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SCP-X in its chamber

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is contained in a standard containment locker outside of testing. SCP-X should only be handled by D-Class personnel that are supervised by at least 1 armed security guard. D-Class personnel deemed to be affected by SCP-X should be executed immediately.

Description: SCP-X is a standard walking cane dated to be manufactured in the year ████. SCP-X is composed of a wooden rod with a gold-painted tip carved in the shape of a goldfish. The words "El Fisher" have been inscribed on the side. If an individual holds SCP-X for 65 seconds or longer, they will attempt to violently assault the nearest entity capable of human speech. Once the individual has converted a subject into an SCP-X-1 instance, it will enter a comatose state for 3 minutes. After this time period, the subject will wake up with no memory of the event.

An entity hit by SCP-X, designated SCP-X-1, will begin to believe that it is a specimen of Carassius auratus, better known as the common goldfish. SCP-X-1 instances are incapable of breathing in air, and require immersion in water to survive. When put in water, SCP-X-1 will be able to breathe and move around effectively.
Subject is incapable of speech, however, research has shown that SCP-X-1 instances are able to communicate with other Carassius auratus specimens. SCP-X-1 instances seem to enjoy socializing, and are able to survive off of small krill and mollusk, if consistently provided them. Further research is being done on the limits and abilities of SCP-X-1 instances.

Addendum 1: SCP-X was found in in the possession of █████ Rivera. Prior to discovery, █████ had acquired SCP-X and used the object on multiple civilians, before being detained by a nearby Foundation personnel. A large, hand constructed fish tank was found in the basement of █████s home. This tank contained multiple instances of SCP-X-1, which had been kept alive by █████ before discovery.

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