Presque(Currently for something 12+ chapters)v

Playing the piper.

Every day from two to five (at least according to his watch) was official unofficial music time. People needed stimulation, but this was a part of separating the “big” problem into smaller, more manageable groups long enough for the remaining engineers to do technical maintenance with the reality anchors and other things that tended to wear down and break really fast in this otherwise spatially looping, changing, “living” office building; light fixtures and computer cables weren’t made to stand against a school of tiny flying bullsharks or the less frequent, less enduring vengeful desk chair…or whatever decided to be a problem by trying to break things that were making staying alive, fed, and/or remain arguably hygenic possible. At least the trend of

A haggard-looking, unshaved man with some bloodstains that were neither his own nor his fault but still accentuated his new “style”, Dan nonetheless had a slowly growing fan base that gathered whenever and wherever he would play the banjo. For better or worse

The banjo, a cheap dollar store purchase he got from someone as a part of a joke once, was not something as familiar to him as a guitar despite the fact it hadn’t left his sight or reach in two months. He had been playing the former for years being that he was, or at least used to be, a professional guitarist, but the recent living extinction of every known musical instrument meant that his options were limited.