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The following is a proposal written by Dr. Keter on April 18, 2008, for the reassignment of designation slot SCP-001. Approval/denial of this designation proposal is pending Overseer Council review.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA


A miniscule portion of SCP-001's containment.

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: All components of SCP-001 will be kept within THE SOURCE. Under no circumstances should any individual other than THOSE WHO SEEK KNOWLEDGE enter SCP-001's containment chamber.

If a source containing SCP-001 is to be found outside of its containment, personnel are advised to read pages one through four. Amnestics are not to be applied to any Foundation personnel who come into contact with SCP-001.

Our component of SCP-001 is to be iterated into the SCP Foundation Creation Charter secured within a high-priority storage locker within Site-01. Said high-priority storage locker is to be secured behind a 50m steel sealant equipped with a total of four level-5 airlocks to prevent unauthorized access.

Description: SCP-001 is to be reclassified as an extra-universal memetic entity formed upon creation of a specific series of memetic agents. The goal of said memetic agents is to inflict the wish to preserve normalcy within a subject's universe, effectively ensuring the founding of a normalcy-preservation agency. SCP-001 will be put to use effective of this document's approval.

Upon said normalcy-preservation organization's founding, administrative personnel will continue to be affected by SCP-001's anomalous properties. The subconscious thoughts implemented have an additional effect to unknowingly force the subject to create literature containing SCP-001, causing SCP-001 to spread autonomously.

Literature containing the memetic series that creates SCP-001 can be inserted into any existing novel, poem, document, essay, or any other written/typed forms of literature containing words. Commonly, SCP-001 may be found within well-known literature, such as those written by William Shakespeare, Homer, Edgar Allen Poe, J. R. R. Tolkien, F. Scots Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, etc.

Addendum P-001-A: The following is a researcher note attached to the reassignment proposal written by Dr. Keter.

Researcher Note: This proposal needs to happen. I know, changing the Maksur-class object's designation will take quite a bit of work and refiling, but it will be worth it.

We cannot have another event like that again. There is a possibility that an XK-Class End-of-the-World scenario will occur if that monstrosity comes back together as one. On top of that, the bunker has been used before, but you and I both know that the bunker won't last forever. Nothing does, after all.

One day, this world will end. And another day, our galaxy will collide with another. And yet another day, our universe will crumble to dust. All of these events are unavoidable. But that doesn't mean it's the full end of the human race.

There is a multiverse out there. Unlimited copies of every single variable with even just slight alteration. That automatically means that we are not the only Foundation. Sure, maybe we are the only exact copy of our Foundation, but even with slight alterations like whose in the Overseer Council, who the Head Researcher is, or even what SCP-001 is are bound to exist. It's a fact that comes along with the existence of the multiverse.

When our universe falls, other universes will always contain paranormal entities, events, and objects. And other universes will contain paranormal entities, events, and objects. The preservation of normalcy does not simply apply to us alone; it applies to anything and everything. "Containment" cannot be avoided, nor will it ever not be a multiversal necessity. But what it can be is a multidimensional concept taking place in every single rendition of all arrangements of space-time.

Alongside this, we know that [DATA EXPUNGED] exists. This means that every single strand of SCP-001 will be gathered in one place for the entire multiverse. If we implement this into literature, it will begin to contain itself. We do not need to worry about spreading SCP-001; by its very own nature, it will spread itself, even if we just start with a single SCP-001 strand.

We secure. We contain. We protect.
-Researcher Ken Keter

Addendum P-001-B: An artificial intelligence has recently finished its construction from AIAD personnel. The AI's purpose is to simulate possible outcomes of Dr. Keter's reclassification proposal on the multiverse.

