Doctor Scavan's SCP
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Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-4XXX, it cannot be contained unless the main hosts are identified, captured, and held captive in most Light Containment Zones and rarely the Moderate Containment Zone. SCP-4XXX/10.A-L are to not be in contact of any persons and held in 7x4x9 meter cells constructed of soundproof concrete and a standard cell door be treated as Class C personnel, and are to be held in CSU██ style dormitories in groups of 3-4. See Addendum SCP-4XXX-A. Level 3 and higher personnel are forbidden from coming into contact with SCP-4XXX/10.A-L for safety purposes. Only Level 2 personnel are permitted. If Level 3 wish to come into contact with any subject of SCP-4XXX/10.A-L require 7/8 vote from Level-5 researchers. If in contact with any subject of SCP-4XXX/10.A-L, alert the nearest Level 2 Researcher for Class-E evaluation. Site Director ████████ █████ has been given permission to terminate personnel that has been in contact with SCP-4XXX/10.A-L. SCP-4XXX/10.A-L are to be guarded by MTF Sierra-2 "Drift"| Sierra-8 "4-Winged Raven" |Sierra-15 "Thot Patrol" |Sierra-21 "Athena" Sierra-28 "9-Headed Hydra". Should any subjects of SCP-4XXX be out of containment, all Level 3 or higher personnel must evacuate 20 m away from the said subject. Level 1-2 personnel should observe Class 2 Hazardous Object containment procedures. In the event of a breach SCP-4XXX/10.A-L should be escorted by Level I Class-E personnel. If no Level I Class-E personnel be available, MTF Capricorn-0 "Scale Tail" should recover SCP-4XXX/10.A-L.

Current SCP-XXXX hosts are held at Site 147. Local authorities are authorized on alerting families that SCP-4XXX hosts have gone missing for unknown reasons.

Description: SCP-4XXX is an exotically exclusive parasitic like genetic worm that seems to make the affected individual and subjects around the affected individual life difficult. SCP-4XXX resembles a different gene than typical DNA. SCP-4XXX is identified as "Woltimine". SCP-4XXX is shaped similarly to RNA to blend in. Research has shown that SCP-4XXX take over hosts who are genetically descendant of a historical celebrity, ex.: Emperor Yi, Christopher Columbus. Other studies have shown that SCP-4XXX might be sentient, but examining a "strain" of SCP-4XXX under a microscope shows no brain or organ in the anomaly, though it does show corrosion of several essential genetic strands. It is shown that SCP-4XXX "eats" the DNA around it causing the faultiness. So far all research is spearheaded by RTF-Alpha-11 "Hermes" which has been roaming all over history museums, and RTF-Beta-8 "River of Styx" stationed in Greece.

Other studies concluded that SCP-4XXX had originated from the Mycenaean Greek era. Research is ongoing on whether SCP-4XXX is semi-sentient, ultra-terrestrial, or memetic. SCP-4XXX brings life for hosts dangerously difficult and try to in its power, kill the affected individual, who is designated SCP-4XXX/(Generation Number).A-Z. All current hosts were designated SCP-4XXX/10.A-L. One of these perilous effects is cursing the definition of the name of SCP-4XXX-2 (for convenience.) Such an example exists in SCP-4XXX/10.A. Studies and interviews show that he suffers from advanced depression and has significant memory loss since the age of ██. Studies also conclude that SCP-4XXX will trigger its effects at its most convenient time.
Current hosts are from Southern Ca████████, L███ B████. Hosts were captured from Cal State University [REDACTED]. Subjects were unaware of why they were captured or their "curse" of SCP-4XXX until O5-██ briefed their status via handwritten letter when dropped off at Site [REDACTED]. It is unknown how SCP-4XXX enters individuals. List of all SCP-4XXX hosts.

Document SCP-XXXX-A

Log SCP-XXXX/O5-6371: A Psi class breach occurred the morning SCP-4XXX/10.A-L were transferred to Site [DATA REDACTED] along with 1,000 other SCPs. Breach lasted for 11 hours. SCPs killed about ███ personnel and ██ Chaos Insurgency. SCP-4XXX/10.A-C encountered more than ██ SCPs and terminated two teams of Chaos Insurgency. Dr. Ho████ was found with a bullet wound in the Fatman control room in front of the terminals. The following terminal logs shown will provide context for the breach.


Quote from Interview Log 6372 by Site Director ████████ █████. Interview held by Dr. Xyank

That woman was an [EXPUNGED]! All of us were deceived until she kicked all of us in the shin and the SCPs came an killed most of us. Even the O5s agree that is was the worst breach since Site-19. Man, they should've never trusted her. Otherwise, on my part, they should've never transferred me here.-Site Director ████████ █████ -1:31 21/██/20██

Quote from new Commander of S28

S28 is pretty bad enough said. Honestly, SCP-4XXX is something I don't trust. I'm not gonna defend these kids. No, but seriously somebody else needs to protect them -Commander Ervin ██████