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The Foundation Official Handbook 3rd edition

Spacial, Temporal and Dimensional Anomalies

Pg.1291/Chapter-67 - Anomalous Free Ports

An (in)complete list of extradimensional locations of interest.

The Foundation has been aware for some time of a number of locations outside of baseline realities. The majority of these are of little consequence, often being contained as part of another SCP object, or as an object in their own right. Nexuses are also a concept familiar to most in the Foundation, especially those from Boring, Oregon or Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin, both of which are nexuses in baseline reality.

Where these two concepts overlap however, is a very special sort of location. These anomalous free ports are usually only tangentially connected to baseline reality, and are extremely difficult to contain. Most personnel from Site-64 and the surrounding area will recognise the name "Three Portlands," however it may come as a surprise to some to know that it is only one of many such locations. To better aid Foundation personnel interacting with these locations, a brief list of some larger such locations has been compiled below, along with descriptors and access points.

NAME: Three Portlands

ACCESS POINTS: Portland, Maine / Portland, Oregon / Isle of Portland, UK

KNOWN GoI's: Anderson Robotics, Chicago Spirit, Unusual Incidents Unit, (formerly) Promethius Labs, Church of Maxwellism

ACCESS STATUS: The Foundation is unable to freely enter the city, and must collaborate with the UIU in order to gain open access.

DESCRIPTION: Three Portlands is a conglomerate city comprised of the cultures of its three constituent cultures. It is notable for its poor weather and dense population.

NAME: Backdoor Soho


KNOWN GoI's: Are We Cool Yet?, Unusual Incidents Unit

ACCESS STATUS: The Foundation is unable to freely enter the city, and must collaborate with the UIU in order to gain open access. Weapons are not permitted within the location.

DESCRIPTION: Backdoor Soho is similar to Soho, NYC only in so far as it is spacially adjacent to it. Culture and architecture is similar between the two, however the influence of the large anart community that gave rise to the location can easily be seen.

NAME: Hy-Brasil

ACCESS POINTS: Atlantic ocean west of Ireland

KNOWN GoI's: Marshall, Carter & Dark, Global Occult Coalition, (formerly) Prometheus Labs, The Serpent's Hand, GRU Division-P, Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts

ACCESS STATUS: Containment Site-03 is located in Hy-Brasil.

DESCRIPTION: Hy-Brasil formerly held the same position in the anomalous community that Three Portlands currently does, until a colossal aquamorph attacked the city in 1988. The city has never recovered from the incident.

NAME: The Wanderer's Library

ACCESS POINTS: Multi-universal

KNOWN GoI's: The Serpent's Hand, The Black Queen

ACCESS STATUS: MTF Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers") has been assigned to all operations within the Wanderer's Library. All other access is prohibited.

DESCRIPTION: The Wanderer's Library is a library known to contain the significant majority of all books and writings in the multiverse.

NAME: Eurtec

ACCESS POINTS: Most major cities in Europe

KNOWN GoI's: Servants of the Silicon Nornir (GOC member), Anderson Robotics, Oneiroi, Alexylva University, Chicago Spectre, (formerly) Promethius Labs, The Black Queen, Church of Maxwellism

ACCESS STATUS: Foundation access is blocked by the Global Occult Coalition, and therefore does not have direct access to the city.

DESCRIPTION: Eurtec presents itself as the official paracity of the future. It is a hub of anomalously advanced technology, often found to be decades in advance of anywhere else on Earth.

NAME: The Utterly Bazaar

ACCESS POINTS: The Wanderer's Library, others change regularly

KNOWN GoI's: Marshall, Carter and Dark, Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting, others implicated

ACCESS STATUS: All access locations are heavily guarded, and no member of the Foundation is permitted entry. All information comes from external sources.

DESCRIPTION: At least partially resembles 19th century England, the Utterly Bazaar is a multiversal location similar to the Wanderer's Library that acts as a marketplace for objects not found in one's home reality. Most shops are wooden stalls, however some permanent establishments have been confirmed to exist.

NAME: Japan Underground

ACCESS POINTS: Various Japanese cities

KNOWN GoI's: IJAMEA, Marshall, Carter, and Dark, Are We Cool Yet?

ACCESS STATUS: The Foundation is unable to freely enter the city, as entrances are all well hidden or under IJAMEA protection.

DESCRIPTION: One of several names for a city within an extradimensional space accessible via an unknown number1 of locations throughout Japan. It is believed that Japan originally contained a high number of individual extradimensional spaces, however their high number and concentration caused them combine into a singular location consisting of multiple geographical and gravitional anomalies.


…I'm sure many of you have heard of, if not directly feasted at, the esteemed venue that is Marshall, Carter and Darke's Pretty Penny restaurant chain. If so, you are also no doubt aware of how ludicrously expensive the price tag is. With that in mind, I invite you all to partake of our own paranormal provender, and tell me that it isn't worth the reasonable fee. Welcome to the Ambrose Restaurant, I hope you enjoy eating your meals as much as I did enjoy their preparation.
-Excerpt from a "Speech to Investors", Chaz Ambrose, 20██, recovered from office of Restaurant in ██████ city.

The "Ambrose" restaurant chain is an organisation with no defined base of operations, however it has been observed in most known extradimensional locations of interest that are known to be anomalous free ports, or are otherwise out of Foundation jurisdiction. Mobile Task Force Lambda-14 ("One Star Reviewers") has been assigned to tracking this group.

The chain is known to utilise a wide variety of anomalies in its cooking, notably as either ingredients or utensils for processing ingredients. Use of techniques developed by the Group of Interest "Are We Cool Yet?" have been observed, suggesting a cross-over of interests between the two. Ambrose Restaurant staff are known to be extremely aggressive to SCP Foundation personnel, and protective of their facilities.

Captured employees of the Ambrose Restaurant have been as a whole generally proud of their works, even if in some cases they can lead to the demise of others.

Dining Out by Proasek

"Everything's a hit so far."
Agent Nathan Ryans was summarily murdered by his meal.

Oh, I Wouldn't Worry About Flaky-Os by DrChandra

"Oh my god, this place has cornflakes made from imaginary corn!"

Ambrose Fair by Proasek

"I'll miss you, tent." He said to himself, dropping his bag into the way. He tutted as he followed it, and his vision was clouded by the Darkness between Dimensions.