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Mouse gets here somehow, causes havoc and is caught. Still causes havoc sometimes even in its current conditions but has also started another problem that was quickly noticed.

Said new problem is studied, and said new problem becomes "exacerbated"- or more accurately thrives from the acknowledgement (mostly the feeling of surprise, bewilderment, etc, which was started to be realised only after they drifted over to where the d-class were and caused a varying range of mischief there). It also becomes obvious they're multiplying somehow, even though they started the annoying habit of switching appearances with each other so that none starve and dissipate immediately.

Positive reinforcement is considered briefly, but they immediately started following people outside the whole property without being noticed somehow- the lack of noticed from machines/electronics was noticed from the get-go. Depending on the situation and setting, there were different shades of appropriate panic trying to take control of said situation.

The first solution to this is to deny they're anything more than hallucinations. This works with reversing how individuals are thriving and interacting with physical objects to get more reactions out of people, although the issue with them multiplying is still a problem.

The site director is "eaten", gets unofficially replaced by the lead researcher after other scps are transferred out due to obvious hazards by being even around the mouse and possible disruptions from the sudden loss of capable people.

And then while the foundation is still trying to figure out how they work, someone (a D-class, while in their quarters) punches a visual compromise between an owl and a bar stool and it explodes into a slow-motion cloud of what was assumed to be (and also more or less confirmed) "infant" stages of these things. On a side note, it's like a starfish but possible to also put back together- which sheds light on their apparent initial logic/approach to people snatched out of their grounded reality ("replaced") by the mouse.

Things continue to get more and more tense, especially as the D-class basically needed to be transferred out and/or disposed of. Someone gets the idea of coralling them with inherited paranoia of the outside world. That somehow manages to work, which also helps lead to the most current revision of special containment procedures.

Just days before all the paperwork for that kind of change would have gone through, a "dinosaur" constructed by a finally bursting swell of negative emotion causes major structural damage and more than a few fatalities before it falls apart itself. Some D-class manage to escape, along with some of the "hallucinations".

While that structural damage is being repaired, the staff working there are overturned by/supplemented with people who were legitimately diagnosed with antisocial disorder, to further control [the] things and their unknown but certainly oversaturated numbers. Someone eventually links (confirms) this with how the mouse is "eating" people, as referenced in the line "putting them back together, but it is hard now" which is an intentionally manipulated/heavily spliced record of successful communication, which incidently led to more questions and some confirmed speculations.

Yes, the mouse was from an outside…or "far away", as it was roughly translated from the first successful "conversation". Of course it was easier when another "far away" briefly entangled and helped recover some thoughts from the last time they were as such- a whole other part that isn't relevant enough to switch to right now.

Anyway, that meant there were more things likely watching, listening, etc. which may or may not have been worse than two more developments: the misplaced people put back together as completely as possible, and the constructs that had become "braindead" slipping into predefined archetypal or otherwise supernatural cultura

For this locally universal "strain" of "sterile" thoughtforms, this is a rough translation of what binds them closer to our kind of existence. Also a translation of the (previously absent) warranty/instructions/limitations of use that had to be signed by buyers before that they eventually managed to get from the company…necessary abuse and all. Makes it kind of hard to believe the "first generation of these" apparently wanted (something like) this, at least until the alternate possibilities are considered.

1. You cannot be your own master. (Literally and figuratively. While it is thought to be for preventing sexual/romantic/etc (or at least attempted) relations from getting into their heads or some other status equalizer/elevation from happening (remember, they're tools), it's not so much ease of humiliation as having the freedom to do things. Even as mere pieces, the danger is obvious. Also, the fact that they're aware they're not human might at least be a part of why they can't look as such; even if the first/real reason(s) is unclear, it's still obvious an uncanny valley is better than an accurate impersonator in the long run.
2. You will not set loose betrayal by tongue or sight; you will be seen but not heard. (Actually extends to all but sight; deaf, dumb, etc. Mirrors and photographs are also affected, as they are considered a form of expressed extension and expression…like a painting or a word. This does not mean someone else can't draw them, as they have that existential freedom.)
3. You will not be [helplessly] swayed by any other than those who keep you. (This actually means active and passive information streams, whether alive or something like a book- also helps curtail how literally "you are what you eat" would otherwise apply to them.
4. To be named is to forge an agreement, a pact, or a promise, whichever being most appropriate. It should not be taken lightly. (Somewhat unofficial; stemmed from basic psychological tendencies, but helps combine the definition of "master" with whatever actual association exists. Can be considered unique to the biologically social.)

