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Item #: SCP-3685

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All members of SCP-3685 have yet to be discovered, but it is thought that they are widespread in the Pacific Ocean and the North-West United States. All recovered instances of SCP-3685 are to be kept in aquatic containment chambers within Site-90 in quantities of 20 or less. Said aquatic containment chambers are to remain completely sealed with no plumbing apparatuses equipped within them. Any and all maintenance on SCP-3685's aquatic containment chambers are to be performed by operated aquatic machinery.

Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") personnel are to survey for SCP-3685 infestations within urban areas in the North-West United States. Should an infestation be discovered, all instances are to be recovered and transported to Site-90 for permanent containment. Should transportation be infeasible, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-9 ("Fire Eaters") are to be dispatched to the location of the infestation with the intent to use incendiary weaponry on the instances.

Three SCP Foundation submarine vessels (named the SCPS Whitley, the SCPS Ballone, and the SCPS Nill) are to patrol the Pacific Ocean for dormant instances of SCP-3685. Should an SCP-3685 hive be discovered, two detonated explosives are to be placed near the infestation and then detonated. The surviving instances are to be transported to Site-90 for containment.

Description: SCP-3685 is an unidentified species of isopod with its organisms measuring 0.3 m in length.

SCP-3685's anatomy consists of six legs and a hardened exoskeleton alongside a pair of wings similar to the American cockroach's (Periplaneta americana). All instances of SCP-3685 have the ability to contort their bodies into formations without harming their exoskeleton; this action is commonly performed by instances because of their tendency to enter houses through plumbing apparatuses.

SCP-3685's primary anomalous properties manifest upon contact with human flesh. Immediately following contact, the SCP-3685 instance will latch itself onto the subject's skin and will be irremovable for a varying period of time lasting between ten minutes and seven hours.