Item #: SCP-8486

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8486 is housed at Site-19 and is to be locked in a 12 ft. by 12 ft. steel container. The container is to be protected with one guard switching out every 6 hours. During these shifts, the guard is to be interviewed every 2 hours in order to combat the psychological effects that SCP-8486 emanates. Failure to do so can lead to locking down the chamber.

SCP-8486 is to be monitored for a maximum of 1 hour after which it is to be recorded. While monitoring 1 armed guard must be in the chamber at all times.

D-class testing must go through level 3 personnel in order to proceed with testing. Testing must be less than one hour. 1 armed guard must be in the control chamber throughout testing. The reinforced steel doors should be locked down during testing.

Description: SCP-8486 is a normal roll of Charmin toilet paper around six inches tall. It appears to be a completely normal toilet paper. However, looking at it for more than 20-43 minutes will cause a psychological effect. The effect will cause an intense desire to hold SCP-8486 to overwhelm the victim, causing them to come in contact with SCP-8486.

Following contact with SCP-8486, 4-6 paper tentacles around 5 feet long will proceed to wrap around the victim. The tentacles will proceed to drag its victim into SCP-8486-1. SCP-8486-1 is a pocket dimension inside of SCP-8486. Witnesses note that when being dragged into SCP-8486-1 the victim appears to get smaller.

Inside SCP-8486-1 the victim appears to be surrounded by a forest. The forest seems to be only redwood trees and the sky is absent of clouds. Time also works differently, one day inside SCP-8486-1 is 7 hours. The sky is always absent of clouds.

Following insertion to SCP-8486-1, the victim will walk for days, the forest appearing to be infinite. While exploring the victim will be followed by humanoid figures unknowingly as seen by D-class exploration surveillance. These humanoid figures are classified as SCP-8486-2. They are approximately 6 feet tall and have a slender body. There is are an unknown amount of SCP-8486-2 inside of SCP-8486-1.

If D-class is retrieved after exploration they will be questioned on what they had seen inside SCP-8486-1. The D-class will then be administered Class-A amnestics.