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The following documentation, along with three videotapes, were recovered from a Class-A wormhole which manifested over Site-225 for exactly one minute. Origins are unknown.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently uncontainable. MTF Delta-98 ("Schrödinger's Hole")1 is to monitor SCP-XXXX via implanted camera equipment and a tracking system attached to SCP-XXXX via dermal implant.2 Along with a camera and implant, SCP-XXXX has a large explosive device attached to itself from previous incidents that can be remotely activated from Dimensional Site-97. The explosive, tracking implant, and camera are made of an anomalous steel alloy unable to be consumed by SCP-XXXX. This alloy is immune to extra-dimensional radiation and is much stronger than conventional steel alloy, due to higher Hume values and specific use of SCP-████. Due to this, the alloy acts as a "self sustaining reality anchor".

In the event SCP-XXXX enters our reality, Protocol Epsilon-38 is to take full effect. Procedures of Protocol Epsilon-38 is as follows:

  • SCP-XXXX's position is to be traced and located. Once SCP-XXXX has been located, the explosive device on its back is to be detonated.
  • Once SCP-XXXX is incapacitated by the device, all efforts should be made to contain SCP-XXXX for as long as possible, and render it inert. In the event SCP-XXXX breaches and attempts to enter another reality, all efforts should be made to prevent it from doing so.

In the event protocol fails, all civilian population centers within 50 kilometers are to be evacuated.


MTF Delta-98 during Protocol Epsilon-38.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large, interdimensional entity resembling Lumbricus terrestris3. SCP-XXXX's skin absorbs 99.98% of all wavelengths of light, and does not appear on all forms of spectrometers, despite the fact that SCP-XXXX can be viewed by the naked eye. SCP-XXXX "consumes" reality, leaving behind absolutely nothing. SCP-XXXX's speed varies between 100-200 km/h.

SCP-XXXX is capable of multi-universal transportation via Class-A wormholes. These wormholes will typically close after 2 hours, however, SCP-XXXX has shown it is able to close wormholes it produces if being pursued. Matter consumed by SCP-XXXX will cease to exist entirely, and will instead be replaced by an unidentified material, which is presumed to be of similar composition to SCP-XXXX itself. SCP-XXXX seems to operate on a set of laws of physics distinct from our own. For example:

  • SCP-XXXX does not obey the laws of gravity.
  • SCP-XXXX is able to regenerate quickly over a course of about 15 minutes, and seemingly requires no energy for it.
  • SCP-XXXX does not need energy from food to function. Subsequently, SCP-XXXX does also not need to "eat" realities to function, and seems to automatically consume matter it contacts.

SCP-XXXX possess very basic signs of intelligence, and has displayed a "fight, flight, or freeze" response to entities that act hostile towards it. Very little is known about the reality from which SCP-XXXX originates, or how it was created. Exploration attempts are currently underway.

Addendum: On January 2nd, 2022, exploration of the dimension which SCP-XXXX originated from commenced.4

Video Exploration Log 1 1749#-XXXX:

Forward: During an incident involving SCP-XXXX, D-091283 was dispatched into a Class-A wormhole. D-091283 was provided with three flashlights, ten batteries, a backpack containing five days worth of supplies. D-091283 wore a jumpsuit and camera laced with an alloy unable to be consumed by SCP-XXXX.

(D-091283 can be seen entering a large wormhole produced by SCP-XXXX)

D-091283: I'm in Doc, what now?

Dr. Roman: D-091283, can you hear me?

D-091283: Yea. Lord, where the hell am I?

Dr. Roman: Please describe your location.

D-091283: Yeah yeah, it's like, what, Egypt? Looks a lot like Egypt, except it's not. Everything is grey and black and, distorted…

Dr. Roman: Please activate your video feed.

D-091283 does as he is told. Camera activates, revealing an open desert.

Dr. Roman: Interesting. Please continue forward.