Below is all calculated possible outcomes:

  • Outcome One - The multiverse as a whole has some form of paranormal protection and normalcy preservation agency. All agencies are connected with one another, allowing the Foundation as an entire multidimensional entity to act as one and reach peak condition. No mutations occur within SCP-001's memetic code. Preferred outcome.
  • Outcome Two - The multiverse as a whole has some form of paranormal protection and normalcy preservation agency. Some agencies are connected with one another.
  • Outcome Three - The multiverse as a whole has some form of paranormal protection and normalcy preservation agency. No agencies are affiliated with one another.
  • Outcome Four - The majority of the multiverse has some form of paranormal protection and normalcy preservation agency. Said agencies are affiliated with one another.
  • Outcome Five - A small portion of the multiverse has some form of paranormal protection and normalcy preservation agency. Said agencies are affiliated with one another.
  • Outcome Six - The multiverse as a whole has some form of paranormal and normalcy preservation agency. Some agencies conflict with one another and the multiverse is split between ideals.
  • Outcome Seven - A small portion of the multiverse has some form of paranormal and normalcy preservation agency. All agencies conflict with one another.
  • Outcome Eight - The multiverse as a whole has some form of paranormal and normalcy preservation agency. Some agencies are affiliated with one another. Mutations within SCP-001's memetic code will occur at random. Likely outcome.
  • Outcome Nine - [DATA EXPUNGED]. Outcome unlikely.

Addendum P-001-C: On 4/18/2038, a security breach occurred within Site-01. Three heavily armed humanoid automatons exited a wormhole during an Overseer Council meeting. The meeting was adjourned with the purpose of placing a final decision on Dr. Keter's SCP-001 reassignment proposal.

Below is an audio transcript of the time period of the breach.


[Approximately nine and a half minutes have passed from the initiation of the meeting. This time period was skipped due to irrelevancy to the breach.]

O5-12: █████████, it's Maksur for a reason! We cannot ju-

O5-5: If it were going to repair itself, it would have done so by now. Just think, a church with the power of—

An explosion can be heard. The explosion is quickly followed by gunshots and alarms alongside an unidentified female announcer over an intercom system.

Unidentified: Overseers! There are intruders within Site-01, and they're headed towards the meeting. Lock the room down and activate external security sentries. Alpha-1 is on their way.

At this time, discussion breaks out between the Overseers and the clanging of metal can be heard. More gunshots are audible and are louder than previously.

O5-2: Can you pick me the fuck up? I can't move without my body, God damn it!

O5-6: Alright, alright.

The swooshing of water accompanied by multiple splashes can be heard.

O5-2: Better.

O5-12: Can you focus?

O5-5: If we are to focus, what the fuck are we going to do? Only three of us have weapons and they're nothing more than secondaries. We just have to wait for—

O5-9: Shush! Listen.

The gunshots stop and metallic clamping can be heard distantly.

O5-2: You don't think—

O5-13: She said shut the fuck up!

The tape is silent aside for the sound of occasional whispering, alarms, and metallic clamping. The silence is interrupted by the sound of a welding tool activating.

O5-4: Fuck.

O5-8: Hold on. [Click.] I've got it.

O5-13: You can't just—

O5-8: I said to move back! [Crack.] These motherfuckers are going to die at the hands of—
O5-8 is interrupted as another explosion can be heard, this time within the meeting room. The clanging is now audible and multiple gunshots fire out.

Intruder 1: Get down on the ground and place your hands on your head. Now.

O5-8: Why the fuck won't you die?!

Intruder 3: I believe he said "now."

Intruder 2: Yes, he did.

Intruder 3: I also believe this is the last warning you are going to receive before we resort to violence.

O5-8: You are not going to do jack shit!

Intruder 3: Oh, dear.

Intruder 1: Bad choice, sir. Bad choice.

Intruder 2: I warned you, sir.

A crack can be heard alongside O5-8's gun hitting the ground. O5-8 was later recovered with a broken jawbone.

Intruder 1: Would any of you like to be next?

O5-1: Listen—

Intruder 3: Do not get up.

Intruder 2: Yes, we can hear you from here.

O5-1: You do not know who you are messing with. You just fucked eight up. Have you ever considered what repercussions this is going to have?

Intruder 2: Yes, we do know.

Intruder 1: And yes, we have considered it.

Intruder 3: Hence our arrival here.

Intruder 1: Where are the books?

O5-1: What books?

Intruder 2: Zero-zero-one books. Where are they?

O5-5: You've got to be shitting me.

Intruder 3: I am afraid we are not "shitting you."