We ourselves exist under (and in some ways because) what we consider virtually infallible laws, such as gravity.

And we have a horrible track record for accepting the fact we might have equal peers, so it could also be

Electronic copy below as per Federal Records Act

UIU File 2017-09: Codename Jersey Devil


i dont think im human anymore in the strictest sense but im not dead or unsound of mind yes this is haworth if youre wondering a lot of us hope maybe youll listen to me but im beginning to doubt reason is so important to you now we everyone that got eaten by three four two four dash one were reteaching them how to think in words for hopefully obvious reasons its not working so well but its fine because the words we manage to get across keep being turned around to look like everything is under control i dont even know how many half real monsters are out there now doing things under the logic of their given description being in places that the same logic says theyre supposed to be you are more afraid of not admitting you didnt understand as much as you thought you did than changing the routine by letting them have the chance to fix your unecessary additions to our mess they will also become braindead without us like the ones out there eating everything that falls under the description of baby and you know that and i am terrified that you let it go beyond the depth than i thought you would

everyone here is getting bored or close to a mental breakdown if they havent already i can see the feeling is pretty close to mutual on that end would it kill you to use another color of paint other than the color of dried shit for the walls that arent steel

at least give the kids some toys if youre going to pretend none of us exist since you know its not like they had the rest of their whole lives taken away along with the privilege of having human rights you sick fucks better not try turning them into guinea pigs or bait either or ill set the lounge room on fire

so today someone on your side told me that a house with chicken legs and a stovepipe head destroyed my last extent relatives home while they were sleeping by jumping on it repeatedly and scratching through the remains for the bodies

it was blamed on a gas leak explosion you really told me that to see if I could hear and understand really fuck yourexperiments fuckyoufuckyou fu

maybe mice are too simple to end up here ive lost a good chunk of memory but at least i didnt just stop existing call me overly religious but this could be purgatory speaking of mice those other things act really jumpy around the room with all the mice and keep trying to stop anyone from going near that door

please stop calling us mannequins or whatever it makes it harder to keep looking the same or recognizable at all its like memory is important to some degree i forgot my face and now i dont have one i should have looked at my reflection more

i know what clothes feel like so i know im still wearing my clothes right

does anyone have parents or siblings that are still alive that are called kid or something similar by them or have the target credentials changed to just being anything called baby

(To be after the image, if it stays there after editing.) researcher no ex researcher bayer here keefe was working on a thesis about superstition two years ago that included this image in hindsight im happy he didnt actually clear his outdated files as with site policy they have no idea what they are either but it reminded them of something or so what we interpreted from their reaction at least we know the internal time period

contrary to popular belief we still find things out like normal and we dont know what everyone else is doing every second like these things seem to with each other some of us dont know what is happening you dont need to take away the belief that their families are alive and missing them the sensory deprivation is bad enough michael punching someone after that is a perfectly understandable example he could do it because he wanted to do it badly enough on an irrational level

you learn to read lips pretty quickly when youre suddenly deaf

the nightmares are bad and all but i dont think ignoring them is going to discourage anything anymore i hope youve figured out by now the dreams about animals eating your children werent actually threats

HELP STOP ORISON YES REMEMBER FAR AWAY SILENT NOW WORRY can you lower the not-vibrations a little guys

think they mean theres more of them in another dimension or something im not even joking i feel like ive seen everything

i know you or someone under you checks the system daily for inserted syntax like this fred

since doctor james said telling who you are is important im kylie there is a lot of yelling happening its not actually yelling but there isnt a good way to describe it it might be like a souper power or something i dunno theyve also been eating stuff that gets stuck in peoples heads it looked kind of like cloud bits of fizzy cotton candy i like touched it but not really and it was jingle bells is it christmas already tell my parents im okay please i dont need any other present

hey walter im pretty sure thats you since those are your favorite pants and thats your computer but did you notice me touching your shoulder if you did guess who i am im bored enough to play that kind of game

who am i

who am i

who am i

i think

you took our hands and arms