floatin along in the t h i r d dimension
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Item#: XXXX
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Instances of SCP-XXXX located on the vitreous gel.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to their 2 dimensional existence, typical containment measures have proven ineffective against SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX instances are not to be communicated with. Corneas inhabited by instances of SCP-XXXX are to be given glasses until the disappearance of SCP-XXXX. Hosts of SCP-XXXX are to be told these glasses are for vision correction, due to extreme cases of myopia or hyperopia.

Description: SCP-XXXX are ocular parasites that inhabit the vitreous gel layer of the eye. Colloquially known as 'floaters,' SCP-XXXX instances typically appear in hive-minded quintets, joined by one amoebaic body. SCP-XXXX instances do not travel into any part of the vitreous gel which overlaps with the inner eye. Selection of hosts of SCP-XXXX is random, not targeting any specific demographic or displaying bias. Upon visual detection of SCP-XXXX instances by SCP-XXXX hosts, SCP-XXXX instances will retreat to inner corners of the gel. SCP-XXXX infection displays no symptoms besides negatively affecting the vision quality of the host, typically reducing ocular clarity and distance of perception. Certain SCP-XXXX instances are capable of telepathic communication with hosts.

Contact Log: Although knowledge of SCP-XXXX was obtained prior to interview, first Foundation contact was established with SCP-XXXX instances following their infection of Head Researcher Lithens.

Head Researcher Lithens complained of increased ocular fatigue and decreased ocular clarity, describing to Foundation physicians of the presence of 5 'wiggly things' in his eyes. After the prescription of glasses with a strength of +3.5, Head Researcher Lithens attempted an inner dialogue with his SCP-XXXX instances.

Testing Log

Testing Input Result Reported Actions of SCP-XXXX Instances
Host, 35, reported detection of 4 large SCP-XXXX instances, and 1 smaller one, on the left cornea. Estimated size is approximately half that of typical SCP-XXXX instances, having the capability to flex 'joints' in only 2 places to typical instances' 3. Subject is given an eyepatch, and is told to cover his left cornea for 30 minutes. Test is aborted due to the host complaining of massive blunt pain on his left cornea, as if being punched. Subject reported the SCP-XXXX instances appearing to line up side by side, before repeatedly expanding, as if approaching the cornea prior to first reports of pain. One instance of SCP-XXXX appeared to lay down flat underneath the other four.
Host, 21, total blindness in the left eye due to shrapnel fire. Host reports feeling a 'tugging' at the eye. The host's left eye accelerates out of their socket at approximately 31 m/s. Upon recovery of the cornea, SCP-XXXX instances briefly remain lined up, all organized in a rough circle around the circumference of the cornea, before 'pressing down.' The cornea is crushed.
Host, 18, currently prescribed glasses, power +1.25. Subject does not use glasses on a regular basis. Subject is told to read a book, occasionally shifting Frames onto and off of the affected eye at irregular intervals. SCP-XXXX instances line up on the iris, briefly organizing into parallel lines, before 4 reduce to half their length, travelling down the length of the iris. Scratches remain on the path of SCP-XXXX instances. Subject is given permanent, irremovable mobile frames, placed on the eye itself. Subject reads the book once more. No effects are reported, besides reports of increased clarity of vision upon reading, which disappears upon closure of the book.
Host, 78, multiple cataracts. Host reports 'screaming in his head,' reportedly stating SCP-XXXX only repeats the words "escape, knowledge, light," in increasing volume and frequency. Approximately an hour later, host declares the 'pain to be much too unbearable,' and tugs at the cataract-afflicted eye, removing it. During removal of the cataract, SCP-XXXX instances can be seen arranging on the amoebaic body. The body has transformed into a vaguely rectangular shape, with one instance standing straight upwards on the top side, as the other four stack up and fold into the body on the left side.

Audio Log XXXX/1

Interviewer: H.R. Lithens

Interviewee: SCP-XXXX

Foreword: Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX's communication abilities, only Head Researcher Lithens's responses were able to be recorded. Follow up interviews will be recorded.


Lithens: Hello, SCP-XXXX.

Lithens: I see.

Lithens: What are you?

Lithens: Interesting, interesting. Can you see?

Lithens: It's blurry?

Lithens: Allow me to assist you. (Lithens removes his Foundation Frames, winces in pain, and closes his eyes, presumably to reduce pain. Immediately, he forces them wide open, and they remain that way for the rest of the interview.)

Lithens: Better? Good. So, back to the issue at hand. Why?

Lithens: Knowledge. A noble quest indeed. What is this… knowledge which you're looking for?

Lithens: Have you heard of a sphere?

Lithens: A sphere.. it's like a circle, but… thick.

Lithens: Thickness, you know. You're telling me you're all purveyors of knowledge, yet you don't know what a sphere is?

Lithens: Oh. I do suppose that's important.

Lithens: Oh… Continue, please.

Lithens: 2 dimensions. You see in that correct? You can go around things, but never.. over. Cross on top of things, I mean. And you see, because of that, you can't see what we can.

Lithens: Well, I suppose if you only exist in that, like, two dimensional state, is there a limit to dimensions? Four, five, six. If we can only see some, how many are there?

Lithens: I don't know how you'd be able to though, we, like, have a limit to how far we can see in terms of dimensions. There's… more.

Lithens: So, no, I guess. That does raise a number of additional questions. Why the eyes? What's the issue?

Lithens: See? See what? You can see just fine. There's nothing that you can't see.

Lithens: I can keep my eyes open. The frames aren't that big of an issue, trust me. I can walk, I can show you things. You'll get this knowledge, just /calm/ down. It'll come eventually, don't get too excited.

Lithens: Wait just a fucking second, what do you mean by esca- (Lithens convulses and falls to the floor as his vital signs cease. His eyes remain wide open, and proceed to be 'lifted and thrown,' as if by a hand. The eyes accelerate into the nearest wall. Two small circular marks are made, approximately at eye level. The marks 'bend' once to close, then reopen. Immediately after, an circular body is formed surrounding the marks, which form negative space about the body. A lever-like jaw, a tail, and six jointed shapes appear from the bottom of the body, each displaying flexibility similar to humanoid hands. The body moves horizontally towards the door, which opens, then closes. No remains of Lithens' eyes are found.)