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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be contained in heavy humanoid containment zone ██-█ in cell ███-A. SCP-4000 is to be fed a diet consisting of raw meat, covered in blood. SCP-4000 is to be given access to a pen and a pad of paper for communication. Security guarding SCP-4000 is to be equipped with military grade stab proof vests, a ███mA Taser, ███████ standard assault rifle.

If SCP-4000 enters an agitated state, it is to be immediately subdued. If SCP-4000 is to escape containment using his anomalous abilities, MTF-Upsilon 9 ("Minute Makers") is to be alerted immediately. Any requests by SCP-4000 for a human in any way are to be denied. SCP-4000 is to never have an object with a sharp edge that it could use as a weapon. Researchers must have level 4 clearance to engage with SCP-4000 in any way.

Description: SCP-4000 is a male humanoid of average build, standing at 1.72m in height. SCP-4000 appears to be wearing a long black cloak covering his shoulders, a black top hat, a full Victorian era suit (Noticeably torn). SCP-4000's face is obscured by veil made of white wool that appears sewn to his face.

SCP-4000 only communicates through hastily written notes, and does not speak. SCP-4000's anomalous abilities allow him to time travel by opening a 'tear through time', allowing him to step through. The tear closes immediately after, leaving a trace of ████████. He creates these 'tears' by making a slashing motion through the air with a knife (or other sharp edged object) causing the wormhole to open. SCP-4000 is unable to use this ability without a knife or otherwise sharp-edged object. The object used to open these tears does not need to be anomalous to cause the 'tear', and testing has shown that knives used by SCP-4000 do not have any anomalous ability before or after SCP-4000 uses them (See testing log: SCP-4000-T4).

Addendum: SCP-4000 has committed many murders prior to containment. Due to SCP-4000's anomalous nature these killings are spread out through time. MTF-Upsilon 9 is tasked to investigate and report anywhere SCP-4000 may have been involved. MTF-Upsilon 9 is also to attempt to cover up the involvement of SCP-4000 to preserve normality.