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Item #: SCP-3541

Object Class: Euclid
SCP-3541 may be re-classified as Keter if containment is lost and it cannot be quickly recovered.

Special Containment Procedures: Item and current 'Subject Host' to be contained in Medium Entity Containment Wing, Site 07-2 Unit Number: ███. Three basic meals to be provided per standard adult diet. Subject Host states it requires no stimuli.

Containment Interaction Note: Minimum 4 agents are required, one to unlock and open the containment unit, one to maintain continual watch of the Subject Host, two agents to refresh food, water, and toiletry supply. Subject Host is to remain in the bathroom with door open and lights on while supplies are slotted in appropriate dispensers. If the Subject Host leaves the bathroom without being requested to by senior agents, or research agents, it is to be shot with taser darts. Subject Host shows above normal pain and flight responses to this, but has yet to be truly 'stunned' despite severe increases in voltage. Subject Host has yet to show response to tranquilizing chemicals.

Description: SCP-3541 is a black ring, approximate interior circumference of 3.2 inches (US/Canada ring size 16). Material steel or titanium with an acrylic band containing silver wire weaving with reflective blue/green metal ribbon.
SCP-3541 Is tentatively identified as a parasitic entity that is anchored to this object. Current primary theories include that 3541 is a manifestation of a being that allows it to 'travel 'in our world. Second, most backed, theory is that the ring is connected to a extra-dimensional entity that uses the ring is a combination of a collar, control anchor, and feeding tube.
Two known subject hosts that have worn this ring have been identified: █████ ██████████ of ███████ Minnesota and Detective ████ ████████ of ████ Iowa. Further identification towards prior owners have been difficult. Both Subject Hosts murdered their immediate families before being caught. No credit card records were found that could pin-point the origins when searching via █████'s records. Detective ████████ had taken the ring from the body of █████, and was part of the fatal shootout that had ended Subject Host One's life, thus explaining their connection

Subject's Pre-Capture Activity: Research is still examining current data about the 3541's pre-capture activity which has resulted in a still unrealized agenda of 3541. Hypothesis include the entity consumes blood, as none has been found in, or around, the bodies of its victims, when it has had time to enact it's normal 'ritual'. As the entity is, for now assumed, a ring, the method of consumption is debated between trans-dimensional gateway theory, and trans-dimensional osmosis. The purpose of this is not yet fully realized. In addition to total blood consumption, each victim was surgically opened while alive. Consumption of organic matter, as noted in victim reports, indicate that 3451 has the Subject Host eat to fulfill biological requirements, but indulges is animallistic violence and flesh consumption when opportunities present themselves.

Subject Host One had killed more than one person, but each instance of violence led to a single victim that suffered exsanguination and organ extraction. The reason for these people being singled out an the others around them not is under debate.
Minnesota is the first appearance of 3541's style of killing which reinforces that the entity must be a recent one, and not some old being that had been laying in wait. The victims in Minnesota were stalked with meticulous attention to detail. With the near capture of 3541 at its' 4th victim, it's behavior started to become more erratic as if trying to adapt to being more closely pursued as it moved south to Iowa.

Iowa The Iowa pursuit provided proof that 3541 is intelligent enough to change strategy, but lacked the calm to do so carefully, resulting in its' eventual capture. The method of 3541's killing became more brutal and its' defenses more severe. The brutality of its' action in contrast to it's behavior in captivity has been noted and stressed to guarding agents as well as entry and interview agents.