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Item #: SCP-3672


SCP-3672-1 in its "object" state.

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3672 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell approximately 5x3x5 meters. Within the cell, SCP-3672-1 is expected to be deployed onto the center of the cell to act as a residency for the specimen. SCP-3672 is contained at Site-████. All testing regarding this specimen is to be carried out by its current specialist researcher and with the approval of O5 command.

SCP-3672 is a humanoid creature that is relatively 1.5 meters tall. It takes the appearance of a human female with dark gray skin and black, featureless eyes. The specimen usually wears a skin-tight violet jumpsuit and a dark vest. It wears a pair of human eye contact lens with red irises to appear less threatening to others.

SCP-3672 has three (3) main anomalous properties. The specimen possesses mostly sharp teeth and has a very unusual mouth shape due to pieces of cartilage located on the maxilla and mandible. Its mouth seems to be the size of an average human, but when the specimen is feeding, microscopic fibers in its cheeks will tear and reveal a fairly large mouth that extends to approximately 12.7cm and can open twice the norm of an average human.

SCP-3672’s second anomalous property manifests when it decides to change its bodily proportions. The three (3) main body parts that can change are [DATA EXPUNGED]. The specimen usually changes its proportions to accompany speed and mobility. For example, if SCP-3672 needs to move swiftly, [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-3672’s third anomalous property is a red faberge egg of an unidentified brand, which is referred to as SCP-3672-1. SCP-3672-1 has golden engravings in a scale-like pattern with a golden tripod base. SCP-3672-1 is worn on the specimen’s head. SCP-3672-1 can be taken off of the specimen's head and placed on solid ground. When this happens, SCP-3672-1 will expand to approximately 2.65 meters. SCP-3672 can be seen opening a compartment on SCP-3672-1 and going inside. The inside of SCP-3672-1’s contents are unknown and presumed dangerous.

(Tests involving the interior of SCP-3672-1 is pending and awaiting O5 approval.)