Puddles Rex
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Item #: SCP-D0G

Object class: Euclid

Threat level: Blue

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-D0G is to be housed in a canine containment unit in the kennels at Site-73. SCP-D0G is to be fitted with a GPS tracking collar, with batteries changed weekly, and prior to any testing. SCP-D0G is to be given books upon request12. SCP-D0G is allowed walks on the grounds of Site-73, but is not allowed to leave the Site-73 campus. All agents tasked with walking SCP-D0G must have scored a 30 or above on a psychic resistance exam, or have earned a rank higher than Sergeant First Class, or analogous ranking, during military service. Any level researcher, or security guard may, and are encouraged to, walk SCP-D0G at any time3. Walks must be along a specific walking route that changes once a month, and is posted outside of SCP-D0G's kennel. Any deviation from this route not immediately explainable by the walker are to be considered containment breaches. In the event of such a breach, both the walker, and SCP-D0G must be escorted back to SCP-D0G's kennel by a guard or researcher at least two ranks above the original guard or researcher. As of yet, there have been no breaches in this manner. D-class personnel may only be used for walks in monitored testing conditions. (See addendum)

Description: SCP-D0G is a female dog (canis familiaris) of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. SCP-D0G is apparently sapient, but is unable to speak, beyond the standard vocalizations of her species. SCP-D0G also appears to be only two years old, upon the inspection of a veterinarian. However, SCP-D0G has been in containment for nearly a century.

SCP-D0G is able to read and understand English text. However, SCP-D0G is unable to write, due to thumb hypoplasia. Attempts to communicate using a typewriter, large letters or words taped to the floor, or a keyboard attached to a computer console have been inconclusive at best. SCP-D0G is also able to recognize, and respect, a command structure.

SCP-D0G first came to the attention of the Foundation during the battle of [REDACTED] in World War II. After her battalion, [REDACTED], sustained heavy losses, at the rank of sergeant4, SCP-D0G was the highest rank left in the battalion. With only fifteen men left, SCP-D0G was able to lead her forces through the remainder of the Italian lines to victory, with no additional losses on her side. The men in SCP-D0G's battalion remarked how they felt as though an invisible hand had suddenly taken control of them, and they knew exactly what to do immediately in every strategic decision, even if they had never been given the relevant strategic training. This "invisible hand" state remained until SCP-D0G was relieved the next day by Lt. Cnl. ████████

The Foundation was informed of these events by embedded agents, and requested containment for SCP-D0G, from General ██████. SCP-D0G was honorably discharged on ██/██/1945, after being promoted to the rank of Sergeant First Class5, and handed over to the Foundation for containment. SCP-D0G did not resist containment.

Requests to use SCP-D0G as a leader of a task force are pending O5 approval.

Incident D0G-I-1: D-37897 was instructed to escort SCP-D0G on the monthly walking route on 11/27/1978. D-37897 had formerly attained the rank of Sergeant Major in the United States Marine Corps, and had since retired before his incident leading to classification as D class.

D-37897 failed to check SCP-D0G back into containment within the allotted time. As such, a minor containment breach was declared, with security forces dispatched to recontainment SCP-D0G and D-37897. Shortly following the minor containment breach, a major power failure occured in Site-73's Keter wing. As such, all security forces were rerouted to the Keter breach.

SCP-D0G and D-37897 were found to be in a saferoom slightly off of SCP-D0G's path. As such, SCP-D0G and D-37897 were safe during the breach that led to the deaths of 217 staff.

Addendum: SCP-D0G seems content to remain in containment, although she may easily use her anomalous properties to escape containment from Site-73. The current hypothesis is that SCP-D0G has integrated herself into the Foundation's command structure. Walks shall serve as tests to further establish this claim. As such, walker requirements have been updated.