Pig's cozy hobbit hole

1. Leeches
Number: X
Containment: all instances of scp-xxx-1 must be kept criogenically frozen unles on usage for experimentation. Class-d personell must be kept on standby at all times.

Description: scp-xxx-1 instances appear to be identical to the common leech. It will latch onto a sentient creature's body and begin the process of drawing a victim (hereby reffered to as scp-xxx-2.)'s blood. It will do so in between 5 days and one week. Attempts to unattatch scp-xxx-1 from scp-xxx-2 have failed. When drained, scp-xxx-2 will be injected with an unidentified black liquid.
After a week, scp-xxx-2, will undergo mutations ranging from bone enlargement to the growth of new limbs or organs. Mutations stop after 3 days have passed.

After that period has passed, all of scp-xxx-2's higher brain functions will stop.

Three weeks later, SCP-xxx-2 instances will be reanimated, and will srart vocalisations of unknown purpose.

For recorded instances of scp-xxx-2 instances, refer to log.