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​Item #: SCP-3744

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3744 is currently kept at Site ██. SCP-3744 is to be kept in a one hundred (100) by seventy-five (75) by ten (10) centimeter glass box. If the box containing SCP-3744 happens to be broken, D-Class personnel on site are to be terminated immediately to prevent the anomalous effects of SCP-3744 from occurring within the individuals. If the anomalous effects of SCP-3744 are present in an individual, guards are instructed to shoot for the [DATA EXPUNGED] of the affected person.

Description: SCP-3744 is what appears to be a normal bathroom shower rug, manufactured in 2006 by [DATA EXPUNGED]. When SCP-3744 is put under pressure, whether it be from a biological entity or mechanical, the object, now classified as SCP-3744-1, will immediately inherit homicidal behaviors, eventually killing any and all biological entities, including bacteria, within roughly ██ minutes (See Incident 3744-A and Document 3744-2). The only exception to this rule is when SCP-3744's properties exist in a mechanical object, in which case it does not No amount of protection can slow or stop SCP-3744’s behavior transmission. It is unknown why or how SCP-3744 transmits these behaviors.

SCP-3744 was discovered on ██/██/20██, in the home of █████ ██████, a local businessman recently murdered by his wife, who then took her own life shortly after. It is unknown whether SCP-3744 caused these behaviors or not. Local police were called in to the scene, where SCP-3744 was discovered in the bathroom, where a policeman stepped on it while looking in the shower for clues, shortly becoming homicidal and causing ██ fatalities before being killed by the remaining officers.