D-091283 continues for 15 minutes until a large structure is observed in the distance.

D-091283: Is that the Eiffel Tower…? It's not colored grey like the rest of this place, it looks, unnatural. There's a border here, looks like someone just took a completely different piece of land and just stuck it here.

Dr. Roman: That's strange. Have you seen any living things since you have arrived here?

D-091283: Now that you mention it, no, I haven't. Everything seems dead here. No plants, no animals.

Dr. Roman: Alright, pl-

A large wormhole opens in front of D-091283, and SCP-XXXX is seen emerging. Gunshots and shouting in an unidentified language can be heard coming from the wormhole. D-091283 begins shouting expletives.

The wormhole SCP-XXXX emerged from closes and SCP-XXXX quickly flies away, opens another wormhole, and enters it.

Dr. Roman: D-091283, please remain calm.

D-091283: (D-091283 begins to breath heavily) What the hell was that?

Dr. Roman: Nevermind that. Were you able to observe where the entity went?

D-091283: I don't know, but it's gone now.

The tracker on SCP-XXXX's back confirms it has not entered our reality.

Dr. Roman: Okay, D-091283, what are you current surroundings?

D-091283: Hold on, let me look aroun- huh? That- the thing dropped something.

D-091283's camera feed displays an object resembling SCP-2207, but with red coloration.

Dr. Roman: Please insert the object into your bag and continue walking.

D-091283: Alright- wait- doc? I can see something in the distance, I think it's a person!

Dr. Roman: A person? Please describe it's appearance.

D-091283: Uh, I think it's seen me. It's getting closer. Ok, ok, it looks kinda like a human. But it's eyes are black. I think it's trying to speak to me.

A loud voice can be heard in an unknown dialect.

Unknown: (Indecipherable)

D-091283: Hey! Hey you! What!?

Another entity can be seen approaching D-091283.

D-091283: Uh doc, there's more of them. Holy- holy shit is that me? Are those copies of me? What the- this this-

Dr. Roman: D-091283? D-091283 do you copy?

D-091283: Holy shit- they're coming they're coming they're coming- they're fucking all running towards me- SHIT SHIT SH-


Remarks: After 48 hours with no communication, D-091283 is presumed lost.

After the first exploration log, and new information on SCP-XXXX, MTF Delta-98 was sent in to figure out more regarding the reality SCP-XXXX is from.

Video Exploration Log 2 1749#-XXXX:
Forward: After the previous exploration, more interest was sparked about the origin dimension of SCP-XXXX, and 3 agents from MTF Delta-98 were transported into SCP-XXXX's reality during an incident with SCP-XXXX. Each agent was armed with a SCAR-L rifle containing 500 rounds, 3 flashlights in total, bags for collecting samples, and full body armor laced with the same alloy used by D-091283. For the sake of convenience, they have been dubbed A-1 through A-3.

A-1: Command? Command, can you hear me.

Dr. Roman: Yes. Did everyone make it through?

A-2: Yes.

A-3: Mhm.

A-1: It looks otherworldly in here. Like we're on another planet or something, almost like a dream.

A-2: Whoa, what is that thing?

Dr. Roman: A-2, what do you see?

A-2: It's a large skull. A very, very large skull. But it does't seem to resemble any animal I've ever seen. (Pauses) God damn, whatever this is must've been one eldritch motherfucker. Hold on- I'll get a sample of the bone.

A-3: Yeah, lets keep moving. I see some buildings in the distance.

Dr. Roman: Could you describe them, please?

A-2: We're getting closer, and, I don't think those are buildings. Looks more like a cave.

A-1: A-3, go investigate. A-2 and I will keep going, we can meet up later.

A-3: Alright.

Dr. Roman: A-1, have you found anything yet?

A-1: Not quite- hold on, whats that? Is that- oh no. Get down!

