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Microscopic Picture of SCP-3558

Item #: SCP-3558

Object Class: Safe


Structure of SCP-3558's Containment Unit

Special Containment Procedures: The object has to be contained via two (or more) individual metal rings, each with a magnetic field who should not interfere with each other. The location of the object varies between the multiple containment units. The exact position should not be measured. The location of these containment units is optional, currently, they are stored at Site-77.
The containment units have to be maintained at least once a week, carrying any metal objects near the containment units is strictly forbidden due to its interference with the magnetic fields inside.
In case of a blackout, all of the containment units have to be supplied with emergency power to prevent a containment breach.

Description: SCP-3558 is a quantum object with a similar structure to that of a positron. The object is not able to react with matter to dissolve itself and release its energy.

The object is able to destroy matter without destroying itself, depending on its current status, ether aggressive or passive. The object does not seem to be conscious but will react extremely hostile to any external observations.

Due to quantum mechanics, it is not possible to measure all of its properties at the same time, it is only possible to measure ether it's location or it's status. Taking measurements is not advised. While not measured the object will remain in its superposition.

By measuring its status the location of the object cannot be acquired. If the object is in its aggressive state it will start shaking vigorously and may dissolve its chambers. It may also destroy multiple of its chambers due to it being locally unbound.
Measuring SCP-3558's location may also result in it annihilating its chambers, but only if it is in its aggressive status. If it's currently passive, nothing will happen.
If not measured at all, SCP-3558 will remain in a superposition, located in one/all of its chambers. Due to the magnetic field in its containment units, it won't reach the hull to destroy it.

Any atom dissolved by SCP-3558 will transform into all three kinds of radiation, completely recycling the atom. The emitted radiation will harm any subject in it's affected surroundings and contaminate its environment. Special decontamination procedures are advised for removing radioactive leftovers.

SCP-3558 was first discovered by scientists in ██████ from ███████ laboratories working with a particle accelerator to experiment with the properties of antimatter. Apparently, the scientist created SCP-3558 during testing. After these scientists measured one of SCP-3558's properties the whole side got severely damaged and is still suffering from severe radiation.
The Foundation was able to contain the object using large magnetic fields to guide it in two of its chambers, leaving it in a superposition. Any surviving scientist got captured for interrogations.

Addendum 3558-2: