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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be assigned to a standard staff dormitory in Site-24. SCP-X is to be allowed to roam all Site-24 Level 1-2 locations. SCP-X is not to be found in any Level 3 or above area without being accompanied by personnel(s) with the appropriate clearance. If SCP-X is to be found attempting to leave Site-24 without being accompanied by its assigned MTF squad, SCP-X is to be confined to its room for a period of no less than 24 hours, unless the need arises for SCP-X to be used.

Description: SCP-X is an adolescent caucasian male of Irish descent. SCP-X’s anomalous property only manifest when SCP-X comes within physical contact of an anomalous object, hereby classified “SCP-X-A”. When SCP-X comes into physical contact with SCP-X-A, SCP-X-A will lose all anomalous properties for a time period proportional to the duration of the physical contact. SCP-X is predicted to be able to use its anomalous properties an infinite amount of times. SCP-X can only use its anomalous properties a limited amount of times proportional to the amount of time it has remained in physical contact with SCP-X-A. In other words, SCP-X has a limited nullification time per SCP-X-A. This process causes SCP-X a great deal of pain, which SCP-X compares to “being stung by 20 bees while drowning.” 3-5 seconds after physical contact has been made with SCP-X-A by SCP-X, SCP-X begins to convulse and in 100% of tests, loses consciousness. SCP-X appears to cease brain functions for this time, until approximately 5 minutes after contact is broken, when SCP-X awakens and brain function is resumed. Currently, SCP-X is assigned to MTF-Upsilon-24 for Keter class re-containment, although SCP-X is expected to greatly resist deployment when the need for its abilities arises.

Discovery: SCP-X’s anomalous properties were discovered on ███████ 4th, 20██, at approximately 9:53 pm, when SCP-173 breached containment and escaped into a nearby town. MTF-Beta-19 was dispatched to recover SCP-173 and discovered it to be unresponsive on the ground in what was assumed SCP-X’s place of residence. SCP-173 had traveled through the house, terminating all subjects aside from SCP-X. It was inferred that when SCP-173 made physical contact with SCP-X, in an attempt to fracture SCP-X’s spinal cord, SCP-173 activated SCP-X’s anomalous effects. During the cleanup procedure, the corpses of the household were collected and SCP-X awoke, much to the surprise of the D-Class who was tasked with transporting the corpses to Site-19’s incinerator.


Subjects: D-720472, MTF-Beta-19-C,and SCP-X
Foreword: Audio transcripted from MTF-Beta-19-C’s field work microphone
<Begin Log>
D-720472: What the fuck happened here?
MTF-Beta-19-C: Just shut up and grab a body.
D-720472: Calm the fuck down buddy, I was just asking.
<D-720472 lifts SCP-X>
<SCP-X stirs>
D-720472: Did this kid move?
MTF-Beta-19-C: I don’t care if it moved put the body in the back of the fucking truck!
<SCP-X awakens>
SCP-X: …what?
D-720472: WHAT THE FUCK?
<D-720472 drops SCP-X>
<SCP-X attempts to flee, is subdued by MTF-Beta-19-C>
MTF-Beta-19-C: Get a medic in here we have a survivor!
<End Log>
Closing Statement: SCP-X’s anomalous property was discovered during the interview, see Addendum-X-2