Prometheus Accident-0001


Incident-0001 Happend Right After The Sun Rised, Experiment-████ Broke it's Containment Chamber And Caused Death of ██ People, The Site was Broken and was Needed to be Fixed. Experiment-████ Used An Anomalous Weapon Called █████████ To Escape The Containment Chamber and To Cause Death to ██ People.

Possible Reasons of Breach: Dr.Mercury Forgot To Add More Lays of Metal Into its Chamber That Caused Experiment-████ To Get Mad and To Escape it's Chamber, Lady Sol Accidently Opened the Chamber to Play with Experiment-████ While Experiment-████ Got Scared From her Trying to Escape

Lady Sol: Requesting to Add Another Door to Its Containment and To Add more Layers of Metal So It won't Escape Again Or Else We Will Have To Destroy It.

Experiment-████ Was Captured In 16/04/██ And Found in █████.