SCP-3100/"Dreameater" by PixelFoundry

ITEM #: S.C.P-3100



SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-3100 is being held in a specially made vacuum containment room held at Site-77, filled with fluorescent lights to nullify SCP-3100's aura, thus reducing its energy. The fluorescent efficacy of the fluorescent lights converts energy into electromagnetic radiation that when in a vacuum moves at the speed of light. This light source is emitted from a system of electrically charged particles that subsequently interact with other charged particles i.e. SCP-3100's aura. The EM waves carry energy, momentum and angular momentum away from the source particle and impart those quantities with the matter in which they interact. While in the vacuum EMR doesn't lose its energy, subduing SCP-3100 and the aura that emanates from its shadowy figure.

Description: SCP-3100 is a 3m (9.8 ft) brooding, shadowy figure that levitates approximately 5-6 inches off the ground. It has no visage and no hair; it is a humanoid silhouette with no apparent gender. The best way to describe SCP-3100 is "a tall, shadow entity with no defining features that exudes a dark aura".

The aura embodies pure hate as backed up by several studies. It caused an inexplicable feeling in human test subjects, feelings that caused mania, severe paranoia and an overwhelming incontinence of the mind, impossible to resist, that yields the proxy's killer instincts and feels threatened and to want to kill whomever and whatever is in its presence. When the test subjects knew they couldn't satiate their bloodlust they would inflict personal injury, usually resulting in the subject's demise.

A more problematic attribute that SCP-3100 has is the power to infiltrate and "hi-jack" dreams. SCP-3100 can transport itself into the consciousness of sleeping individuals and manipulate dreams to its whim. This is what makes SCP-3100 so hard to contain.

The lights in its containment have no effect on SCP-3100's ability to hi-jack dreams. Several studies have concluded that the subjects- or proxies- that SCP-3100 has influenced while asleep are mobile and have lucid dreams. And while they are under this hypnotic state they are unaware of their surroundings in the real world. And as diodes that read a person's activity while in REM sleep have shown is that they completely believe that their dream world is the real reality- when the proxy is hurt in the dream physical trauma of what the proxy experiences in the dream is evident on the proxy's body.

When subjects wake up they are bewildered, usually unresponsive, and when they do speak, are unable to discern what's real and what's not. This usually leads to severe depression, severe anxiety and trepidation and have suicidal tendencies. And when SCP-3100 emerges from the dreams back into containment its aura intensifies, causing the fluorescent lights to become imbued with its aura, filling the room with an ominous darkness. What this aura is is still shrouded in ambiguity. But we at least know dreams are the fuel for SCP-3100's aura.

SPECIAL PROTOCOL: All Foundation personnel must abide by protocol to only sleep off site. And to avoid succumbing to SCP-3100's attempt at containment breach must ingest caffeine or do whatever possible to stay awake while on premise.

SCP-3100 has broke containment before while on another site that was 100 miles from civilization. When we tracked down the signal from SCP-3100's aura it lead us to the [Redacted] residence and there is where we saw a child under the influence of SCP-3100 defying gravity, floating, just above his bed with the same aura that SCP-3100 is imbued with coming from him. SCP-3100 was alerted to our presence so we had to set up an artiface to trick it to stay in the boy by using the light that it hates at max luminance. We captured the boy is a 6x6 magnetic resonance and fluorescence microscopy chamber and SCP-3100 emerged from the boy and was able to get the boy out and trap the anomaly inside and ship it to a more secluded site, Site-77, a secluded facility in a remote area exactly 300 miles from any civilization.

Scientists that evaluate SCP-3100 must regularly cycle every 2 days between a roster of 20 doctors so when it comes back around each doctor will have over a month to recover from their meeting with it so that they don't develop a symbiotic relationship with SCP-3100. SCP-3100's aura has that impact. There is much to learn about SCP-3100's aura.

Event Log #: 12
Date: [Redacted]
Time: [Redacted]

I, doctor [Redacted] can't keep doing this. I get an uneasy feeling when around SCP-3100. But I feel empty when I was away from it. I'm around it the most, we need a new system to give doctors time away from SCP-3100. Even with its aura mitigated being around it for this past 12 days is causing strange side-effects. When I go home to go to sleep I get these foreboding premonitions that SCP-3100 has a way of breaking containment anytime it wants…I think it has to do with SCP [REDACTED]. I need a replacement. We're suppose to cycle out every couple days so we don't lose sight on what's real. SCP-3100 can have that effect on us. It doesn't even talk. It just moves around, sometimes in different poses, sometimes not moving, like it's pondering, like it's contemplating.

I've been around him, sorry, "it" the longest. I wondering if it likes me? Sometimes during these evaluations I talk to SCP-3100, I even gave it a name, Henry. I don't know why I chose that name, it's just the first thing that popped into my head, almost like a seed was planted in my brain.

I don't sense any animosity from SCP-3100, but other doctors here reportedly have claimed to have seen SCP-3100 do "strange" things like for instance as doctor [Redacted] had said 'it transformed into a shadow wolf creature', or saw weird scenes played out in SCP-3100's shadow casting. I've never personally seen SCP-3100 shapeshift before, though I wouldn't be surprised. But there is something about that aura…what is the extent of your power, SCP-3100?