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Item #: SCP-4527

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4527 is kept in a standard Safe-class containment chamber. Under no circumstances should any individual who has had a relative or loved one who has died within the last ten years should enter SCP-4527. Within the chamber, a single, dim overhead lamp is the only light which is to remain lit at all times for the intent of allowing SCP-4527-1 manifestation. Under no circumstances should any additional light enter the room nor react negatively towards an SCP-4527-1's instance existence if an instance is present.

Description: SCP-4527 is a wooden table measuring 101.6 cm x 60.9 cm.

SCP-4527's primary anomalous property manifests upon an individual sitting within one meter of the table in a chair.1 Said individual must have a relative or loved one who has died within the last ten years to properly activate SCP-4527's anomalous properties.

Upon an individual who meets these requirements activates SCP-4527's anomalous properties, said individual will experience extremely heightened senses of grief and depression and will generally have trouble focusing on tasks outside of expressing emotional distress. Said emotional distress is broadly caused by any and all relatives or loved ones of the individual who have died in the last ten years.

SCP-4527's secondary anomalous property only occurs if there is any portion of the room completely unexposed to light. Should this factor be correct, a tall,2 thin, pale, humanoid entity (deemed SCP-4527-1) will manifest within the dark portion of the room and will slowly exit said dark portion, moving towards the subject affected by SCP-4527.

SCP-4527-1 instances are capable of complex speech solely in the primary language of the SCP-4527 subject. SCP-4527-1 instances use this ability to calm and emotionally support the distressed subject, commonly via hugging and reassuring statements. SCP-4527 subjects do not display any sign of fear of SCP-4527-1 instances, rather treating them similarly to a close friend.

Should a subject exit the room SCP-4527 is in, the SCP-4527-1 instance will return to the dark portion of the room and demanifest.

Discovery Log: The following is a 911 call which led to the discovery of SCP-4527.


911 Operator: 911, what's your emergency?

Alexa Rhetori: We need armed police officers at [DATA REDACTED]— [Stuttering] I don't know what the hell it is, but it's—

911 Operator: Is it an armed individual, ma'am?

Alexa Rhetori: No, but it's going to— it's going to kill my daughter, please!

Sarah Rhetori: [Distantly with sobs] Mom, he's here to help! Don't tattle on him!

911 Operator: Is that your daughter, ma'am?

Alexa Rhetori: [Quickly] Yes, yes! She recently had her grandfather die and they were really close and so I gave her some, um, time alone and then I— oh, god, oh god, I—

911 Operator: Please calm down ma'am, we have armed personnel on the way.

Alexa Rhetori: Hurry.. please. [Hesitantly] Oh my god, stay the fuck back!

911 Operator: Ma'am, are you okay?

Sarah Rhetori: Mom, just put down the phone! He's helping me, please! We just both miss grandpa, that's— that's all! [Pause] Mom!

Alexa Rhetori: "We?" I said get the hell back, now! Fucking— [Pause] Oh dear lord, you—

[At this point, all audio is inaudible due to static. The static lasts for three seconds, followed by the sound of a thick liquid being gargled.]

911 Operator: Ma'am? Ma'am!

Unidentified: [Shushing] It's okay, it's okay. We'll both miss her. Together.


Following police arrival, Sarah was found sitting on a chair positioned in front of SCP-4527. The mother's corpse was found in the living room of the household with a long, slim laceration across her neck, causing her to bleed out before proper medical attention could be given.