Item#: SCP-5949

(Probably almost done)
Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-5949 is to be contained in a concrete room of 2m by 2m by 2.5m. The door is to be locked at all times unless authorised personnel have been assigned to test on SCP-5949. No guards are to persist at SCP-5949's containment chamber. When entering SCP-5949's cell, at least 2 personnel are to enter, due to the mental effects of SCP-5949. If 1 person enters SCP-5949's cell, it will rapidly change colour, exponentially getting faster. Making the person [DATA EXPUNGED]. After 4 minutes, the person will die, disintegrating. SCP-5949's ability cannot work through glass, as testing has shown. SCP-5949's cell is to be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis, this is due to SCP-5949 Slowly replicating when nobody or 1 person is around.

SCP-5949 is a wad of clay about 15cm by 15cm by 9.5cm and 1.7 kilos when in a resting state. It can change its colour, though why this happens is not known. It can change its shape at will and it's mass won't change.

Addendum SCP-5949-A
Further testing has shown that SCP-5949 is sentient, changing its class from Safe to Euclid. Research is still being conducted.

Addendum SCP-5949-B
More research has discovered that it is "FIMOTM" brand clay. Disabling it by baking is being discussed.

SCP-5949's Containment Breach

SCP-5949 beached containment on ██-██-████. It seemed that it divided as a cell would, replicating itself, though it was smaller than SCP-5949. This clone shall be dubbed SCP-5949-2 from now on. Exactly how this happened is unknown, SCP-5949-2 was found slithering across the floor of Site-██, changing colours rapidly. All persons within a 3 metre radius were affected by 5949-2's influence. A member of D-class personnel was able to catch it in a glass jar, about 3 minutes later, D-█████ died from SCP-5949-2's ability. SCP-5949'2 has beem moved into another room in Site-██.

SCP-5949-2's Containment Breach

SCP-5949-2 beached containment on ██-██-████. It broke the glass looking into it's chamber, slinking around the facility. It was last seen going into the vents of Site-██.