psevdonim's (Attempts at) Skips
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Item Number: SCP-ABCD

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-ABCD cannot be moved without activating its anomalous properties, an encampment around the object has been built and staffed. Areas surrounding SCP-ABCD has been purchased and fenced off by the Foundation. Armed personnel are stationed at the entrance to the site. Personnel are prohibited from coming within 1km of SCP-ABCD, unless they are partaking in approved testing.

Description: SCP-ABCD is a underground nuclear bunker, built during the Cold War. Whenever someone enters within 1km of SCP-ABCD, they begin to feel nausea and paranoia. Touching the bunker itself will send anyone within 3 meters into an REM sleep, dreaming about demise of the human race via several means.

SCP-ABCD-1 is an unknown humanoid, appearing male. SCP-ABCD-1 only appears whenever someone enters into the effects of SCP-ABCD, appearing as a "lone survivor". Possible connection to POI-ABCD, see Addendum-ABCD-2.

Notable after effects from exposure to SCP-ABCD include, but are not limited to:

Dr ███████: Vision was of SCP-███ breaching containment, with assistance from an unknown humanoid, and entering a nearby city. Public gained knowledge of the Foundation via a simultaneous breach from SCP-███, no known assistance from the humanoid.

D-█████: Vision was of a nuclear war, started by the countries of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. A child was seen in the vision, matching the description of D-█████'s nephew. D-█████ also claims that an unknown humanoid, described as being a "pale old guy" walked up behind his nephew and took his nephews life. D-█████ later committed suicide in his cell. It is of note that D-█████ requested therapy after exposure to SCP-ABCD, but was denied by the current Site Command.

Dr Schnider: Vision was of an unknown disease wiping out a large percentage of humanity. it is of note that Dr Schnider has a personal goal to find and breach SCP-ABCD, and succeeded in his goal. He claimed to have found an unkown humanoid, matching the description given by D-█████, inhabiting the bunker. He claims that the humanoid walked up to Dr Schnider and touched him, immediately awaking him. The unknown humanoid is now classified as SCP-ABCD-1.