A-2: Command, we have gained sight of SCP-XXXX. Its just opened a wormhole and it flew out, it has some things with it. It just dropped them off, what is that-

Dr. Roman: Please collect these objects.

A-1: Noted and collec-

A-3: (A-3 can be seen running to A-1 and A-2 over the camera feed) Guys, I found something!

A-2: What was it?

A-3: I saw- in that cave. This thing is stocking up on items from other universes, when it consumes, it looks like its "putting" things here. Hold on- I'll show you.

A-3 can be seen taking out multiple objects resembling SCP-███ and SCP-█████.

A-1: Oh my. What's it doing? That- that can't be!

A-2: I don't know and I don't wanna know. Lets keep goin-


A-1 fails to react and is swallowed by SCP-XXXX after it emerged from a large wormhole

A-2: Shit! It just fucking ate him!

A-3: We need to get out of here, it isn't safe- watch out!

Dr. Roman: A-3?! A-2? Where is A-1 and A-2?

A-3: It ate his leg! Jesus lord, get us out of here!

A-2: (A-2 screaming can be heard in the background.)

Dr. Roman: We're gonna pull you out, hold on!

A-3: It's coming right at me! Activate the bomb, activate the FUCKING BOMB!

At this point, the explosive device located on the back of SCP-XXXX is detonated.

A-3: It just… the worm, it…

Dr. Roman: A-3?

A-3: It just split into thirds. This- this- how even?

Dr. Roman: We're opening the wormhole now, just keep stalling.

A-3: It's… no. They're speaking to me.

Dr. Roman: What? It's speaking to you? We don't have records of it speaking. What's it saying?

SCP-XXXX: (Incomprehensible)

A-3: …Pardon?

SCP-XXXX: (Incomprehensible)

A-3: It's doing something.

Dr. Roman: Just stay away from it! We've almost gotten you out.

A-3: It's so beautiful…

Dr. Roman: A-3? A-3?!

A-3: Help.



48 hours afterwards, A-3 emerged from a wormhole covered in blood and dirt. An interview was conducted shortly afterwards.

Interviewed: Agent ███████ (A-3)

Interviewer: Dr. ███ Roman.

Foreword: A-3 interviewed on what transpired after the incident involving Video Exploration Log 2 1749#-XXXX

<Begin Log>

Dr. Roman: Agent ███████.

A-3: Roman.

Dr. Roman: Could you be so kind to explain what exactly happened after your feed cut out?

A-3: Observed. I took some notes and collected some samples, but here's the jist of it- SCP-XXXX is attempting to breed. I don't know how it's even possible, but it is.

Dr. Roman: Breed? That would be catastrophic. (Pause) But if it's breeding, does that mean…?

A-3: Yes.

Dr. Roman: Good lord…

A-3: There should't be much time left now

Dr. Roman: We need to inform the Council of an imminent ZK-Class immediately!

A-3: I doubt there's much we could do at this point. A whole species of cosmic, reality-eating worms, storming reality in the hundreds. I say, we bunker up as many people as we can, and send this document somewhere else. Warn others about this. God, this is just… What about our families? The entire human race?

Dr. Roman: I doubt there's anything we can do but brace ourselves. I will alert the director, and he will most likely forward this to the overseers. We did good while we lasted.

A-3: To whom it may concern- whichever reality you're listening this from- if you ever see one of these god damned things- destroy it. Destroy it with everything you have. Don't let the multiverse die in vain. Don't let what happened to us happen to you. Remember: Secure. Contain. Protect. Good luck.

<End Log>

[A desert eagle.]

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SCP-XXXX during original discovery

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Archived Special Containment Procedures: —SCP-XXXX is to be locked in a small containment locker located in the Safe class wing of Storage Site 65. At least 1 unarmed security guard should stand outside of SCP-XXXX's locker to prevent entry. As of 3/5/1987, SCP-XXXX has been lost, and presumed neutralized. See addendum.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a golden IMI Desert Eagle,