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Item #: SCP-4081

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4081 is to be placed at least 1 Kilometer underground in a room that is made of steel and is 12ftx20ftx30ft (Width by Length by Height). there should be 2 rooms, one labelled "Hazardous" and the other "Safe"

Description: SCP-4081 is a series of Flash Drives (15), These all contain part of a code to a [REDACTED], 3 of the Drives (SCP-4081-4, SCP-4081-6, and SCP-4081-7) have the attractive properties like SCP-012. They will affect any computer they are plugged into like a virus. The other 12 are an anti-virus although only 5 work (SCP-4081-1, SCP-4081-2, SCP-4081-5, SCP-4081-8, and SCP-4081-12) all other Drives make the "Virus" worse and make it a trojan virus. The 3 "virus" drives are to be put in the "Hazardous" section. The 12 other Drives are to be put in "Safe"

SCP-4081 was discovered by MTF Rho-9 in the control room of Site-██.


SCP-4081-6 was Terminated by accident while Dr.█████████ was under the influence of SCP-420-J It is unknown how the Level 3 Researcher obtained SCP-420-J but he damaged the drive rendering it unusable.