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SCP-4424 prior to its anomalous properties manifesting.

Item #: SCP-4424

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any and all alterations to SCP-4424's containment procedures must be made 13 months in advance unless said alteration is extremely urgent to SCP-4424's status of containment. SCP-4424 has been coated with a cognitohazardous agent to prevent unauthorized viewing as of 12/12/2011.

Description: SCP-4424 is a digital billboard located alongside United States Highway 95.

SCP-4424's singular anomalous property is its status as a temporal anomaly, existing both in the present and every following day for the next 365 days. Due to this, any and all changes made to SCP-4424's appearance today will suddenly change for those in the near future, and any changes made in the near future will suddenly change in present day.1

Currently, SCP-4424 is displaying an image of a statement in an unknown language alongside an image of a tall, humanoid entity. See addenda for more information.

Addendum 4424.1: On 12/12/2011, a large, perfectly-circular hole measuring 1 m in radius manifested in the top right of SCP-4424. At this time, SCP-4424 immediately disabled presumably due to the damage caused. Following a video being uploaded to video media website YouTube titled "hole in billboard near h95", a Foundation WEBCRAWLER deleted the video and a mobile task force was deployed to investigate. It was during this time that a cognitohazardous coating was applied to SCP-4424.

The following morning on 12/13/2011, SCP-4424's hole began to be filled by a suddenly manifesting solid identical to the original patch SCP-4424 had lost. Shortly after SCP-4424 was repaired, it reactivated, and an unidentified image appeared on the digital screen. The image contained a statement in an unknown language alongside a picture of a tall, thin, pale humanoid entity. Said entity bares resemblance to a fictional form of extraterrestrial life commonly referred to as "greys" and wears a large, maroon-hued robe. The entity appears to have no form of genitalia nor any other humanoid features aside from limbs and a face.

Further investigation is underway.

Addendum 4424.2: On 12/10/2012, Site-86, a containment site located near SCP-4424, received a transmission from a source traced to be originated from Messier 31. The transmission was incomprehensible due to it being created in an unidentified language.

Under the order of the Overseer-5 Council, Project Heimdall has been initiated to further investigate SCP-4424 alongside other extraterrestrial abnormalities.