O5-1: Look, we haven't made any yet. Whatever you're talking about isn't even zero-zero-one, it's—

Intruder 2: We do not believe you. Every other universe has adopted this. They dropped the god long ago.

O5-1: What does that even mean?

Intruder 1: It means that you are the single irregularity in the multiverse. But, as all you jailors propose, the multiverse is perfect just the way it is now. So, tell me: where are the books?

O5-1: I'm telling you, we don't have any!

Intruder 2: Have we stumbled upon Orion?

Intruder 3: Yes, we have.

Intruder 1: You had one job. To get us to the right universe. And you didn't even.. fuck.

Intruder 3: Sorry.

Intruder 1: We need to go back, then. Wipe their memories.

Intruder 2: Gladly.

The sound of an aerosol can releasing its contents can be heard alongside coughing. The room falls silent except for the intruders exiting.

Approximately one hour after this event, heavy footsteps can be heard entering the room.

Unknown 1: Shit!

Unknown 2: Fuck. They've already been here.

O5-2: Gentlemen? Are you here to steal books, too? I'm sorry to inform you, but we don't have a library.

Unknown 2: Hey, that's pretty cool. He's just like our number two.

Unknown 1: Which means you know what happened?

O5-2: Of course. Amnestics cannot work on a [DATA EXPUNGED]; that is common sense. But why should I tell you, after we had guys literally just come in and do all of.. this?

Unknown 1: We come on behalf of Mobile Task Force Omega-12. The Administrator sent us.

O5-2: You know, that's strange, because the Administrator—

Unknown 2: He means the Master Administrator.

O5-2: …we don't have a "master administrator."

Unknown 1: We do, actually. Maybe you've got a headache.

O5-2: Very funny. Why did this "master administrator" send you? Why were you all so late?

Unknown 1: We were informed that they wouldn't be here yet.

O5-2: You'd think Omega-12 operatives would have better thinking skills as to, oh, I don't know, come earlier, maybe?

Unknown 2: Sorry, two.

O5-2: Yeah, yeah. What are you here for?

Unknown 1: We're after the nine-diggers, sir.

O5-2: Nine-diggers? And don't call me sir.

Unknown 2: Okay, maybe not just like our two…

Unknown 1: The intruders. The ones we were told wouldn't be here at this hour. How many books did they take?

O5-2: Looks like you guys don't know, either. We don't have any goddamn books.

Unknown 1: Sorry, what? What did they take, then?

O5-2: Just the stability of eight's jawbone.

Unknown 2: Are you Orion?

O5-2: That's what the "nine-diggers" said.

Unknown 1: It's happening. It's officially happening.

Unknown 2: Gideon said it was unlikely…

O5-2: What's happening?

Unknown 1: Pass this proposal. You may be the last chance we have left.

The unknown individuals begin to exit the room.

O5-2: Thanks for the info. Sure is helpful to only know some line straight out of a movie. Some "help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope" bullshit. Omega-12 gets me mad.


Addendum P-001-D: On 4/22/2038, the following report was submitted by a Mobile Task Force Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers") operative regarding unusual actions from within THE SOURCE.


Sigma-3 reporting. We've noticed extremely abnormal behavior from the library's residents.

They are burning books. Despite their stand against the oppression of knowledge, they have been burning books in small bonfires all throughout the library. One thing to note regarding the specific books they are burning is that smoke that they create is always in the form of the Foundation's "logo." The reason for this is unknown.

Sigma-3 has yet to recover one of the books that the residents have been igniting, but it is an ongoing objective.

- Sigma-3 Operative Edison

OMEGA-12 UPDATE: We have received your message. To clarify, the books they are performing acts of arson onto are copies of SCP-001. We apologize if this designation confuses you, Orion.

Addendum P-001-E: SCP-001 (Maksur)'s digital documentation has been undergoing multiple database errors at seemingly random intervals. All database errors and memory corruption have been reversible. Technical Researcher Henry Demaionewton is currently undergoing investigation regarding the documentation's corruption. This corruption only seems to target SCP-001's digital file, as no similar effects have been exhibited on any other digital object documentation.

