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1. Create an experiment log involving a trial run of using Happy as an assistant. (Heavy safety stuff, with reputable researcher. Approved by the senior researcher.)

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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber. Certain amenities will be withheld depending on behavior.

Contact with SCP-X is free to those with level 3 clearance or higher. All other personnel must contact Dr. Ethan.

Description: SCP-X denotes an android1 measuring 1 meter in height, and weighing 22.7 kilograms. SCP-X appears to have been constructed using a juvenile human as a model.

The effect of SCP-X only occurs when the object is within sight of a human (hereafter referred to as 'the subject'). Once the subject enters the area of effect of SCP-X, the subject will experience emotions associated with a parent concerning their child; Emotions observed include joy, pride, and parental love. Testing has revealed that neither the subject nor SCP-X need to be within a direct line of sight of each other for SCP-X's effect to activate.

Discovery: Knowledge of SCP-X first came to the Foundation following a series of videos were uploaded to the internet from several users; many of these users are known to have belief in the paranormal. As such, most of said videos featured commentary concerning the anomalous lights hovering around SCP-X. Experts in the field of video editing verified that the videos had not been tampered with.

The source of the uploads were traced to █████, California, in the United States of America. Mobile Task Force Gamma-39 ("Scouts") was organized and dispatched. MTF Gamma-39 located the original up-loaders of the videos and questioned them upon arrival. Amnesics were subsequently administered.

SCP-X was located approximately one week after MTF Gamma-39 arrived in █████, California. SCP-X was found in [REDACTED]. The basement appeared to have been converted to a laboratory several years prior. Several anti-personnel devices activated upon entry, resulting in the death of one member of MTF Gamma-39. The devices were successfully deactivated, and SCP-X recovered.

Addendum X-1:
The following is a summary of an experiment conducted with SCP-X. Full details are available in Document X-2.

Incident Report X-1:
Approximately two months after SCP-X's containment, Site 139 was subject to a raid from an unknown party. The main body of the invasion force consisted of mechanical entities similar to those discovered during SCP-X's recovery; The entities were apparently lead by one civilian male, as no other humans were present. Only one level of the Site was breached before Site security neutralized the threat. The leader of the raid was terminated by accidental crossfire.