered from SCP-XXXX. (Full archive size: 109.4PB)

Addendum 2: Discovery
SCP-XXXX was recovered on 05/01/1992 from an abandoned Prometheus Labs facility. The facility had sustained critical structural damage when a server fire spread to extensive piles of loose paper records.

Surviving records indicate that the object was recovered from an archeological site in Siberia, where it had been excavated in an indoor amphitheater. Photographs show SCP-XXXX surrounded by three subfossilized Daeva skeletons with abnormally large crania, with several juvenile skeletons further from the object.

The facility's supervisor applied the (then) paratechnological coating to the object one week before the fire destroyed the facility. It is unknown weather this was meant to encourage or discourage further research, as it is difficult to assess sarcasm in written communication.