All dummy SCP-001 documents do not undergo the same corruption effect as SCP-001 (Maksur).

Researcher Note: I've uncovered the SOURCE of SCP-001's "defect." It's not natural at all. Somebody is externally editing the file, which also means they have administrative panel access (at the very least, for the SCP-001 document).

I will say it was quite conceiving. I only noticed this because whoever the culprit is was using code only used in Foundation databases with the intent to make it look like a genuine system error. I tried to backtrack the edits but the editor's file was genuinely corrupted.

All of this means that not only was it someone who has 001 administrative panel access, but they are also a member of the Technical Research Team. There's a conflict with that, though. No member of the Technical Research Team has the ability to edit SCP-001's file, and only one Overseer has access to this document.

I also noticed mentions of an "author" throughout the code in the fake corruptions. The "authors" vary, but they're all encrypted.

-Technical Researcher Demaionewton

Addendum P-001-F: The following is the only file recovered from Dr. Keter's research terminal following his disappearance.

This is your final chance to join us, Orion. The SCP Foundation is ever-expanding due to the unlimited size and possibilities the multiverse offers. Your Maksur-class object is in reconstruction and has been since its destruction in '43. Your bunker will not protect you from its rebirth.

The nine-diggers will not stop. We must outnumber them, and you are going to need more help than we will. Yes, Gideon said it was the most unlikely outcome. "Unlikely," it said. Not "impossible."

He read the books and accepted the truth. Will you?

We secure. We contain. We protect.

— The Master Administrator



Personnel under violation of this warning will be terminated.

Level-5/001 clearance accepted.

Welcome, Overseer.

Accessing SCP Foundation Charter SCP-001…


I. "Normalcy" is a term for universally-accepted normalities within one's life, world, galaxy, universe, and dimension. The exact definition of normalcy alters depending on many variables which may change at any given moment in our existence. Humanity, for all of its existence, has preferred to choose one definition of normalcy and stick to it. This is a majority preference and is one that is adopted commonly for the sake of safety. Safety is a necessity in all worlds, and a singular, unified, international organization must be founded for the preservation of international normalcy and safety. This organization will be known as the Special Containment Procedures Foundation.

II. The number one threat facing the preservation of normalcy is the paranormal, magical, and unexplainable. These objects are commonly dangerous or will become dangerous if misused. Public access to these irregular objects can and will lead to chaos and disorder. To ensure that irregularities are kept from threatening normalcy, a three-part mission statement for the Special Containment Procedures Foundation is Part one: Secure. Part two: Contain. Part three: Protect.

III. Secure. The first ideal of the SCP Foundation is to secure and enforce normalcy within life. "Secure" stands next to the securing of uncontained irregularities, securing of civilians for safety, and securing the continuation of the human race.

IV. Contain. The second ideal of the SCP Foundation is to contain secured irregularities with the purpose of concealing these objects that threaten normalcy. This is considered the highest ideal of the SCP Foundation, as it is to be followed by any means necessary. A sub-ideal of containing is the research, better understanding, and documentation of both contained and uncontained irregularities.

V. Protect. The final ideal of the SCP Foundation is to protect the human race. This ideal is supported by containing and securing, and all living organisms must and will contribute to this ideal, whether they are aware of their contributions or not.

VI. The SCP Foundation, at the time of writing, currently has the support and affiliation of 13 nations1. These nations will contribute both militarily and in terms of scientific advancements. To ensure the cooperation and functioning of the affiliated nations, one scholarly individual of power has been chosen to act as the Overseer for the said nation. Other nations are both allowed and encouraged to contribute at any time. This does not guarantee an Overseer slot for the contributing nation.

VII. Construction of the first containment, military, and research facility will begin on 9/29/1890 within a remote location in Saudi Arabia. For further information, the 13 Overseers (collectively the Overseer Council) are to be contacted.
We secure. We contain. We protect.

— The Thirteen Founding Fathers


Dr. Keter's SCP-001 reclassification proposal has yet to be reviewed as of: today. The Overseer Council's meeting for the reclassification of SCP-001 will take place: 4, 098 years ago.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA