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Item #: SCP-4736 Level 4/4736
Object Class: Euclid Classified


SCP-4736 entrance.

Special Containment Procedures: No unauthorized personnel are to be given access to the area, Civilians are to be deterred from entering the site and supplied with Standard Cover Story 93 “Natural disaster in area.”

SCP-4736 is to be monitored for any SCP-4736-2 instances by live feed. A reinforced concrete wall 5 meters thick is to surround the entirety of SCP-4736 to keep SCP-4736-2 instances from escaping.

Any report of SCP-4736-2 instances outside of containment area are to be traced down and be housed in a modified humanoid containment cell at Site-88. Transportation to Site-88 is to be carried out by MTF Lambda-5 “White Rabbits”. Cells containing instances of SCP-4736-2 must compose of a 3X5X3 meter area of titanium, and check-ups for damage are to be made constantly. If any report of banging, scraping or other sounds of metal under stress is heard coming from the cells, on-site staff must be alerted immediately, and must prepare for a containment breach.

Description: SCP-4736 is a portal in the center of Todzhinskiy Rayon, Tuva, Russia.
Zero anomalous events occurred up until The late 20th century when a wormhole formed, from and unknown source that caused the town surrounding the portal to exhibit anomalous properties.