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Where SCP-3803 should be located in the Tharsis region.

Item #: SCP-3803

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3802 is to be monitored from site – ██ at all times by at least one Senior Researcher. MTF Phi – 7 is to be stationed with at least one 5 person squad on standby at site – ██. Any changes to SCP-3803 are to be reported immediately. In case of outside excursions by SCP-3803-a follow protocol Olympus and shut down all site entrances immediately. Please refer to Senior Researcher Mare for updates on SCP-3803 as expeditions ensue.

Description: SCP-3803 is a large Pentagonal structure located in the Tharsis region of Mars and measuring 2 km by 1.8k on the surface and being an undetermined width, length, and depth underground. While no pictures have been taken via satellite due to a not yet understood anomalous effect, the structure can be seen if a subject gets within 0.5 km of its sides. First discovered by the curiosity rover, it is now under the jurisdiction of site director Will Garner and MTF Phi – 7, designated “Mars Rovers”.

On the outside, SCP-3803 has one large 2-meter by 5-meter door on each side with a console of some sort off to the side. Current function of said consoles is unknown, but it has been determined that they are not for door control as all doors have remained open since discovery. Upon entering SCP-3803, it was found to consist of a large maze on the top level and is provided with a false sky similar to an Earth dusk via unknown means. The maze is made up of roughly 27 meter tall walls made from an unknown metal alloy. Attempts to climb these walls have proved to be a possible, yet inefficient method for moving large forces.

The maze houses large robotic “guards” henceforth referred to as SCP-3803-a. Instances of SCP-3803-a have been observed to be 2 meter tall, slender, sharp, bipedal metal constructs, with 5 "eyes" of varying colors and positions on their heads. These constructs have been reported to interact with most objects via a "multipurpose tool" implanted in their left arm. While it is rather easy to avoid instances of SCP-3803-a, when subjects are fully intercepted, SCP-3803-a drags them through self-made openings in the walls that subsequently close, to a currently unknown location.

All attempts at using cameras, drones, and GPS locators to find this location have failed. In the center of the maze is a large spiral staircase leading down to the next level. This secondary level consists of a visually similar maze, with the main difference being its constant changing, making expeditions very difficult. This area contains a more advanced version of SCP-3803-a that has been dubbed SCP-3803-a-2 that is significantly faster and more intelligent than the older models, making use of what seem to be high power hydraulic pumps in their legs. It also contains a single larger model that has dubbed SCP-3803-b or the “minotaur”. This minotaur is equipped with a an unknown firing mechanism which it uses to discharge a currently unknown plasma. What remains further underneath is currently unknown, though expeditions are in progress.

Most recent expedition by MTF Commander █████ has yielded a plethora of interesting data points.