Item #: SCP-3354

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3354-C is to be contained at Site-19 in a 15 x 15 x 5cm box made of 2cm thick plexiglass or bulletproof glass to prevent exterior breaches (Unless during experimentation). The lid of said box must be sealed via a vacuum of at least -24 inches of mercury to ensure that no holes are present at any time during containment. SCP-3354-B must be monitored monthly by foundation psychologists to ensure sound mental health due to the probable effects of SCP-3354-A, which will be elaborated upon later. SCP-3354-B must also resist any urges to speak of SCP-3354-A's anomalous location, properties, or entities that may reside there to the best of their ability.

SCP-3354-A is to be monitored annually to measure its climate and weather, as this does have a slight bearing on the mental state of SCP-3354-B. SCP-3354-A is also to be visually monitored bi-annually to study the anomalous entities that reside in SCP-3354-A, which are believed to be created by SCP-3354-B as a way of sustaining SCP-3354-A's current conditions. If these conditions are not kept as normal, then SCP-3354-C must be put under heavy containment to halt the escape of the anomalous entities that reside in SCP-3354-A. (Note, all attempts to destroy or disable SCP-3354-C have remained inconclusive. Including, but not limited to: Dipping in hydro-chloric acid, launching from the ISS, being subjected to other SCP's, etc. It also never seems to lose its adhesiveness.)


SCP-3354-A (Also known as "The Realm of Madness") is a location inside the subconscious of SCP-3354-B that is not accessible by standard transit, and is instead traveled to by the means of SCP-3354-C, which is a small sticker with SCP-3354-B's face on it, making a slightly goofy expression whilst licking a crimson-red popsicle. When attached to a surface with any form of hole, crack, or breach, SCP-3354-C will enlarge the gap to fit a human subject, and transform it into a gateway to SCP-3354-A, and SCP-3354-C's facial expression will change to one of utter insanity and slight bloodlust.

SCP-3354-A's geography and topography are ever-shifting. According to Class-D personnel who have studied SCP-3354-A, the ground will seemingly rise upwards in small chunks at highly irregular intervals, randomize their orientations and positions, and return to an inert state after a short period of time. This causes sudden movement of geographical features, making navigation essentially impossible. SCP-3354-B does seem to be the driving force behind this anomalous property of SCP-3354-A, as when SCP-3354-B is stressed, disturbed, or startled, SCP-3354-A's reconfiguration intensity gets exponentially more violent, causing entire chunks of terrain to defy the laws of physics by remaining in the air after reconfiguration of SCP-3354-A's landscape. The opposite is true for more positive emotions.

SCP-3354-B, otherwise known as REEEEEEEEEE seems to exhibit behaviors that are subconsciously controlled by SCP-3354-A, such as the constant creation of "Nightmare fuel" which is what SCP-3354-B refers to SCP-3354-A's anomalous entities as. Foundation psychologists that have visited SCP-3354-B in their home have determined that REEEEEEEEE
is creating the anomalous entities without external influence. Research as to the actual reason for the "Nightmare fuel" is currently under way, starting RIGHT NOW

(Note, SCP-3354-B displays extreme interest and knowledge in other SCP's, and wishes to visit them/work with the Foundation, mostly at Site-19.)

The creatures that reside in SCP-3354-A are seemingly amalgamations of multiple pre-existing creatures or SCP's, transformations of pre-existing SCP's or animals, or entirely new species that are exclusive to SCP-3354-A (Note, hostility of these entities are variable (Note, all known instances of these anomalous entities have seemingly unlimited shape-shifting capabilities (Note, all instances of SCP-3354-A's anomalous entities seem to be highly protective of SCP-3354-B, and will come to their aid with fierce hostility to all attackers))).