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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-(XXXX) is to be housed in a standard humanoid containment cell at site 19. The cell should be exposed to 500 rems of radiation at all times to nullify the object's anomalous properties. All personnel entering SCP-(XXXX)'s containment cell should be equipped with a heavy radsuit. Despite its constant exposure to radiation, SCP-(XXXX) displays no radioactivity whatsoever. Outside of its cell, SCP-(XXXX) must wear a remote detonation collar. Any personnel escorting SCP-(XXXX) should each have a remote for this collar, and any D-class involved in the escort are to be made aware of said collar and remote in case of emergencies.

Description: SCP-(XXXX) is a 1.8288 meter tall humanoid of indeterminate decent. SCP-(XXXX)'s anomalous property allows it to douse the surrounding area with radiation1. This radiation will immediately

REVISION: 10/04/20[][]:
SCP-(XXXX)'s body displays a number of differences from normal human anatomy, listed below.

[i'll figure out a formatting for all of this in my final revision before posting ("==" indicates a seperate piece of information, temporary). feel free to leave a suggestion in a set of brackets below this one. for now leave the formatting as is for easy modification]

SCP-(XXXX) possesses a second set of eyes, hidden below folds of skin on the left and right sides of its forehead. These are angled to allow for 150[degree symbol] vision. The skin meets almost seamlessly with that below it. The entity shows no preference on using only two or all four eyes, stating that it has grown used to the limited vision.
SCP-(XXXX)'s jaw opens up to halfway into its cheeks. The entity possesses a second set of teeth, raised three centimeters from its initial gumline. It also sports a second lip set, which meets seamlessly with itself.
Instead of a normal ribcage, SCP-(XXXX)'s "ribs" are actually a solid piece of bone. It also supports a similar structure along its back, possibly to protect its spine.

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