Side Note - SCP-3541 was last blank on the main lists, so it was grabbed for this. Title subject to change
Item #: SCP-3541
Object Class: Euclid
SCP-3541 may be re-classified as Keter if containment is lost and it cannot be quickly recovered.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3541 and current 'Subject Host' to be contained in Medium Entity Containment Wing, Site 07-2 Unit Number: ███. Standard living subject amenities provided.
Containment Interaction Note: Minimum 4 agents are required, one to unlock and open the containment unit, one to maintain continual watch of the Subject Host, two agents to refresh food, water, and toiletry supply. Subject Host is to remain within designated circle. If 3541 leaves the designated area without being requested to by senior agents, or research agents, subdue immediately while signaling alert.
Description: SCP-3541 is a black ring, approximate interior circumference of 3.2 inches (US/Canada ring size 16). Material steel or titanium with an acrylic band containing silver wire weaving with reflective blue/green metal ribbon. The visible outside of the ring is unremarkable. Interior of the construct has not yet been studied.
SCP-3541 currently being referred to as an Anchor Construct. Primary theories include that 3541 is a method to control and feed through the subject host
Two known subject hosts that have been identified: █████ ██████████ of ███████ Minnesota and Former Foundation Security Agent Kent ████████. Further identification towards prior owners, if any, have been inconclusive.

Incident-3541-1: Foundation personnel, assisting law enforcement, track and capture Subject host 1. Following a string of brutal, ritualistic, murders starting in north west Minnesota, and ending in south central Iowa.