The Noose

Object class-Keter

Special Contaminate Procedures:

Scp 0000 has proven to be one of the most difficult to contain. It’s chamber’s measurements are 5 x 5 x 5 feet, and is to stay that way. The primary substance making up the chamber is pure (REDACTED) and the other being titanium. The doors leading to the confine are to be air locked at all times. Failure to maintain the locks would lead to catastrophic events, such as (RETRACTED) or a breach in secrecy. Only class 3 personal have clearance to test or view information of SCP 0000.


SCP 0000 is a rift or gateway to (REDACTED). This was discovered from equipping a class-D personnel with a camera and moved her into it, the camera immediately went blank. With the fraction of a second of footage we got, the environment appeared to be a (REDACTED) completely devoid of pigmentation. Just black and gray with one exception, a (REDACTED). We do not know why the (REDACTED) has pigmentation. In the sky we were able to make out 100-200 people (REDACTED) by their throats, colorless. Test subjects reports being drawn toward SCP-0000, they claim its bringing back childhood memories, only pleasing ones. We present SCP-0000 spends most of its time still, and teleports at random intervals in its cell. If any living organism comes closer than 1 foot and 6 inches to SCP-0000, SCP-0000 proceeds to instantaneously teleport exactly 1 foot away from the entity. So far the anomaly is passive and shows no signs of aggression. We aren’t sure if SCP-0000 is (REDACTED) at all. An important note, the class-D we sent in still had color.


Authors note: this SCP was written by me, PJ Green and by my brother, Owen Green so special thanks to him, and also the reason why it says “SCP-0000” because I don’t know what SCP number I’m going to get, so it’s just a preset.