Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX will be kept in a 15' x 20' x 7' concrete room lined with white wallpaper1. The door is to be sealed at all times. SCP-XXXX will be fed and watered three times a day each after tri-hourly cleaning. CO2 is to be sprayed into the container via valves located on the ceiling. During the event of a containment breach, it is to be sprayed with oxygen immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX resembles a tall, smiling, man wearing a brown suit of unknown origins. SCP-XXXX, for reasons not known, brea It seems to leak a [DATA EXPUNGED] substance out of its gums, which, as according to janitors who clean the containment, is very hard to clean up due to CO2 exposure. When someone looks at its smile, their head will explode2 with great force. Due to its thinking that the human race is an "injury" upon "mother earth," it will try to kill any human in sight. When it is alone, it will repeatably say: "Cleanser, not number" while pacing back and forth. For some unknown reasons, it will absorb gasses around it, thus making it impossible to try and knock it out using gasses3. Reclassification request pending.


Interview xxxx-01
Date: 02/10/[REDACTED]
Interviewed: SCP-3166
Interviewer: Dr. Maggeligan

SCP-XXXX: *indistinct muttering*

Dr. Maggeligan: Can you tell us why you did it?

SCP-XXXX: *quiet laughter* Did what?

Dr. Maggeligan: Don't play games. Why did you kill those people?

SCP-XXXX: What people? Oh. You mean the injuries, don't you? I didn't kill them, I cleansed them. I cleansed them right out of existence! *uncontrollable laughter*

D-10496: What's wrong with that guy? *a bang on a window can be heard*

SCP-XXXX: You two are injuries too! You need to be cleansed!

D-10496: What? We don't need to be- *blood splatters*


After the interview, SCP-XXXX almost immediately breached containment, killing half the personnel in the facility. It broke out of the site, and went to the nearest group of people, the small town of [REDACTED], Oregon. SCP-XXXX was re-contained by Mobile Task Force Zeta-14 "Warning shots" after about 5 and a half days of wreaking havoc on the town.

Interview xxxx-02
Date: 01/31/[REDACTED]

1. How this happens is still unknown.